The New 2023 Bentley Bentayga EWB Production – Craftsmanship

The New 2023 Bentley Bentayga EWB.

Um last week the team of skilled cross people responsible for producing bentley’s latest models achieved the sign off required to begin production of the bentega extended wheelbase on their return to the factory after summer shut down the bentega ewb defines the benchmark for combining world-class luxury and technological innovation whilst demonstrating new

Heights of craftsmanship and comfort over 132 hours are required to have prop the new bentley flagship by the skilled craftspeople at home of family’s carbon neutral luxury automotive factory and crew england the new model showcases lofted quilting intricate veneer and metal overlays and offers a unique interior ambiance with bentley’s diamond illumination over 50

Percent of customer orders include the bentley airline seat specification or bentley diamond illumination whilst circa 30 of customers include the extended paint range metal overlays in the veneer and open pore wood all demonstrating the importance of the hand craftsmanship at crew digital craftsmanship bentley’s instantly recognizable diamond quilting has been

Reimagined in a dramatic and contemporary new design like all great design the final execution looks simple but the obsession to detail behind it encapsulates all that is unique about bentley interiors developed and executed through a combination of digital craftsmanship and precision technology the symmetrical pattern at the top of the seat bags stretches the

Diamonds as they move away from the center line of the seats the doors in turn boast an asymmetric pattern that accentuates the length of the door and the rear cabin as a whole within each diamond the flawless leather is perforated with holes of less than one millimeter diameter each hole has been digitally positioned with precision by one of bentley’s interior

Designers to achieve a cohesive overall design the digital crafting process once the leather has gone through a perforating machine the stitching of the diamonds is achieved with a specialized embroidery machine the machine incorporates a camera which analyses the perforation pattern and ensures the lines of embroidery are perfectly parallel and equidistant

Between the perforation diamonds the finished result is a beautiful elegant and unique design to achieve a softer panel with delicate luxurious form language a finer thread usually found in bentley’s embroidered logos and a smaller micro stitch half the length of a standard bentley stitch has been used this change of thread and innovation of manufacturing process

Has created a more accentuated softly lofted quilting in a way bentley has never done before in production this process is exactly the same as the quilting process showcased on the doors and seats of the exp 100 gt concept card from 2019 woodworking evolves through passion since the very first bentley in 1921 the finest grand chores in the world have been sold

With wooden dashboards in recent years the shaping and application of ethically sourced sustainable with veneer to bentley interiors has been recognized as industry-leading the skills of the craftspeople and bentleys would shop are identical to those of the finest cabinet makers shaping and polishing would veneer to tolerances measured in tenths of a millimeter

Bring an intricate beautiful element of natural luxury to the cabin the wood set in each bentega ewb takes over 10 hours to curate and will see the first use of the metal overlay in the veneer feature in series production for the class-leading suv this optional feature is included on the passengers fascia panel and on all four doors the intricate design consists

Of individual brushed metal badges crafted to be exceptionally thin just and 0.07 millimeters thick to create the inlay designs a process called photo etching is used a very fine stencil of the design is laminated to the metal after some intermediate steps of uv light exposure and developing of the laminate the main process chemically etches away areas of metal

Not required leaving only the inlay design etching means there is little manual handling or cutting of the material so the risk of damage is less and the precision that can be achieved is incredibly high each badge is then bonded by hand in a precise location on the surface of the veneer before the part is lacquered and polished bentley diamond illumination

A further striking and elegant optional feature introduced for benteka ewb is bentley diamond illumination the illumination effect is achieved using a total of 68 leds that emit light through small perforations one millimeter in diameter in the leather trim on the door panels the intensity and color of the illumination through the trim can be controlled by the

Customer through the infotainment system and touchscreen remote the feature is linked with the mood lighting to ensure consistent color and intensity of light throughout the car this dramatic feature can transform the interior feel and look of the cabin especially at night advanced craftsmanship brings further choice new features like bentley diamond illumination

Demonstrate how technology combines with contemporary craftsmanship to deliver incredibly modern design and luxurious materials with 24 billion trim combinations alone and a total number of possible specifications running into the trillions the cabin of the bentega extended wheelbase is capable of offering the most individual manteca ever the new bentega ewb

Will make its uk public debut at this year’s southampton boat show between the 16-25 th of september bentley motors has been confirmed as the exclusive luxury automotive partner for britain’s largest international boat festival we have an all-encompassing approach to seek comfort and while we can make our seat designs as comfortable as possible when you

Remain seated for long periods there will always be periods of discomfort including thermal discomfort which can increase over time we wanted to target some innovation around longer term customer journeys the airline seat specification has been designed with a complex interlayer to work in harmony with the bentley dynamic ride this is to isolate you from any

Vibrations you may feel the seat profiles can be adjusted to accommodate different shapes and profiles the legrest feature can be adjusted to find your optimum postural position we wanted to develop an anti-fatigue system that would target and keep away the feeling of long-term discomfort our postural adjustment system works through a series of pneumatic bladders

That adjust the pressure zones in contact with the seats these micro adjustments are controlled by a complex algorithm that we develop with the support of a chiropractor who specializes in the area of seat discomfort these micro adjustments are designed to subtly twist your body increasing the blood flow particularly around your lower back and lower limbs this

Will stop fatigue from setting in and keep you more alert and awake the auto climate seat system is a sensor set that we’ve developed inside the seat that are embedded it measures both your temperature and humidity levels by monitoring your temperature and humidity levels over time we can sample the data every 25 milliseconds and we use this information with

The use of a software algorithm to turn on just the right amount of heating or ventilation to maintain an optimal comfort position in our controlled drive cycles we have measured that the system running in auto mode is 40 more efficient than when operated in manual modes so so oh you

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The New 2023 Bentley Bentayga EWB Production – Craftsmanship By SieuXeSaiGon