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The Jaguar XF Sunscreen – protect that leather dash

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It’s been a while since i did a video on my jaguar and there are many reasons for that the car is definitely not one of them the car has been going great i’ve had absolutely no issues with it since my last video and in fact in the last two years i am touchwood i have had no issues with the car and all i’ve had to do was you know regular maintenance on the car but

Today what i want to share with you guys is the sunscreen that i got for the windshield and that’s to protect your dashboard the leather dashboard from the sun and the heat on hot summer days now i know in the northern hemisphere you guys are a group with winter right now well we got summer here in the southern hemisphere it’s pretty hot here today it’s definitely

Not cool and the days can actually get up to 40 degrees celsius and i really would like to park my car in 40 degrees celsius heat knowing that my dashboard is not protected so i’m going to show you a little more about this product if you guys interested up at links down below where you can actually find this and also the company that makes it so i’ve got this

Thing right here on the passenger seat and you can see it’s reflective silver so it reflects the sun away this faces the outside it faces the windshield the outside of the windshield and this one has the jaguar xf logo on it now this part or item had a jaguar part number on it when i bought it but i think the company that makes these for jaguar make them for a

Whole bunch of other cars and i found that out by going to their website so i’m going to show you the quality of this thing it’s actually got a sort of feeler i don’t know trim or carpeting more i don’t know it feels like some kind of felt behind it and you can actually see it’s got stitching on the edges as well which is pretty good and this thing’s gonna take

Quite a beating because you know i i’m just gonna leave it in the car this cutout is actually for your your mirror your rear-view mirror so the sun visors will keep this powder so your rear-view mirror crystal face outside now in my case i have a dashcam and it allows my dash cam 2 still protrude through this and and see what’s going on outside even though this

Thing’s protecting my – as you can see my dash is currently in the sun and this thing is really really hot very very hot the cost is 25 degrees but it’s actually about 36 outside i think if i had to drive the car i’ve just pulled it out the garage so it’s pretty cool in the garage and i think this one’s displaying 25 degrees but i’ve got the air conditioner i got

The car on and i’ve got the air conditioner blowing right now and because it’s so hot i want to show you guys this pamphlet that came with it this is the leaflet and it’s made by a company called covercraft comm so you can actually go to their website and if you live in canada or the usa you can buy these direct from covercraft on their website now i’m also going

To put the link to the ebay store where i bought mine because i can’t they don’t ship outside of the us in canada so you have to go on ebay if you live in the uk or any other country you’re gonna have to go on ebay and buy this one either but it really is not expensive it’s about the same price as covercraft asking on their website and here are some instructions

On how you you know put this in your windshield how you put it in so you got to make sure that you get it nice and snug in there and then you can flip it in on your sun visors at the top like this lady showing over there and i also got now see on cover cross website you have to this is an extra optional extra but i got this with mine as standard so this is the

Cover that actually it’s got velcro on it kind of difficult to do this one hand but this is the cover that you can actually store it in when you’re not using it so i will probably followed mine up and keep it in this cover in the back of the car here i’m just going to store it down here behind seats and but i want to show you guys what it looks like when you here

Once you get it in so you go to unfold it which is not easy to do inside the car especially something this big so i’ve coded in there and i’m just going to make sure that it’s wedged in really nicely at the end there we go sun visors like that and there it is so this is it actually you can see those little corners they will flap down if you’re um if you don’t

Make sure that it’s right at the end of the the dashboard it’s got to be right at the end so that the dash can actually support it this last little lip over here but it does a very good job i’ll say it allows a little bit of sun in there but i mean you can tweak it as you go along you know so there’s only a small portion of of sunlight that’s actually getting

Through there but it’s doing a very good job of protecting the dash and i’ve actually got the aircon blowing through this portion of the dash so it’s quite coolio as well so there’s a barcode on the thing and you can literally see the jaguar part number oh do see two seven two one seven one five and it has a date so all you know well i think this thing does a

Pretty good job you can see my dash cam sticking out there and it can still see what’s going on and my dash is nice and cool sure a little bit of sunlight is going to get through here but i think it’s much much better than just leaving your dash unprotected now the reason i bought this sunscreen is because i hate some cars sending me emails and they were asking

Is my – bubbling and peeling and as you can see mine isn’t doing that because my car is probably it’s probably due to the fact my cars in the garage most of the time and it doesn’t stand in the sun all day long but i think if my car to be parked in the sun i would probably be having bugling on my dashboard as well but my dish looks pretty good as you can see in

Here and i don’t have that problem so there are two issues that actually cause a bubbling – and the first one is obviously your – being in the sun all the time the glue that keeps this leather bound to the – starts to melt and the leather pulls away from the plastic underneath the other issue is if you have a bad windshield replacement and they don’t seal the

Edges of the windshield pop you when they you know seal it in and glue it in if you have just the tiniest little bit of water ingress you’re going to pick up issues with your dashboard thanks for watching

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The Jaguar XF Sunscreen – protect that leather dash!!! By CarFan Hilton