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Today’s Video Is About The New 2022 Fiat 500X

Look at the new 2022 fiat 500x interior exterior review hey guys welcome back to our channel in today’s video we are going to discuss about the new 2022 fiat 500x and depth from interior to exterior and every minute detail of every feature so without any further ado let’s just dive into that overview the 2022 fiat 500x is the only car fiat still sells in the

United states but the decision to keep it around does make some sense sales in the u.s have swung overwhelmingly in favor of suvs in the last 10 years and fiat is keeping one foot in the american market with this stylish extra small suv it also comes standard with a distinctively styled interior and all build review unfortunately the 500x feels underpowered

Compared to the rest of the competition and there’s a knowledgeable lack of storage space for a car that claims to be an suv other sub-compact suvs such as the honda hrv and hyundai venue offers some standard features on equivalent trim levels and kia celtos offers more interior space and more cargo room is the 500 axis unique style enough to make it worth

Considering over the competition check out our expert rating below before making your decision although italians know fashion and the 2022 fiat 500x isn’t short on style nevermind that is essentially a jeep renegade with a calp like profile and minus a trail rated batch the 500x also about turning a look a turbocharged 4-cylinder and all-wheel drive are both

Standard and the performance is decent for the on-road use the 500 is designed for the cable is handsomely styled to match the small suvs exterior but unfortunately go looks only get the 500x so software several rivals are more practical and nicer to live with including the kia saltos the hyundai kona and mazda cx-30 what’s new for 2022. a funky new clothes

Sunroof option joins the 500x lineup for 2022. the alfresco top as it’s called is available in black red and gray and adds 1 000 to the bottom line for pop tracking sport and tracking plus models a range topping yacht club cap remodel is now available and comes standard with the alfresco top rendered in an exclusively blue clothes to match those special edition

Trims blue and the exterior paint the odd color capri also comes with unique blue painted 18 inch wheels setting exterior trim ivory colored leather upholstery and richwood accents on the dashboard and shift lever the 500x has personality if nothing else there are some nice italian touches on side and out and they have the little fiat stand out in a sea of other

Tiny suvs and while it may not actually be as fun to drive as many purports it at least makes you look like you’re someone who likes to have fun that’s kind of the points here there isn’t much differentiation between the trim levels on the 500x the tracking plus comes with a few more features then the tracking and the sport but these items are optional in the

Lower trims since styling is such a big part of this crossover’s appeal we’d go for the sport model the sports available 19 inch wheels give the 500x a nice stance and the interior details are tasteful and worth the cost over the standard tracking model the comfort group package has a good deal at 795 dollars so we’ll tack that on to our order form as well it

Adds a power adjustable driver’s seat with lumber support dual zone automatic climate control an auto dimming rear view mirror and ambient interior lighting engine transmission and performance all fiat 500x models come with turbocharged 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine that makes 177 horsepower a 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are standard the

All-wheel drive system has three driver selectable settings to optimize traction and wearing conditions all models come with 17-inch aluminum wheels except the sport which are standard 18s optional both tracking models and available 19-inch wheels regardless of trim level the 500x isn’t the quickest crossover in this class notice that the most fun to drive the fiat

Suspension is comfortable for highway cruising but loses its composure on curvy back roads while fiat tells the 500x as sporty we found the 500x handling to be only average for the class it leans quite a bit when going around turns entire grip is mediocre if you want a fun to drive suv you’ll have to look elsewhere interior comfort and cargo how comfortable is

500x the 500x’s greatest is its ride comfort it’s quite smooth for a small suv the front seats also have a nice combination of sport and comfort we found the rear setback to be a little upright and the questions a bit on the firm side the climate control system is easy to use but it can struggle to keep you cool on hotter days and although the 500 access cabin is

Decently isolated against the outside noise the car’s various technology features make so many interior beeps bunks clicks and warning alarms that they destroy any serenity in the cabin though the passenger spaces tied in the 500x and the quality of its interior materials is far from best in class on the upside the layout of its controls is good and the driving

Position should suit a range of body shapes and sizes it’s also an attractive cabin especially the sport and yacht club capri versions with their updated seats and sneezy styling details you’ll be able to fit a few bags of groceries in the v8 500x but cargo capacity is low even for some compact suv which has 14 cubic feet of space behind their rear seats and 32

Cubic feet when they’re folded infotainment and connectivity the seven inch touchscreen infotainment interface with apple carplay and android auto compatibility is standard in every field 500x the tracking plus also includes a factory navigation system it’s optional on the sport an upgraded beats audio system is optional on the sport and tracking trims every

500x has two usb charge ports at the bottom of the center stick the 500 access pin controls are easy to figure out the configuration infotainment system is a bit slow to respond but fairly straightforward to use our only frustration with having to deep dive under the touchscreen menus every time we wanted to shut off some of the annoyingly oversensitive driver

Aids safety and driver assistance features selecting the advanced driver assistance group package adds a suite of driver assistant features such as the adaptive cruise control automated emergency braking blind spot monitoring lane keeping assist and automatic high beam headlights the 500 axis 7-inch infotainment touch screen feels tiny and cheap by some compact

Vehicle standards all the functionalities there but the size may be challenging for those without razor sharp eyesight it’s test card’s upgraded audio system lag best and generally low in punch which makes the music sound pretty thin the good news the 500x provides three usb ports more than competitors just split among your charge hungry passengers there’s also

Standard apple carplay and android auto smartphone integration there’s a wealth of advanced driving aids some of which overly sensitive and the warring sounds for some incidents are often more startling than beneficial this package is optional in the tracking sport and tracking plus models key safety features include available adapt to cruise control with automated

Emergency braking available lane departure warning with lane keeping assist how’s the storage by the numbers the 500 axis trunk is average 14.1 cubic feet behind the rear seat but it’s enough for grocery bags and the like you can fit the bigger items by folding down the rear seats storage for personal items within the cabin is much better by comparison the door

Pockets can accommodate slightly larger than average water bottles and a dual to your glow box makes good use of the front dash real estate on the child safety seat front installing a rear-facing seat will be a tight squeeze behind different seats there’s just not a whole lot of room the car seat anchors are easy to locate at least how’s the fuel economy the

500 axis cp estimated fuel economy is 26 mpg combined which slightly falls behind much of its competition that said our test 500x returned a promising 29.2 mpg on our 115 mile evaluation route which could indicate that the epa’s estimate is realistic for real-world driving fiat 500x models for 2022 the 500x comes in three trend levels pop tracking and sport a

Turbocharged 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine that makes 177 horsepower and 210 lb feet of torque is the only engine available across the lineup it’s connected to a 9-speed automatic transmission that sends power to a standard all-wheel drive system is the 500x a good value the interior of the 500x earns style points soft touch materials are bound throughout the

Cabin and the matching body color panels look cool even if they are just thin plastic but the biggest letdowns are this mini udays high price and charmless accessory sounds changing those would go a long way to elevate the feel of this car fiat’s comprehensive and powertrain warranties run for four years or 50 000 miles which are better on the bumper-to-bumper

Side than some but not as good as others on the powertrain side which one does we recommend we recommend the tracking trim for most buyers like the base pop it comes with standard features such as the smartphone connectivity and a touchscreen display on top of that it’s available with the new ford 2022 tracking plus welly package the bundle’s desirable advanced

Driver assist features our verdict the fiat 500x is a decent all-around performer thanks to a spunky turbocharged engine it’ll also cost more than a few lira which is where the 500x loses some of its appeal and this was all about the 2022 fiat 500x thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to the latest luxury cars channel do press the

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