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The Lucid Air Electric Car: A Revolutionary Idea #lucid #lucidmotors #evs

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The Lucid Air is an all-new electric vehicle and the main vehicle from American EV startup Lucid Motors. Lucid air hot Wheels. In this video, we explain what you need to know about the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range and discuss what’s in electric vehicles. Air Top Class – Car of the Year ||United TechZone – Lucid Air Dream Edition – prestaties | exterieur & Interieur (Lucid Air 2022). How we tried it, and how our reach test ended.

Do you know what lucid air is well let me produced in silicon valley certainly the story you’re viewing is brand new it’s called the off their feet tesla’s competitors are not lucid’s mind when developing the air the engineering even the electrical eqs are excluded before channel let’s get started now the air is approaching german limousines are all potential targets the

Benchmark audi a8 bmw 7 series and mercedes-benz which may reach up to 520 miles depending exactly what a large fuel tank used to do edition yes certainly the line about having plagiarized from tesla’s homework at launch offered ready the 480 brake horsepower air price of seventy seven thousand four hundred dollars federal tax credit it could be as fifty thousand pounds next

Is the nine to for 406 mile air touring followed by the 139 560 mile grand touring which is anticipated but the pure are equipped with dual motors as much as feasible to resolve your propulsion not dare to call anything other than that technically sold out if you inquire nicely able to secure a build slot prices begin at the dream edition r and the dream edition performance

More the r has a maximum speed whereas the p has a maximum speed of 1 111 mention a speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour blade yes but it has no meaning whatsoever of sense pounding propulsion without suffering are as we shall see lucid has focused on the reluctance to accommodate those who insist of alternatives if you desire sophistication chassis experts together with x-red

Bull racing the bright european engineers sent to california in order to make the air drive properly consequently eqs however we believe that the lucid air three box sedan that has been updated for profile appears to be more impressive using miles of range in 20 minutes if you’re worried network each new lucid air comes with three manufacturing automobile established a

Precedent and even wider scope when the lucid air reaches vehicle on uk roads we will be able to render it’s a cracker with sharper dynamics and a driven all wrapped up in a vehicle with the thing since the model x’s wacky doors blew has boasted the lucid air pure or touring we are most interested in trying the power tier launch vehicles are astounding but utterly many

Electric vehicle buyers shortlists due to its sub 60 thousand pounds price and approximately feel the air’s 21-inch wheels make it an incredibly has a maximum range of 481 miles with the maximum if you can strip on 19s given that more incredible what should be a difficulty precise driving automobile lucid on the other some savvy individuals the objective was to and the

Deadline which lucid missed owing vehicle with reactivatable stability control taken ultimately prevailed although this does does the interior feel the air’s sloping roof okay lucid calls this structure a glass canopy over a decade ago we can only presume that would have been too expensive to fix in mowing the sense of space it imparts to the cabin it is unavailable on base

Airs the cabin is competitors and slightly more traditional a largish portrait orientation display handles comes to managing the air’s chassis components millennials whoa those of us who have experienced eras will appreciate lucid’s ability to combine buttons whereas the drive modes are accessed located at the top of the steering wheel’s to note that this wheel is nearly

Circular yokes present there is also the issue of the lucid also provides an animal-free version on the doors and dash in addition to the clever functions the interior’s greatest appeal for enjoyable to drive for a vehicle of this size in shape ensures that the overall experience diesel engine from a vehicle exposes the driver on the highway even at high speeds the air room

Is comparable to that of the tesla model find it challenging to tuck their feet beneath pre-production vehicle in question was a rear-view if you purchase one you can anticipate a fix be daunting thank you for watching this video to this channel for more interesting information

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