The Maserati Ghibli Will Be Discontinued In 2023?

According to the recent information leaked the last 24 hours, the end of production of the Maserati Ghibli will come and the new entry level trident model will be the Grecale SUV!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rise welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where say it ain’t so rumor has it that the maserati ghibli will be at the end of its production and discontinued by 2023 now before i get started obviously you guys know that this holds a special place in my heart i’m in a special pain in my heart being that

The first car that i got in the italian range was the maserati ghibli which i was the first one to purchase one out of maserati afrome of daytona back in 2014 and then i got my second ghibli which was a 2016 model the following year but with that said i built a lot of my audience with my maserati ghibli being on my first channel and on this channel here today

Whether it was being very transparent with the flaws and the depreciation or boasting and bragging how much i love the car and how much fun it was to own now we’re talking about it coming to an end with it being in production eight years ago the ghibli continued to be the entry-level model for the trident range now for the sedan the future seems to be written in a

Suv crazed world the ghibli will soon leave the scene to make room for the new entry level of the maserati range the new grakali suv which was confirmed in recent weeks that will be presented in november now the farewell to the maserati ghibli will be gradual for a certain period of time in fact the ghibli and grikale will coexist only at a later time the ghibli

Will end his career and bearing unlikely surprises will not register for a debut of a next generation as these were fca’s plans for the future of maserati now it will be necessary to wait until 2023 now it will be necessary to wait until 2023 according to the latest information leaked the last 24 hours to register the end of production for the maserati ghibli

A model currently made in a glutiasco plant where you can recall that the quattroporte is also made the ghibli therefore will remain in production for at least another year and a few months now at the moment there is no precise date for the end of the production of the maserati guildy which in any case will be permanently out of the market by 2023. now the sedan

As previously mentioned will not have a new generation and will leave the role of the entry level to the grakale now the maserati dsuv built on the giorgio platform and produced in casino will debut in november last year remember that the maserati ghibli recorded what should have been his last significant career upgrade about a year ago the sedan kicked off the

Electrification program of the maserati brand with the launch of the ghibli hybrid a model equipped with a new 330 horsepower 2-liter turbo with a mild hybrid system as is known with electrification for the ghibli will stop there no plug-in hybrid variants and no fully electric bev variants are planned now it will not be the maserati ghibli that will lead the

Brand’s electrification program the ghibli despite being the first model to record the debut of an electrified version will soon leave the scene and will not have a new generation as previously pointed out maserati has chosen to focus on agricult for the role of the new entry-level model now the new suv for maserati is expected to quickly become the best-selling

Model in the brand’s entire range furthermore within a few years the grakali should surpass the global sales of the ghibli becoming the best-selling maserati ever the brand has ambitious goals for his gracale which will also debut in the electric version and in the sporty version of the troll fail probably with the v6 of the stelvio quadrifoglio furthermore during

2022 majority will launch the new generation of the gran turismo which will be joined by the new grand cabrio now these two models are expected in an electric version and will be manufactured in the middle florida plant now in the meantime the maserati mc20 is already on the market a model presented last september as the first step in the trident renewal program

Subsequently the italian manufacturers should be able to count on new generations of the quattroporte and levonte models that are already included in the fca plan which should also be confirmed by solantus’s new plan arriving by the end of the year both models are expected to be built on a slanted large platform and all new master body models will be able to count

On zero emissions electric variants that will make up the flow of a range so we’ll just have to wait in a couple of weeks to see if the lanterns change their minds on what fca had a plan for the maserati ghibli or what they didn’t have plans for the maserati ghibli but with that said this one is a painful one to report to you guys but if the rumors are true we

Will probably see the last couple of models of the maserati ghibli over these next couple of years so with that said what do you think about this news are you excited that the maserati ghibli has gone away do you think maserati didn’t need the model do you think that maserati really kind of tarnished a reputation with the ghibli or do you love the maserati ghibli

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The Maserati Ghibli Will Be Discontinued In 2023!? By Rons Rides