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THE MOST OVERPRICED CAR IN GREENVILLE??? Nissan Skyline GT-R Review – Greenville Wisconsin

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All right guys welcome back to another video and this time i’m gonna be reviewing this car right behind me so this is the 2002 nissan skyline gtr so this one that i’m going to be reviewing is only the base model and it cost me a whopping 485 259 which is extremely overpriced like the base model in real life only goes for uh between 100 and 150 000 us but this is

Only the base trim there are other trims like the v-spec nurburgring which drives pretty much the same as the bass trim um and there’s also the zedune the nismo zedune which is like eight hundred thousand dollars actually i think it’s more like 850 000 in greenville now one did go for sale in 2016 for um 352 000 pounds now that’s about 400 000 us dollars so yeah

The r34 in greenville is just so overpriced eyes so here’s why so as you might remember when the tesla cyber truck came out they made it two million dollars and they did that because they knew that if it was the the realistic price everyone would buy it and they eventually reduced it to about 450 000 i believe but that is still way off i’m pretty sure it’s for the

Same reason because this is just such a popular car it’s it’s pretty overrated i’m not even gonna lie here people people worship this car it’s not it’s cool but it’s not like that cool it’s just such a popular car and if it was only a hundred grand everyone would be driving it but since the base trim is 485 000 a lot less people are going to be able to buy it so

Yeah all right so now i’m gonna review this card to see if it is worth 485 000 so i’m gonna start off with the looks i i think this is a really good looking car it’s a very simple design at the front but it’s very clean it’s very tidy and it’s it’s a very handsome car i don’t think the back is that good looking this wing does make it look a lot better um and it is

A pretty nice looking wang here there’s carbon fiber on it and i think that looks great and yeah there isn’t like that much on this car it’s not a very it’s all very busy from a design point of view um but yeah everything just like it’s it’s very neat and tidy and i do think it’s a very very good looking car um now i think the rims are really good i know that not

Everyone likes these rims as you can see here there is carbon fiber and i think that is really nice all right so now i’m gonna start this thing up so here’s the startup on the r34 gtr foreign okay so that’s a good startup but it’s not crazy or anything but i mean this car is stock so you know i’m not expecting anything crazy okay so i think this car does sound

Pretty good and i love those turbo noises like yeah yeah i love those turbo noises and i hear the light so the headlights are super nice uh really clean there hear the brights yeah they are really bright uh tail lights same thing really clean uh turn signals and reverse light the one reverse light there all right so here we go okay so this has a 276 horsepower so

Straight six engine with a six-speed manual transmission and it’s decently fast i mean okay 276 horsepower that is nothing crazy so yeah there’s 70 there’s 80 there’s 90 there’s a hundred it’s 110 pulling like 120 around this corner this one’s 30 this one 40. yeah so this car is decently fast i gotta say i really love those turbo noises and here we go in three

Two one and there’s 60. so that was 0-60 in 4.4 seconds which is actually pretty fast all right so now let’s do it from zero to a hundred so here we go pcs off and we’re off there’s 40 there’s 50 there’s 60. there’s 70 there’s 80 there’s 90. there’s a hundred so that was 0 to 109.62 seconds which is pretty fast um but it’s not it’s not like super crazy now let’s

Try the top speed here yeah this thing is four wheel drive so it launches pretty violently okay there’s 80 there’s 90. there’s a hundred 120 130 140 150 and there’s a hundred and fifty four say 154 that’s like that’s nothing crazy or anything all right so now i’m gonna test the brakes so uh first i’m gonna do it from 60 and here we go okay so that was 60 to zero

In 1.8 seconds so okay the brakes aren’t like that great if i’m honest now here we go from 100. here we go so that was 100 to zero in 2.97 seconds which still isn’t great but i mean this car is a bit older so i can understand um and uh actually i need to fill it up so yeah okay 70 bucks so that’s still a pretty big tank all right so now for the fun part testing

The handling so so this is all-wheel drive and i think it’s pretty light so it should be good okay here we go around this corner the brakes aren’t the best though okay around this corner here okay yeah so far it’s pretty good okay yeah there’s a lot of grip like look at this i just do this it is planted all right now with tcs off here we go and it literally makes

No difference at all no difference whatsoever so the handling is nice there is an infinite amount of grip you’re never gonna slide this thing man those brakes just aren’t that strong though and yeah oh that was a close one so for the handling i’d say it’s pretty good um there is infinite grip you are never gonna slide this thing ever unless you pull the parking

Brake obviously but yeah so is it worth 485 thousand dollars and i’m gonna say no i mean i like this car i think it’s a very good looking car i think it’s a very fun car to drive and if this car would be accurately priced in greenville um that i’d say by all means go for it it’s an r34 you know it’s cool car it’s not worth 485 thousand dollars so yeah don’t spend

Your money on this unless you have a ton of cash lying around so that was my review of the r34 gtr and yeah i hope you enjoyed this video make sure to go drop like and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next one

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THE MOST OVERPRICED CAR IN GREENVILLE??? Nissan Skyline GT-R Review – Greenville Wisconsin By Armourplayz