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The Infiniti QX60 Is A GORGEOUS Mid-Sized Luxury SUV

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What’s going on Car Family!?! Let’s take a look at the all new 2022 Infiniti QX60!!

Foreign what’s going on car family i’m ben wayne i’m isha wayne and thank you for joining us in another video today we’re taking a look at the all-new 2022 infiniti qx60 sensory all-wheel drive this is an extremely beautiful vehicle and it seems like infiniti’s design team is waking up this thing is the design language just exudes luxury it makes people stop

And say hey what is that so this is something that truly grabs people’s attention from the exterior isha what are your thoughts on just the exterior design oh i think it looks really good i think this is great looking i mean it makes a bold statement um you know it’s it’s it i feel like it looks large but it’s very sleek yes it’s a very sleek vehicle now for those

Of you who are familiar with the lineup you know infinity is kind of like nissan’s luxury brand so of course you know that this vehicle shares the same platform as the nissan pathfinder that we reviewed and we were impressed with that but infinity has done an astounding job at separating the two vehicles just by the design alone so when it comes to the skin of

This vehicle they’ve truly done a great job in just taking it to the next level like i said from the exterior this is a vehicle that just exudes luxury now the color that this comes in is a very deep rich color it’s called deep bordeaux what do you think about the color you know i love red yeah so any tones of red i’m typically like yes let’s do it so when i saw

This i mean it’s very beautiful it’s beautiful it is stunning and when it comes to the chrome and black accents they really go well with that deep bordeaux paint work so starting the review off at the front of the vehicle you’re greeted by a large grill with a tessellated design so infiniti says that that design was inspired by the waves of the ocean and i believe

Them so it’s really detailed and it’s outlined in a beautiful chrome accent issue so it really just has prominence when you see this vehicle from the front now at the bottom of the grill you’ll notice that it has infinity stamped into the chrome trim i think that’s a very nice detailed touch that just shows you that when it came to designing this vehicle for 2022

They paid attention to the details now when it comes to the headlamps and daytime running lamps as you would expect in any luxury vehicle these are full led so i love the intricate design that they’ve incorporated there coming lower in the front fascia you do have fake gloss black accents for your vents on either side now could they have gone with real vents

Yes they also could have put fog lamps there but i’m not too concerned with that this isn’t a vehicle that demands you know serious ventilation from the front this is a midsize crossover or suv going up against the likes of cars like the mercedes-benz gle you’re familiar with that one right the bmw x5 which we’ve also reviewed and the acura mdx so it’s has some

Serious competition right but it’s not a vehicle that is considered high performance so the fake glass black vents up there do break up the cars body color a little bit so i think it looks great even though they are not functional so from the front it’s truly attention grabbing right now if we look at the side profile you’ll notice that we do have chrome gloss

Black and again that deep bordeaux carrying on throughout the vehicle but the first thing that grabs your attention are these large 20 inch wheels right beautiful 20 inch wheels have a nice style that flows well with the vehicle and then they sit in front of some brake rotors that are just under 14 inches in diameter so the vehicle does have good stopping power

For its weight it feels good you always have a good sense of control due to those brake rotors as well now what i really like about the design theme going on with the side profile are the gloss black accents so if you notice issa only the a pillars this exterior portion is body color when it comes to the side profile your b and c pillars all blacked out so it

Almost makes it look like one single continuous piece of glass and that’s what really makes it look sleek like you pointed out from the exterior gotcha right that’s going to give it that sleek vibe which i think really is attention grabbing for a lot of folks there also you notice the chrome trim on the bottom of the doors has infinity stamped on it as well just

Like it’s stamped on the chrome grille up front so i love how that carries over but overall from the side profile it looks really sleek doesn’t give me any minivan vibes whatsoever any thoughts on that one i think it looks overall good like you explained very sleek and i mean there’s you pointed out a lot of features that i didn’t even notice yep that adds to the

Overall you know look and feel right vehicle right exactly so before we get to the back and it’s definitely not a minivan it’s definitely not so before we get to the back let me get back up front to the hood it’s just nice and curvaceous it flows kind of wave like like the grill design right like the water like the wire and underneath that hood you’re getting a

Three and a half liter naturally aspirated v6 power plant giving you 295 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque connected to a nine speed automatic transmission so guys a traditional 9-speed automatic transmission they’re no longer using a cvt and i think that is um that was a major griping point for customers before right so a traditional 9-speed automatic with a

Naturally aspirated power plant that nine-speed automatic alone is going to increase sales because nobody really was a huge fan of that cvt so i just wanted you guys to be aware of that your fuel economy you’re looking at about 20 city and 25 highway now we can finally get to the back the back is defined by slender led tail lamps that really make this vehicle look

Modern it kind of gives me almost like range rover vibes as you make your way to the back looks extremely nice you have the huge infinity lettering going across the back as well the qx60 and all-wheel drive badging as well so when it comes to branding they did a really good job it makes a statement when looking at this vehicle from the rear now if you come towards

The lower bumper section where you traditionally would have your exhaust tips they’ve done just some chrome accents there so it’s not quite a fake exhaust but it’s just chrome accents that just bring the design of the back together very well so you can’t really take points off for fake exhaust even though those chrome accents are where the exhaust typically would be

But it just makes the vehicle look rich all the way from the front of the vehicle to the back right i understand so elegance all the way from the back to the front now if you open up the hatch you’re getting up to about 75 cubic feet of storage if you drop the third and second rows so from the exterior this thing is stunning i’m truly impressed with what infiniti

Has done with the design i’m loving the design language i love the color of this particular model and um i’m just excited to see what else they’re kicking out next if this is the direction we’re heading into now the interior isha what are your thoughts on that oh i love it it looks really good um now that you’ve pointed out some of the black accents against you

Know the the cream it makes sense and um some wood grain here open pour yeah it’s very very nice um it’s very comfortable too i love what they did inside including the panoramic the panoramic roof yeah yep yep i i really really like that all right so let’s talk about some of the details here so like you said we have a high contrast interior with open pour wood

Throughout starting at the top of the dash is done in a soft touch injection molding but coming lower you do have that open pour wood trim looks beautiful against that cream leather feel that yeah that’s soft it feels nice padded that’s what we have on our seats too exactly it’s translated throughout all the way through all the way through all the way through so

You have contrast stitching going the width of the interior that looks beautiful you have a 12.3 inch touchscreen display we got the apple carplay going for you it does have android auto if your team android and it is wireless connectivity so i’m not plugging in my phone to get this type of display or the apple carplay it’s wireless so i really like that coming

Lower you do have air conditioning vents i love how it’s been incorporated extremely well into the interior design it’s not like i have these huge right you know exactly coming lower you do have an assortment of controls here you have a volume knob controls for your air conditioning system your heated and cooled seats and heated steering wheel controls as well now

You’ll notice it is on one flat panel isha a lot of these buttons here but it does right but it gives you haptic feedback so haptic feedback kind of vibrates it a little bit and it makes you feel like you’re pressing a physical button so go ahead and press this fan button that you see how oh yes right it gives you some sort of feedback i got you so you don’t feel

Like you’re just pressing a glass panel and wondering if you hit it right yeah that’s neat because i need to know did i hit it right because then you saw how i just did this right and it’s not doing anything but once you get that feedback yeah there you go you got to press it yeah yep so i think a lot of manufacturers need to take a look at incorporating that if

We’re going with a you know a touch screen or a touch sensitive button take a look at haptic feedback that’s something that as a driver i feel is very important because i don’t want to take my eyes off the road and focus trying to figure out well did i hit that right if i get that feedback i know i hit what i needed to hit right right coming lower i got wireless

Charging i got two usb ports here i have two cup holders i have an electric gear shifter now since the gear shifter is electric and not old school that allows for storage underneath the center console as well you see that there so it gives me plenty of storage i like the center console i really do i don’t feel like it’s too big it’s perfect like with some storage

Like you said it’s i feel like it’s and i let me say this i like how the center console is actually ingrained into this it looks really nice it’s not just stuck there yeah yep and i know what you know what i’m talking about yeah yeah it flows really well very well with the interior design it still allows me to feel like i have enough space over here do you have

Enough space over there i sure do without it feeling this big and bulky and i’m just kind of like hello over there right right right exactly so you got two cup holders of course your different drive modes some physical buttons to control your infotainment system as well and plenty of storage underneath here this is done in a nice soft leather yeah yeah here as

Well so the quality leather yeah the quality is all the way throughout the vehicle right so i want to make mention of that now of course the steering wheel is wrapped in black leather features contrast stitching and as i mentioned before this is a heated steering wheel now it does have a traditional infinity badge here i kind of wish the center of the steering

Wheel was done in leather but that’s not a big deal i do have shift paddles behind the steering wheel and a thin film transistor display very vibrant easy to see in all eye conditions during the week i’ve had the vehicle as well nice the steering is electronically controlled when it comes to tilt and telescoping so it’s not manual you don’t have to like push

A lever down and lift it up it’s just oh just that simple nice right just that simple mine still has that yeah you know great yeah you got that ford escape this is something else i know this is something else mine’s older but i love her so you guys see how easy it is to control that right that’s pretty neat now the seats what are your thoughts on that oh very

Comfortable nice heated and cooled ventilated head rest side bolstering i’m there yeah yep the seats are pretty detailed and this is the sensory model there’s another model called the autograph model which takes it up to another notch oh wow right but this these seats are extremely comfortable very comfortable you could easily take a long ride in this vehicle i’m

Ready to just relax three levels of heating three levels of cooling and massage capabilities as well you don’t need to know that you don’t need to know where the massage is you’ll need to go now when it comes to the door panels you should look at the details there with the open pour wood trim right yes you got that cream leather but look at how they incorporated

The speakers into the design yeah i saw that and if you would kind of notice i feel like they try to put the infinity symbol here yeah it is curvaceous there yeah it is curvaceous plenty of storage i like the way it looks on my side of course i have controls for the windows and side view mirrors and then of course you have that bose speaker integrated into the video

I did notice that that is neat yeah i like the way they did that so first row you’re looking at 42 inches of leg room or something oh i got all the leg room yep you got a good leg room taking it back to the second row you’re looking at about 37 inches of leg room now this particular model does have a bench seat for the second row captains chairs are available but

I will point out that the second row is heated that’s nice yeah so there are a lot of suvs out there that don’t offer heated second row seats and you know some don’t even offer you captain’s chairs if you do go with the captain’s chairs option there is a center console that’s removable that you can actually take out of the car and it helps aid as a pass through

Nice so the second row does have their own climate control they do have usb ports and again heated seats as well with about 37 inches a leg room yes pretty it’s pretty nice back there yep it is got your usb ports and everything back there now taking it a step back to the third row that’s where things start to get a little tight you’re looking at about 28 inches

Of legroom back there so somebody who’s about 5 11 or 6 foot could sit back there i would recommend it only for short drives in the third row you know i like to be honest in these reviews so if you have kids throw them all the way from the back in the third row okay you know people who are taller second and first rows but i will make mention that all rows first

Through third have usb ports that’s nice so when it comes to the interior it just seems like no detail has been left out you know you have the all all the yeah the wireless technology the wireless charging apple carplay right you do have the heated seats the cold seats and massaging features as well heated steering wheel some of these vehicles even have a head-up

Display system this particular one does not you have the safety features which is the blind spot monitoring the steering wheel vibration if you steer outside of the lanes and then the collision avoidance as well so the safety features are there you do have a large panoramic roof and this particular vehicle which is helping provide natural light and this already

Light interior but if you do go with a darker black leather that panoramic roof is truly going to take it up to the next level if you like black interiors or if you have kids and you don’t want your kids messing up you know a light interior you can go with the black and still get natural light in the vehicle ride quality any thoughts on that it’s been it’s quiet

And it’s quiet like you said i really i i love that yeah it’s a nice smooth and quiet ride it feels pretty well insulating you know it was hot outside but the cabin wasn’t too hot not a lot of road noise coming inside either and those 20 inch wheels shot in 255 tires are actually doing a great job in keeping you know the bumps in the road at bay so it’s a nice

Luxury ride so overall the pricing for this one as shown is about 61 000 now if you go with a higher level it can get up to 65 maybe 70 grand but with the amount of money this is a great mid-sized suv that you guys should take a look at if you’re shopping around for a mid-sized crossover so isha any closing thoughts on this one i think the vehicle is really nice

I think infinity did something here and overall i i would buy it i think it’s a beautiful vehicle i’m loving the chrome accents i really like the exterior color and of course if you live up north it does have all-wheel drive available as well plus with the technology and the way that the interior has been integrated i am blown away i’m truly impressed at what

Nissan and infiniti are doing with their cars you know we just got off that pathfinder that had the uh it was like a peanut butter interior and that blew us away this is based off the same platform and it’s blowing us away again so you know they’re truly stepping up their game when it comes to the vehicles that they’re putting out and i can’t wait to see what else

This brand has coming up in the near future so guys let me know what your thoughts are on this vehicle if you have any additional questions or comments please leave it in the comment section please remember to like share and subscribe to my youtube channel and until next time i’m ben wayne the automotive reviewer that youtube deserves

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