The Lexus LFA Successor Worlds First Look

We get a world-exclusive first look at Lexus’ brand new concept car which is dubbed to be the successor of one of the best-sounding supercars ever… The Lexus LFA! The concept car currently doesn’t have a name, but it is due to be fully electric, which has been rumored to reach 0-100km/h in just over two seconds! This is a car we’re super excited about and glad we could bring this exclusive to the Supercar Blondie family! Let us know down in the comments what you think!

Oh who knew i’d be so good at this look how the back spins ah this is awesome am i knocking anything down no okay now reverse oh i did it all right i didn’t ride the car oh that’s fantastic good news let’s see what is inside this box are you ready oh i’m having way too much fun today over this down all right one of the most popular supercars ever is back

Here it is underneath this car cover now come around here it says lexus zoo it actually says like says sport car cover so here we go all right are you guys ready let’s do it dude look at this look at this look at this bam there we are this right here is the lfa successor the l f b because you know a abcd it’s probably not going to be called that i

Just made it up this right here is so special it does not even have a name yet it’s just been brought in from japan the future of lexus right you may already go oh yeah oh my god it looks so cool take me around all the features don’t worry it’s coming right now there are a few design features that you will recognize from the lfa here kind of goes up like this

Straight down and across and you’ve got this triangle form just like in the lfa right and the headlights but of course it’s fully like updated and modern there are so many little design features that you can recognize from the lfa but they’ve kind of like gone let’s make it super futuristic at the same time we need to kind of nod to how cool the original lfa

Looked right so you’ll remember on the hood there were like two little air vents here now instead of having two up here they’ve got two air outlets the lfa i got to drive in sydney years ago absolutely loved it it’s one of the best sounding cars in my opinion in the world now this is going to be fully electric so what are they going to do with the sound

I really hope that that’s something that they’re working on because of course electric cars in the future they can sound however we want them to sound so i really hope they take that kind of like lfa scream and somehow work it into how this car sounds in future you got these 20-inch wheels here in the front and you’ve got 21 in the back so it kind of leans

Forward right and then you’ve got the center lock wheels now this is for racing it’s like what you see the car coming comes into the pit lane so it comes off really really quickly that’s so cool and then down here you’ll see this is kind of a sloping back this is very different from the original lfa the original lfa was kind of like had a high back and it kind

Of went straight down but this is more sloping the design of this car needs to be a little bit different to the lfa because of course this is fully electric so a lot of it needs to be designed around the aerodynamics like how far this car can actually go in one charge which is they say going to be about 700 kilometers the technology they put into this car is

Going to dictate the future of all lexus cars so the tech that they put in this we’re going to see in the whole lineup going forward so they’re like right with this bam we’re taken off into a fully electrified future and they’re going to show us exactly how it works with this baby right here it’s rumored that this car could have up to 800 horsepower that is

So much power oh my god it’s going to be awesome so the original lfa has about 550 horsepower this right here so zero to 100 in just over two seconds these are all of the numbers that they kind of wanting to achieve obviously we’ll have to see what happens when the car actually comes out look this little double bubble roof look at this and this is of course

So you can fit your helmet so it’s going to be a two-seater car i’m joking you don’t need to wear a helmet this car is going to be road legal but it’s cool how they have these kind of race car elements very very cool you won’t have seen this car on any channel on youtube so far this kind of in-depth up close look at all of its features make sure you subscribe

To the channel this is what we do best on supercar blondie right what’s cool is and kind of strange is they have like this traditional looking petrol tank opening that’s where you’re gonna charge it i suppose look the thing is this is a concept now the doors don’t open i’ve given them feedback that when the car you know comes to market we do need doors that

Work we also need the car to turn and they’ve taken that on board and they’re like i’m so glad you came here today what would do without you i was like that’s why i’m here guys you know instead of the doors opening and actually being able to turn they are coming up with something super super cool they’re considering actually putting a simulated gearbox in

This you know that’s something that a lot of uh people miss you know having an electric car and not being able to change the gears they’re thinking hang on a minute how do we give that kind of sports car feeling to a fully electric car so this is something rumored that they are thinking about putting in this car now i would love to see how they do that just

Like kind of i’m just trying to picture it in my head be quite cool actually i like it all right approved now when we imagine the interior i think they’re going to have some really cool features in there like when you start the car the speedometer ring kind of moves from this position to this position and kind of lights up and glows and stuff will be so epic

And then on the original lfa what was so cool is those really nice like indicator paddles i want to see what they do with all of those things that we love about the original lfa and kind of elevate them in this car now with the seats who knows maybe they’re going to go for racing bucket seats something super lightweight keep the weight down so that obviously

You can go further in the car maybe they’ve got some beautiful ambient lights that’s what we love we love these little features and just makes you feel so cool when you sit in the actual driver’s seat for now this is your sneak peek of the lfa’s successor what do you think foreign

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The Lexus LFA Successor World’s First Look By Supercar Blondie