The Most Unreliable Lexus Engines

The Most Unreliable Lexus Engines!

So if you decide to browse through the dictionary and search up the term reliability you will find lexus so if you’re all buying or shopping for lexus you’ve probably heard either through word of mouth the press or reputation that toyota and lexus brand are extremely reliable but realize one thing specifically if you don’t follow this video you may be throwing your

Money away i’m gonna share with you guys several different lexus engines that i’ve had problems and continued to be an issue still today let’s get into it now so the first problematic engine actually goes to a toyota rav4 camry as well as the toyota avalon and of course the lexus es 300h all hybrid vehicles with these particular cars there is a recall because it

Affects over 44,000 cars not only that what it actually means is there’s a casting flaw in many of these engines that have to be verified if this flaw is active you can have a coolant leak oil leak which can ultimately result in a fire now the natural solve for this is either you get a notification in the mail or you may want to check the nhtsa website and verify

Whether your serial number is on this particular list of afflicted engines so the second most problematic engine in the lexus lineup goes to a 2007 and newer lexus rx350 that’s their midsize suv the problem that they find there is in the vvt-i that’s their variable valve timing there’s a high pressure line that feeds oil to the system the problem with that and

Anywhere around 60,000 up to about a hundred and twenty thousand miles it starts to rear its ugly face and what that means is the line can rupture if it ruptures you have oil all over the engine the undercarriage but more importantly is the engine starves itself of oil in very short order and you may not have even time to react appropriately with this particular

Failure make sure that lexus has some history on your particular car to ensure that it’s been upgraded so you don’t have this problem so the next problematic engine actually belongs to a 2007 and newer gs 350 generally a very durable car but there is a problem that some owners are realizing at anywhere from about 35,000 miles up to about a hundred thousand miles

It starts to reveal itself and that is a start up knock or chain noise what that means is lexus has to upgrade the variable valve timing gears and it can rectify that problem for you generally a relatively minor one but it better be taking care of sooner than later so the next engine or engines that make my list go to actually a late-model 3.5 liter v6 or the 4.6

Liter v8 and what that has to do with is valve springs that can actually affect ls 460 ls 600h 600 hl gs 350 gs 450h and gs 460 lots of vehicles that are afflicted by this potential issue where valve springs can collapse without proper valve spring tension in the engine that can result in a valve float piston to valve connection and of course catastrophic engine

Failure can result that could mean a huge dollar repair for the owner that ultimately means the engine is failed so lexus and toyota have been looking at addressing this through a recall through north america and asia as well as europe but until then be sure that your cars and either not on that list or if it is that it has been repaired appropriately now the next

Problematic engine for lexus goes to a 97 to 2002 lexus with a 3 liter engine often found in the rx 300 or the es 300 this problem is actually related to engine sludge now while toyota has made numerous comments about it being more owner related not changing the oil many experts in the industry actually suggest it has to do more with the air circulation and the

Engine crankcase ventilation which doesn’t provide enough ventilation and of course resulting in that buildup of sludge over time creating poor performance consumption and more than that outright engine catastrophic failures so other more generalized engine related issues that lexus has seen has to do with leaks around the timing chain housing the problem with that

Is the cost and the sheer expense of repairing it in itself isn’t a major potential for failure however with progressing leaks and oil on the ground it becomes more of a necessity to clean that up to do that can be very expensive depending on the model specific that can cost you upwards of almost $4,000 to correct that issue that is a significant issue you’ve got

To be aware of watch for those leaky timing chain housings so regardless of all of these engine issues that i just explained to you guys don’t forget you’re gonna want to find out why lexus ultimately is still so reliable that video right there is going to show you and explain to you guys in detail why lexus is such a dependable car brand hope to see you guys real

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