The King is Back 2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye KING DAYTONA

Today, Wednesday, September 14th, marked the reveal of the 5th Dodge ‘Last Call’ buzz models. The current Dodge Charger and Challenger are coming to an end, so these models celebrate the last year of these muscle cars. Six special-edition Challenger and Charger models will be revealed through September 21, 2022. The seventh and final 2023 Dodge model — the very last of its kind — will be revealed at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, scheduled for Nov. 1-4, 2022. In this video, we will check out the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye King Daytona, along with a brief history of the King Daytona and the future release dates for the other Buzz models!

Foreign hey guys so today is yet another episode covering the reveal of the seven 2023 dodge buzz models today we have the 2023 dodge charger king daytona just announced a few hours ago so we’ll dive deep on the model and cover everything you need to know and look ahead at the few remaining buzz models that are left so let’s get right into it just as a recap

2023 marks the end of the dodge charger and challenger on the current platform as we know it so dodge has plans to honor this by releasing seven last call special edition models we’ve already seen the dodge challenger shakedown dodge charger super b and dodge challenger and chargers scat pack swinger models so this 2023 dodge torture king daytona represents the

Fifth of the seven buzz models dodge is also celebrating their 2023 model lineup by bringing back b5 blue plum crazy purple destroyer gray and sublime green and each 2023 model will get a commemorative last call block that’s under the hood featuring the vehicle name and a vehicle silhouette as well as designed in auburn hills and assembled in brampton writing so

With this king daytona once again dodge pays homage to some history this time the southern california drag racing scene of the 1960s 70s and 80s big willie robinson was the founder of the national brotherhood of street racers which was an organization that was meant to promote organized drag racing as a way of uniting people of all races and classes easing racial

Tensions and keeping people on the track and off of the streets it would eventually grow to over 80 000 members in 38 different states and nine different countries big willy and his wife tamiko had a pair of 1969 dodge charger daytonas his was known as the king daytona colored in orange and hers was the queen daytona in green unfortunately both vehicles were out

Of commission by april of 1973 as they were just too fragile to handle racing v8 hemis there was also a third daytona known as a duke and duchess car and that has lived on getting restored and apparently sold in 2006 for 250 thousand dollars u.s so that’s the whole point of this king daytona honoring that drag racing scene and big willie robinson’s original king

Daytona now dodge ceo tim koniskis unfortunately really didn’t talk about any of that history very questionably instead just saying quote the special edition dodge charger king daytona honors a true icon of muscle car history the final dodge last call models will continue to celebrate the legacy of the dodge charger and challenger by paying tribute to the last two

Vehicles that hold the special place in our brand’s history end quote so i think he’s talking about the next two vehicles there but i don’t understand why dogs would pay homage to this if they aren’t going to talk about any of it anyways enough of that as for the car the first thing you’ll notice is the bright orange go mango paint again just like big willy’s king

Daytona back in the day the king daytona is limited to just 300 units produced so it will be very rare possibly the rarest charger hellcat ever made this is based on the charger srt hellcat red eye wide body if you do remember there was a 2020 dodge charger daytona srt hellcat 50th anniversary model that was out with just 501 copies produced in a few different colors

But that was just a regular hellcat with 717 horsepower at the time so this one steps up to the red eye now with 807 horsepower and 7 17 pound-feet of torque zero to 60 times for this model are around 3.5 seconds with the quarter mile around 11 seconds as for the features of the king daytona to fit under the wider body there are 20 by 11 inch satin carbon warp seed

Wheels with matching orange six piston brembos beneath them the familiar satin black rear fender graphics return but this time they read king daytona on each side the hood roof and rear spoiler are also finished in satin black all the exterior badging is done in satin chrome and mopar has added a hood pin for a retro touch inside there are familiar daytona seats

So very surprisingly there’s no laguna leather like most of the hellcats have dodge has put black napa alcantara seats that have orange stitching and daytona riding in the seat backs this is pretty disappointing as you get far lesser seats in my opinion and what’s supposed to be the cream of the crop of charger hellcats in fact you could even find these exact same

Seats way back in the 2017 dodge charger rt daytonas with the 5.7 liter hemi v8 the orange interior accent stitching continues on the instrument panel console steering wheel and door trim carbon fiber interior bezels are also added the steering wheel is finished in alcantara as well to match the seats and to show off what you got there’s a king daytona badge it

Does look like the king daytona is fairly loaded as well as it gets to harman kardon premium audio system power sunroof suede headliner and navigation package all standard so those were my thoughts here i gotta say i’m really liking this model for 2023 dodge is up to red eyes to 807 horsepower from 797 previously and the king daytona decals are awesome while it’s

Also uncovering a really cool story that many people might not have known about the go mango is really nice as well especially with the matching brakes overall there’s nothing crazy here and it is basically a visual package but it’s a very nice looking one to get your hands on one of these dodges building them at random and shipping them to the top dealerships

Around the country to be sold on a first come first serve basis potential buyers can see where the vehicles are headed on dodge garage but once they hit the dealerships it will be a mad scramble to buy some of these limited edition models as for the upcoming buzz models there are only two left september 21st sees a challenger red eye counterpart as it says 6.2

Liter high output and there’s only 300 of those built the very last model will debut at the 2022 sema show in las vegas that’s the vehicle i’ve been talking about earlier in my 2023 final hellcat videos it could feature close to or over 900 horsepower could have the largest supercharger of any modern challenger and could use the 3-liter elephant ihi blower and even

Could run on ethanol blends like e85 so that’s the end of this video what do you guys think of this king daytona bus model let me know down in the comment section below as always thanks for watching make sure to like and subscribe for all your mopar content and stay tuned for more detroit auto show news as well and i’ll see you in the next video

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The King is Back! 2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye KING DAYTONA! By Marspeed