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The Lotus Evora GT is broken.. . .

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We have a tow truck the alarm will not stop going off i apologize everybody i’m so sorry neighbors everyone that’s just gonna go as long as it goes my neighbors are gonna hate me but by the time this is over i don’t think we’re gonna buy a car today but we might be closer welcome back to the channel i’m shawn this is dream cars daily and today we’re car shopping

Rebecca and i found out that you can’t pre-order the z you just have to wait um i guess they’re to ship them when they ship them and you can purchase from dealer inventory and then at that point you can order them if you want to so we can’t pre-order now and get one when we want it so we’re going to go look at some other cars we recently found out that the

Infiniti q series the q50 q60 have a lot of tuning potential it’s the same motor as the z so we’re gonna go look at a couple of those she’s gonna drive some and uh pretty soon rebecca might have a new car so we are almost to the infinity dealer i want rebecca to drive a couple of cars and see if this is even a car she’s interested in if she is then we really need to

Seriously start looking because the market is right for her car if she gets rid of her jetta we can get into this for like almost nothing essentially now could be the time we don’t know this might not be the car for her but i think it will be and we’re gonna find out shortly we found our infinity dealer guys oh look they even put a bow on it for you it’s ready

So never mind don’t even worry about the test drive you put a bow on it we know we’re good to go just pull it outside and we’ll drive it home we’re in a pretty basic q50 just to see if this is a car that she’s interested in we probably won’t go for like any of the real like luxury packages or any of the real high packages uh there’s a red sport package which adds

100 horsepower however it’s the same engine same turbos same everything we can get that hundred horsepower plus through a tune so it’s kind of ridiculous to pay thousands of dollars more for something that we can do on our own having driven one of these i know for sure that the drive mode makes a huge difference eco snow standard sport go i don’t think how i

Put up with gas enough i only gave it like a little bit oh you did yeah it wasn’t like all the way it still went it’s still wet yeah how’s the napping abilities it must be good yeah how long have we been out for 10 years been asleep for 10 years where’s my pillow there’s a jacket back there you see this is a that’s an under uh an underappreciated thing in cars

People don’t ever test out the reclining ability of the passenger seat i had to the camaro is terrible it’s it the camaro’s it moves back like four inches and then it’s done and we know that you’ll drive this at some point and i’ll be sleeping you’ll be passed out right here passed out of the passenger seat so gotta be comfy this is our favorite fish store don’t

Come here don’t steal my fish we want to keep them for ourselves all right so we left the dealership went to our favorite fish store talked more about some cars and decided she really likes one of these and we’re gonna go back and talk some more i don’t think we’re gonna buy a car today but we might be closer you never know more to come hey i know you’re gonna

Get what you want make sure everything’s right she made me look bad i i mean she knows more cars than i do she’s a car girl all right that’s too cool lotus it has a problem that yeah the light should turn on it’s um it’s very very broken we can’t get the car to start because that i apologize everybody i’m so sorry neighbors everyone that’s just gonna go

As long as it goes um the immobilizer is broken the car is not recognizing the key anymore which means the car won’t start because you have to do that to start the car and glad that’s done without this the car won’t start and we’re back we should have a tow truck here in a couple minutes i’ve got to get the jetta out of the way and then that is going to the

Lotus dealer and hopefully we will have a working car again we have a tow truck the alarm will not stop going off my neighbors are going to hate me by the time this is over hello hello i made it really angry we can push it out of the garage get it right here it’s a manual um and i know there’s a way if i can get the trunk lid to open i can get to the battery

Disconnect it i don’t know if this will ever stop i don’t want you driving all the way to new jersey with that so it doesn’t recognize the key at all not at all all right guys maybe we can get to this release and shut this car up because this poor tow truck driver has to bring this thing like 150 miles and um yeah sorry neighbors try it all right nope it’ll

Eventually shut off i think there’s some sort of a capacitor or something but that is all right you want to tell me where you open this one in case i need it yes in case you need to do it again you’re going right here see this cable right there okay so the key will turn okay in there but it will not start the the start button won’t do anything because it does

Not recognize the key we’ll be able to do this put it in neutral yep thank you it’s a lot more sick when it’s running you know all right i cannot find my tow hook sorry guys i’m a bit flustered this is uh this this was unexpected it did not fit well into my day i suppose a broken car never works well in your day but i didn’t need this if you are hearing

This then sean forgot to do an outro make sure to do the youtubing like comment and subscribe make sure to pick up some merch in the watch in the description below he will see you all in the next vlog you

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The Lotus Evora GT is broken.. . . By Dreamcars Daily