The MYTHICAL TRUCK gets hitched to the Vanleigh RV 2020 Chevy 3500HD Work Truck

What’s going on guys so i am back inside of the 2020 chevy silverado 3500 hd regular cab two-wheel drive pickup truck this is that unicorn truck mythological truck most towing most payload capacity you can get on one of these trucks work truck trim package that’s the key doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles which increase the weight of the truck which

Take away from your payload capacity while at the same time still giving you a heck of a nice convenience package now this is interesting because i wear a samsung galaxy watch and the ride on one of the roads i took to get where i’m at now was so rough that my watch actually thought i was getting a workout just with my hand on the steering wheel pretty crazy

Now i don’t want you to think that is exclusive to general motors with the chevy silverado this is something that you are going to see on any regular cab dually pickup truck from any manufacturer i don’t care if it’s ford i don’t care if it’s ram just the fact that when these trucks don’t have weight on them when they don’t have the weight of a trailer hanging

Over the back axle or on top of the axle when you don’t have a ton of payload inside of the truck the truck is going to definitely ride much harsher than it would if you had that type of weight because you have nothing compressing the springs and really allowing them to work it’s essentially all this unsprung tension that is just working against you in terms of

Ride quality that being said though the truck rides really smooth on smooth roads it’s just when you hit those bumpy roads that you really start to feel it so much so again that it actually triggered my watch definitely have to admit this is a really good looking truck it’s a shorter configuration than most people probably expect to see when they’re looking at

Dually trucks but it still looks really nice it has an eight foot bed on it which i think counterbalances the fact that it doesn’t have the crew cab right there but overall you can see the truck isn’t short it’s just shorter than you might normally see and to give you kind of a length comparison it’s about the length of your standard half ton crew cab short bed

Pickup truck anyways guys we are out here at the vanley beacon and we’re going to hitch up to it to show you a few things first of all we want to transfer the weight of this beacon to the back of this truck again this truck has a tremendous payload capacity you gotta love the trailering sticker that they put on these trucks so let’s look at all the numbers this

Has a gross vehicle weight rating of 14 000 pounds it has a gross combined weight rating of 43 500 pounds that’s crazy it has a rear gross axle weight rating of 10 500 pounds the curb weight or the unloaded weight of this truck is 7 650 pounds giving it a maximum payload capacity of 6 350 pounds that is a lot of weight so the conventional trailer weight which

Is a standard bumper pull is going to be 20 000 pounds max the tongue weight of that type of trailer is 2 000 pounds it has a gooseneck trailer weight rating of 35 500 pounds and a maximum tongue weight weight rating of 5 325 pounds now this number went up for 2021 so that’s going to be 36 000 pounds for a 2021 version of this truck to me not a big enough

Difference to really matter fifth wheel weight rating this is what a lot of people need to pay attention to is going to be 32 000 pounds and it’s going to have a maximum pin weight rating of 4 800 pounds and a lot of this is going to be dictated by the hitch itself so the hitch tends to be the limiting factor not so much the truck however they do give you the

Realistic numbers of what you can expect here which is really nice now this vanley beacon is going to have roughly a 3 500 pound pin weight that transfers to the back of this truck overall it’s still significantly less than what this truck is capable of purely from a pin weight perspective that doesn’t factor the weight of everything that you might have in the

Cab and that is going to apply towards the maximum cargo capacity of this truck which again is 6 350 pounds so this truck has more than enough payload capacity more than enough towing capacity for this vanley beacon you know something else i want to mention is how nice the interior of this truck looks even though it’s vinyl it looks like leather i think a lot of

People would think it’s leather if it were in a higher spec truck but it’s actually vinyl and it looks really nice especially the stitching everything about it looks really nice the center console lacks any type of storage inside of it that is something that i wish they would change i would like just some area to put things in today’s age a place to put your face

Mask you have a lot of really nice features about this truck one of them is the fact that it does have a vinyl floor which i think some people actually prefer over a cloth floor easier to clean out it’s easier to manage especially if you have kids overall though this is a really cool package because it’s going to give you all the convenience features most people

Would look for like your power windows power door locks power mirrors it has your cruise control it also has air conditioning of course your power ports trailer brake controller it’s going to have a 7-inch infotainment system in it that gives you all sorts of controls in terms of managing your trailer to working with your apple phone or your android phone a lot

Of really nice features built into this truck that i don’t think people generally associate with a work truck package so at the end of the day this might be the package a lot of people would opt for one thing i really love is the amount of space behind the seat i mean it’s a tremendous amount of space back here now getting to it’s a little bit trickier than i

Would like you don’t have a quick release feature but you can see that there is a lot of room back here if i scoot in back here you probably have at least a foot at the very back bottom of the seat and about six to eight inches at the top so you have plenty of room for probably even a good sized luggage or a backpack things like that back here i also like the

Fact that they sent me a truck with a fifth wheel hitch already in it they were actually going to send it with just a gooseneck ball but i told them i said you know what for my channel what i do let’s get the fifth wheel hitch this is the curt 25 000 pound rated hitch i have never used this hitch before so we are going to do a tug test whenever we hitch up to

This vanley beacon now one of the things i have to admit is absolutely fantastic about having a truck like this is this feature first of all i can drop the tailgate from inside of the truck which is really nice but the main thing is the view i mean check that out we have direct line of sight access to the fifth wheel hitch so as i back up i can actually see

Specifically where my fifth wheel hitch is in correlation to where i need to be very cool just being able to look over your shoulder and see where you need to line up is kind of magical to be honest there we go i am all hitched up let me make sure that i have everything properly secured with this rig before i level it over the back now i can tell right off

The bat that this hitch is set up a little bit too low for this specific truck that it really needs to be adjusted up a notch yep so you can see here there’s only about two inches of space between the bed rail and the overhang isn’t going to be a lot once i drop it down that will change slightly but it’s not going to change a tremendous amount you can also see

Looking underneath here that the jaws are completely locked in place around the kingpin there’s a few more steps with this hitch similar to almost any other fifth wheel hitch that arm has to be pushed in and then that pin has to be dropped into place but one adjustment i’m gonna need to make before i actually tow i’m gonna have to raise the actual fifth wheel

Hitch up a few bolt holes on the side right here to allow for the proper bed height clearance because right now i really can’t make a turn if i try to make a turn i’ll probably contact the overhang to the bed rail of the truck and that is no bueno but something i can do today at least is to drop the weight on the truck just to see how the truck sets and i can

Monitor this right now as i’m doing it so we can see just how much weight transfers over we have the feet off the ground let’s stand back a little bit and see what the stance looks like overall with the pin weight of this van lee resting on the back so yeah there’s still a little rake to it so the back is still sitting a little bit higher than the front with

Roughly 3 500 pounds worth of pin weight resting on it so it definitely can handle the weight without a problem so unfortunately i’m not going to be able to do everything i wanted to do today out here i was able to give you more information which is kind of the goal of this but the next video we’re actually going to take this thing out on the road do a quick

Tow with it and see specifically how the truck handles the weight traveling and i need my tools to adjust the height of the fifth wheel hitch and without them i am not gonna try to take this out with only about two inches of bed rail clearance anyways guys stay tuned for the next video i think you’re gonna enjoy it guys if you haven’t had a chance please take a

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The MYTHICAL TRUCK gets hitched to the Vanleigh RV! 2020 Chevy 3500HD Work Truck! By Big Truck Big RV