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The Mercedes Benz GLC 43 AMG is A Fun 385HP Luxurious Ride

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2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 review. The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 has 385hp and 384 lb-ft tq from a Twin Turbo 3L V6. Would this be your pick over the BMW X3 M40i, Porsche Macan S, Audi SQ5?

What can i do for you well there’s a lot of it hey guys welcome to another fun episode of lj’s garage i am sitting in a 2020 mercedes-benz glc 43 amg if you’re on the market for a compact suv crossover then this is something that you’re going to want to keep on your list and if you want something that is equally fantastic fun comfortable luxurious and all those

Things wrapped in one well rounded mercedes-benz package then you got this and as i’m talking the mercedes-benz thing is trying to interrupt hey mercedes what can i do for you well there’s a lot of just kidding um turn on my heated seats please repeat turn on heated seats i’m switching on the seat heating she’s switching on the seat heating so you know what

That means toasted buns but that’s just one of the many features that this has to offer and so i’m going to stop saying hey mercedes so she can stop interrupting me as i’m trying to film another episode of lj’s garage and if you’re new to the channel consider hitting that subscribe button we’re on the road to 10 000 subscribers and it would be a pleasure to have

You on board so let’s talk specs really quick under the hood is a three liter v6 by turbo which means there are two of them turbo chargers you’re going to get 385 horsepower and 384 foot-pounds of torque it’ll have a 17.4 gallon tank zero to 60 is somewhere around 4.7 seconds and you can expect to seat about five people comfortably oh and if you’re curious you’ll

Get 18 miles per gallon city and about 25 miles per gallon highway which is reasonable numbers for this kind of power and this size compact crossover oh my seats are on i was wondering why i was getting warm in here i thought it was just because i’m hot and then to put that power down to the ground you’re gonna have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive depending on

Who you ask but this is mercedes-benz’s 4matic system it’s tried and true it’s one of the best and it’ll keep you out of trouble and it’ll certainly put this power down as you can imagine with that 0 to 60 this thing is also not the lightest it’s around 4 100 pounds somewhere in that ballpark so considering it’s 0-60 time i think it does pretty well for what it is

And if you are someone that likes to do the occasional towing you have jet skis ponies horses goats whatever that you might like to pull um i can’t think of anything else a little camper maybe this will tow 3 500 pounds and before i hop on the outside and show you what this thing looks like and talk a little bit more about some of the finer details special thanks

To voss toyota over here in beaver creek ohio if you’re in the dayton region columbus cincinnati and you’re looking for some adventure and some nice toyotas be sure to stop in and ask for more again without them i wouldn’t be able to show you what cool things this has to offer so thanks again you guys and let’s get to the outside and here is what the outside looks

Like like i said this one is a bi-turbo and you will know that because you’ll see the bi-turbo 4matic badge right there as far as your wheels go you’re going to have these pretty nice wheels and they are 21s and the reason why these are so large is because behind them you’re gonna have these nice amg brakes which is all part of the amg package so it you know if

You’re gonna drive fast you’re gonna want a car that can slow down just as fast so take a look it’s nice very sharp you’re gonna have the little running board right there which doesn’t really get in the way it doesn’t add too much but i think what it does is it gives it kind of like that more suv stance and overall it wraps everything together nicely this color is

Sharp this color is great i’m not the biggest blue fanatic but i do like this a lot headlights bam and then you’re also going to have this nice grill which i think it looks nice a lot of people give bmw a hard time about their grills but i think this is a nice big grill that looks great it complements this car very well take a look at the body lines nice and crisp

This is very very sharp side folding mirrors and just a little tiny bit of chrome to remind you that this is a luxury vehicle and then back here you’re going to see your amg badge so let everyone know that you drive something fast and then you have your glc badge on the right hand side so overall pretty nice tail lights pretty good back end i mean this thing it’s

Sharp and if you’re someone that likes wide bodies you like your cars a little bit on the thicker side you’re going to see that this has hips so these hips are meant for something and these hips they uh they don’t tell the truth no they don’t lie that’s it and then this is what your key fob looks like hold and then bam cargo area you’re going to have a good

Bit of trunk space back here at least what i consider a good bit it is just a compact crossover so don’t expect to be able to fit your whole house in here and something that’s a little bit high-end that you wouldn’t think that this has is if you look over on this little left side right here this is how you lower the suspension from back here so you push that down

And then just give it a second and you can probably see it a little bit but it is moving and it’s going and it’s going this does have air suspension if you haven’t figured that out but look at that and i’ll do another walk around really quick to show you what the stance of this looks like in this lowest setting and the reason for that is so you can have a nice low

Loading floor so compared to what it was prior i’ll show you before and i’ll show you and after and you can see this is so nice to be able to just load things in and then if you’re wondering you do get a little bit of extra space under here this is nice that’s a good bit of space you can fit a lot of things under there a lot of things and then something else that

You get you get a nice little to know cover and you can hide all your valuables back here just close this up and then you can fold the seats with the push of a button and now you have extra storage all right so this is locked right now and the cool thing about this is all four doors have keyless entry so you can just put your hand through there and unlock it is

Really nice back here this leather is very plush and i’m sitting back here i am five nine some days i do round up to six feet tall because five foot nine basically six foot and i’m sitting back here comfortably plenty of head room and you’ll notice that i do have a little moon roof back here and so the back passengers they’re not forgotten about they get lots of

Love back here you do have climate vents as well as you’re going to be able to take advantage of the great sound system which we’ll talk about whenever i move back up front but other than that in the center console pull this down right here you’re gonna have your cup holders bam bam they’re nice and hidden so if you don’t need them they’re not there oh gosh stop it

Stay stop it there you go then you get a little cubby to hide some stuff in there legal things close that up like i said you do get vents back here you can open and close them unfortunately since this is a smaller car you’re not going to get that extra zone climate control back here but take a look at how gorgeous this this setup is everything is well done this

Is probably one of my new favorites if you’re afraid to work on your own cars this is not for the faint of heart this is in the lower suspension setting so on this back end you’ll see the back is low just how low pretty low and then compared to the front end bam it’s about six inches and this is what everything looks like from the driver’s perspective you can

See got a little wood grain you got nice leather dash and then leather all over you got ambient lights which are set for purple i like the color purple especially for ambient lighting i just you know like i said i’m not a blue person but purple purple just works do have a couple features that i want to point out on the left hand side you’ll see you’ve got your

Lighting controls those are right there all familiar easy to get to on the left hand side this is where you’re going to find your heated seat button this is where you would have vented or cool seats if that was an option that you chose this is where you’re going to find all your driver seat adjustments as well as on the left hand side of those is where you’ll

Find your memory seat so you can program up to three one for you your wife and your mistress or whatever like i said you can fold your mirrors so bam mirrors are folded with the push of a button but right now they’re set to fold as soon as this is locked so the steering wheel most of the buttons are pretty self-explanatory nothing to dive into you got your cruise

Control stuff on the left and then the right side but what you’ll notice is that you’ve got this little guy right there which is kind of like a touch pad but you’ve got another one on the left this one on the left hand side is for the main cluster and then this one is for this guy so as i’m gonna swipe over to the right left what not it’s not my favorite system

But as i swipe you’ll see that it controls that so you could do that or you can use the touch screen or option three is you can use this guy and it does have the haptic feedback so you can hear the touches the vibrations and make sure that you are indeed telling it to do something so now let’s talk about customizing this so if you want to you see this right hand

Side that shows your maps if you take your finger and you roll all the way over to that to where that circle is now highlighted you can do a couple things in there you can go to your fu like your fuel gauge and if you wanted to you can just do your rpm gauge you can go down to your g-force gauge boost gauge and speed so there’s all that tire pressure on your

Paddle shifters though you’ll see you got down and up behind that though you’ll see you got your park reverse neutral drive so you can go into vehicle settings we’ll start here and you can go to like your air suspension normal and raised will go into traffic signs so it does read traffic signs and it’ll tell you what the speed limits are and you can set it to warn

You if you care but don’t do that we speed around these parts active brake assist attention assist blind spot assist all self-explanatory won’t dive too deep into there we’ll go into vehicle easy entry exit makes it so that when you turn the car off your seat goes back and forth and steering wheel comes up makes it easy easy to get out of there belt adjustment is

Pretty cool so you can turn it on and what it does is as you sit in the car it’ll tighten the seat belt just a little bit and just give you that nice perfect tension to make sure that you know you’re not going to fall out of your seat belts or something lighting systems like i said ambient lighting you can click on that to get even more detail change it to purple

Sky which is what it’s at right now so we got the color you can do multi-color animations you could do welcome effects climate settings all of this like there’s so much that you can do with the ambient lighting it’s there’s just so much so much i mean i wish it was nighttime so i could show you some of this coolness but that’s pretty much all you get in that

Part and you’ve got a couple different options so let’s go back over to this side sorry this is a lot go into sport you can do the sport gauges you can go into super sport i will say mercedes has some of the nicest digital displays and i stand by that i’m a big mercedes fan i just tend to buy bmws that’s all and then owner’s manual boring but yes that’s some of

The key stuff in here um you can go in see some apps mercedes me smartphone connect android auto apple carplay all those things are going to be there you can click on performance to go into your amg settings you’ll see your acceleration breaking you can go into your engine see all those things fuel consumption that’s all there but yeah and then dynamic select

So in here if you want and you don’t like any of the preset driving modes you can go in and program your own for individual so you can make your drive settings you can do moderate sport dynamic if you want your transmission set to manual mode or automatic mode you can go into dynamics and adjust how you want the car to handle suspension same thing comfort sport

Sport plus and then your exhaust system you can do balanced or powerful i recommend just leaving it on powerful all right so i’ve got the exhaust in normal mode pretty good now it’s in performance sounds just as nice there’s the amg track page not much to dive into there but if you go to it it’ll tell you that it’s only for the race track it’ll have a bunch of

Different stop watches timers all of that some tracks already in here and see and then these you can change all of this stuff around and adjust it see like i just reorganized it so you do have that option and then media navigation everything else you pretty much learn if you do end up buying one of these and if you do buy one of these i guarantee you’ll love it

And then down here you’re gonna have your adjustments for your temperature so you can adjust your climate control i like that mercedes still makes these physical buttons you got your fan speed you can just hit auto and keep everything done itself and then on this side you’re gonna have the passenger controls so there’s that let’s turn this down otherwise you guys

Can’t hear me but the air conditioning in this is fantastic down here you’re gonna have your telephone option bam you got your navigation preset button bam and then you have your radio and media all right so that’s that then if you click this little guy that’s just going to be straight to your quick access menu that allows you to do some of your easy settings so

You’ll have all that right there then right here you’re gonna have your cup holders you’re gonna have a little wireless charging pad usbc and that makes everything pretty nice this charging pad is actually pretty deep i’ve got a galaxy s22 ultra i’m just gonna slide that in here so you guys can see that it will fit your phone you know as long as you have something

Around the size of like an iphone pro max that’ll fit in there then here this little track pad i’m not a huge fan of it takes getting used to but it’s it’s really not bad it’s not as bad as like lexus’s trackpad when they had that but it’s it takes a little getting used to that’s all i can say on the left-hand side this is where you all your quick controls are and

Your right-hand side another quick control so you got your exhaust right there so i’ve got that exhaust in balance mode you can put it in powerful mode when the lights red then you’re going to have your stop start right under that sorry about the glossiness it’s reflective a little bit there your cameras push that and then bam you got your cameras there so you got

All different angles front cameras side cameras back view so yeah you really shouldn’t hit anything ever in this you know i would say that you shouldn’t even got the parking assistant on the left you drive forward look for parking spaces it’ll help you get into them all of that so pretty fancy i mean like i said this has all the latest greatest tech and more

Um this is how you change your drive modes so you’ll see that you got sport comfort individual slippery mode and then go down a little further you got sport plus then in the center console you push this little button it opens split pretty nice deep charging port up here you’re gonna have your little vanity mirror hey what’s up close that up you’re gonna have a

Little sunglasses holder right there then under here you do have your little garage button so that’s all there your sunroof controls and like i said moon roof sunroof and you get your little sun shade keeps out just enough i would say unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to finish this video because someone came in to take this for a test drive if it’s still there

I will have a part 2 to this video but in the meantime thank you guys so much for checking out another video

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The Mercedes Benz GLC 43 AMG is A Fun 385HP Luxurious Ride! By LJs Garage