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The LEAST EXPENSIVE Mid-Size Truck – The 2021 Chevy Colorado

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Looking for a Mid Size truck? The 2021 Chevy Colorado should be on your list! This is the last expensive and best optioned mid size truck on the market! Check out some of the changes from the 2020 model to 2021.

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel this is jacob with spitzer chevy out in amherst ohio and today i’m going to be doing a video on the least expensive truck that chevy offers and that’s gonna be the 2021 chevy colorado i’m gonna dig in all the nice features that you get standard with this truck and why i think it is the best truck available for the price

So be sure to hit the like button comment below and subscribe to the channel alrighty guys so with that being said this here is your 2021 chevy colorado i just got it off the truck about a week or two ago and i wanted to get a video up as soon as possible on i’ve actually had a couple requests come in for these trucks so this one here as mentioned in the video

Is the least expensive you can get with the colorado’s it’s the least expensive in the mid-size truck market as well so this one is a two-wheel drive work truck extended cab but it does come with some nice features in it um there are some changes with going from the 2020 to the 2021 model which is cool as well so we’re gonna walk around this truck i’m gonna

Go over what’s different so one thing that you’re going to see with the work truck models are the wheels on this one nothing too crazy that’s your normal work truck style tire 17-inch wheels coming across the front here this is where you’re going to see your main difference so they did redo the front end um it’s refreshed the center bars are different it’s

A little lower as far as the fascia on it so you got that chrome bar there in the front center with the gold bow tie and then you do have this black upper piece here that’s a little different so it’s a little different styling it’s aggressive looking it looks really nice in person and this is just the work trick model like i said so there used to be a base

Model as well with the colorado’s but they completely mixed that and made it the work truck now so this is a little different um this particular truck has a work truck convenience package on it which i think is where you get your best bang for the buck you’re going to get the remote locking tailgate which i think is a must you get the remote keyless entry so

That means that you have the key fob and you can open unlock the doors from it the easy lift and lower tailgate which i’ll show you guys here in a second the cruise control and then it does have the theft system on it as well so i think that’s your best bang for the buck it’s a 530 package on the new colorado um over the base price which is 25 200 so that’s

Your base price and then you add in the convenience package and then delivery bringing you your total msrp to 26 925 now i will say this is msrp and i’ve had i had a vehicle that i did a video on last year that i did just share the msrp now this isn’t including any rebates or dealership savings so just make note of that um most likely you’ll be able to get

This truck a little cheaper than msrp now coming to the back here you got the chevrolet plastered across the rear tailgate looks really nice colorado in the corner you still have your steps in the corner here and then this to pull up on when getting in and out of the truck now with that convenience package one thing that i mentioned to you is it does have the

Easy lower tailgate so you can just watch that drop nice and easy no bed liner on this one but you do have the tie downs in the corner looks like you got four different tie downs and this is the extended cab with the long bed just so you guys know now we’re going to go ahead and lift this up it does have your backup camera which is standard now with all the

Vehicles so the colorado’s come available with the four-cylinder that’s the starting engine you can get this pretty similar truck in a v6 if you need more power or if you need the four-wheel drive so you can get four wheel drive two-wheel drive or a v4 or a v6 so it’s all available with the four-cylinder you’re getting about 19 city and 25 highway with the v6

You’re getting 18 and 25 so pretty similar as far as fuel economy just if you want that extra power you can go ahead and go with that route so like i said the work truck now is considered the base model it’s the starting trim level and like i said you’re getting all those options you’re getting the refresh look it’s a great looking truck um its competitors are

The ford ranger and then the tacomas which both are really popular trucks they both look really good but i think with this new re uh refreshed front end and everything the colorado looks really good now let’s dig into the front here i’m gonna show you guys the interior that comes with these trucks all righty guys so one thing i want to make note of is basic or

Work trucks are completely different than what they were even five to ten years ago um you get a lot more options now as far as a base model so this truck’s gonna have power windows it has power locks it’s got the cruise control with that convenience package it’s got a powered seat and then the touchscreen with the backup camera all things that just come standard

With these trucks now so you’re getting a good bundle now we’re gonna go ahead and open up the extended cabier and show you the back seat now it is a little smaller um you can always move up the seat a little more which for myself i’d probably be positioned right about there so you can see it opens up a little more space most of the customers that go with

These extended cabs necessarily don’t always use them for this but it is there if they ever need it now you do have this cool little storage compartment under this here so you go ahead and pull this strap and then lift this up and then you can store things underneath here you do have the two cup holders in the center there and then there is a 12 volt back here

As well so you have that option if you want to hide something it’s perfect spot for it and then just pulling this tab will lower it back down so nice and easy we’ll zoom out real quick to give you a full view of the back seat and how big the extended cab is and then shutting the door it’s just this pushing that there and you got the shorter back window shorter

Door of course with the extended cab so as you mentioned as i mentioned before i was playing around with the powered seat so it does have the back and forth part but not the recline it’s a nice comfortable seat this is what you see with the work truck styles typically um that tan interior as well you got auto lights located right here your parking brakes down

There go ahead and shut the door nice steering wheel it’s comfortable to hold cruise control over here nice little dash that’s easy to operate and read so give you rpms speed you got that middle screen there so really really nice that’ll show your fuel range your tire pressure your oil life all of that broken down and you can do it all from right here so i’m

Going to show you guys so i’m using these arrows to actually control it speedometer fuel range if you hit the menu that’ll break down the oil pressure toilet um entire life all that and eco is your fuel economy so most people keep it on the speedometer part so gives you a nice view breaks down everything for you you do have the nice touch screen it’s a 7-inch

This is the newest software with the trucks am fm and serious wow okay with the work truck which is really cool i know that was something with the 19 and 20s that a lot of people didn’t like because you weren’t able to get it so now you can um you have bluetooth connection your settings apple and android carplay are standard with them so nice feature there for

Who likes that uses that you got the touch screen you got apple and android carplay that you can plug in your phone use your google maps your waze all up on the screen which is really nice so music’s really easy to use hold and set you can tune the channels there does have air conditioning so your fan speed your temperature ac and then where you want the climate

Position you have your hazards your bed light and then your track control located there a little storage cubby and then you do have two usb ports an auxiliary port and a 12 volt as heat as well right here and a little more storage two cupholders this is your normal shifter and then it does have the backup camera as mentioned which is really nice you got the

Guidance lines there if you need those you got your storage compartment there you do have the center console here a little more storage there look how deep that goes so that’s super nice but yeah it’s a it’s a base work truck but you still get a lot of really nice options for the price i think and i’ll break down the pricing a little more for you guys i’ll

Show you the actual window sticker for it uh here in a second i’ll give you guys one more view of the interior nothing too crazy but there are some nice options alrighty guys so going over the window sticker this is your 2021 colorado two-wheel drive work truck extended cab four-cylinder two-wheel drive here are your warranty information here’s the all the

Standard equipment the only this has is the work truck convenience package of 530 dollars it breaks down everything here your total msrp is located right here so this is with everything included 26 925 now this is going to be the probably the most budget-friendly truck um that you’re gonna see you may be able to find one without that package um that’s kind

Of what you’re looking at as far as the pricing it’s the least expensive work truck or mid-size truck um on the market which is really cool to see and next step up would be your silverado work truck as well and as i mentioned before this is not including rebates this is not including dealer savings so that’s just the suggested retail price i know last time i

Forgot to mention that and a lot of people thought that was an expensive truck but you get dealership savings of course so which is really really big so thank you for watching this video i hope you guys found the information you’re looking for hope this helps out with your search on your next vehicle this as i mentioned is the least expensive colorado and

Looking against his competitors is the least expensive mid-sized truck on the market so thanks for watching again subscribe to the channel we’re almost at 5 000 subscribers like this video and comment below and your guys thoughts or recommended next videos and also be sure to like us on facebook at chevyclee so thanks again for watching until next time guys bye

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The LEAST EXPENSIVE Mid-Size Truck – The 2021 Chevy Colorado By Chevy CLE