The New 2015 Toyota Avalon Limited Minneapolis St Paul Golden Valley Brooklyn Park MN Walk Around

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Hi everybody nettie here at rudy luther toyota in golden valley minnesota today we’re here to talk about the 2015 toyota avalon this particular one is the limited so it’s the top of the line the only thing that you can get on top of this would be advanced technology package this one is our beautiful new color creme brulee comes with an interior color of almond which

Has beautiful stitching in the dashboard this is also available in a black interior or gray i’m going to the backseat here we’ve got rear heated seats in the new avalon which is great perforated leather did a really nice job on the remodel of this vehicle this is definitely not your grandparents vehicle anymore it’s pretty much everybody’s so coming around to the

Back here we have the trunk again all new toyota’s are coming in standard with backup camera this one has a very large trunk lots of space you can fit golf clubs suitcases whatever you need in the back of this vehicle this also comes with additional optional package of floor mats and trunk mat so coming around to the back her up to the side we’ve got 18-inch alloy

Wheels beautiful design michelin tires not all vehicles come with the michelin just so you know and then the backseat you can see how much space there actually is rear temperature controls and rear heated seats again coming around to the front the new avalon has memory seats heated and cooled front seats 8-way power driver’s seat and passenger seat which is good

Which is great so you can get as comfortable as you want lumbar as well let’s jump into the vehicle so jumping inside you can see they redesigned the whole interior we’ve got an auto dimming mirror with homelink also has a compass this one has safety connect which is an auto locator pre-collision system so if somebody steals your vehicle you’ll be able to find

It they also comes with a sliding sunroof as well as tilt and then coming down here you have your 7 inch screen which is going to give you just push-button abilities to get to navigation you easy to use voice controls dual climate control we also have a new feature here which is a charging system so basically you can put your cell phone right on here and if it’s

Capable it’s gonna be able to charge your cell phone again as i said you have a couple of cup holders here some of the doors this one has jbl sound system pretty good size glove armrest with storage underneath and sliding and then we also have different drive molds with this with this avalon you’ve got eco mode sport mode and normal driving mode so you can get

More power if you need it you can get better fuel economy if you want to go for that and then normal mode ok this also has sequential shifting so you can do sport shifting as well as paddle shifters on the steering wheel which is very cool not a lot of avalon’s or not a lot of cars have that feature up here you have your voice control or voice controls right here

With your cell phone we have the 4 inch display in the back here that gives you different information such as fuel economy distance to empty beautiful gauges i think they did a great job on that as well and then over here you’ve got your music controls this vehicle also is equipped with blind spot monitors we also have a rear shade button that’ll put your rear

Window shade up and down which is kind of cool and then a trunk release again this is the 2015 toyota avalon again it’s available in an xle xle plus the limited and it’s also available in the hybrid so i’d love to show you all the different options stop on by rudy luthor toyota you can go to rudy luthor toyota calm for more information again i’m nettie and thank you very much you

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The New 2015 Toyota Avalon Limited Minneapolis St Paul Golden Valley Brooklyn Park MN Walk Around By Rudy Luther Toyota