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The NEW 2023 Nissan Z is HERE *What You Didnt See* bye bye supra

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The NEW 2023 Nissan Z Arrival! *What You Didn’t See* bye bye supra

What is up guys it’s danny and this is the new nissan z welcome to the vlog smash that like subscribe and you know how weird i get a really big event with a lot of people my zipper has been done this whole time dude i can never do anything right bro here we go okay here’s where the problem oh shoot oh they gotta push it nice i’ll be completely honest i have

No idea if i’m going the right way it says d so i’m going to d 400 400 z i’ll put the camera away and get inside also you guys probably can’t even hear me because what i wanted to happen was i actually ordered a new camera right and the guy didn’t send it in time so i didn’t get in touch so i gotta use the old camera with the bad audio and a freaking face mask

Unacceptable i’m really about to go to the bathroom with like all my luggage because nobody can watch it for me this only second every time i’ve flown by myself the first time ever was i think three years ago i went to cuba to go see crystal when she stayed over there and we had a great trip together but flying alone is actually it’s kind of fun peaceful

Sign is turned off and the airplane has come to a complete stop be careful if you open over all right now in washington now we have to go to the nyc the big apple but number two we freaking made it honestly both plane rides ten out of ten oh i’ll say eight out of ten there was a little bit of turbulence but the plane rides were good sadly the other person that’s

Coming along with me was not able to pick me up from the airport so now we gotta look out for the uber new york the new freaking new york all right we gotta go look for lincoln though someone named lincoln’s gonna pick me up lincoln from the 100. last time i was here i was 11 years old i’m 22 now i’m an old fart wait lincoln in the lincoln how are you good thank

You we freaking made it and we’re running for the hotel so i’m gonna call what’s his name so he can come get us this is insane bro it’s so different when you’re from a small town like me you come to such a big city it’s overwhelming i’m excited i’m not that excited to be honest it’s like whatever man like i’m not it’s not like i threw up and like sleep last

Night you didn’t even sleep it was 2 a.m i didn’t sleep 2 am he was texting me doing up at 3 30. where are we going right now where are we going where we i don’t even know where we’re going we’re just walking we’re just walking my goal for this i don’t know what this video is but we have to go to the new york stock exchange and i have to make an instagram post

That says stonks only go up that’s my main goal for that man in new york we have happened wrong we’re gonna get lost and end up somewhere i don’t know so this is me from the future if you’re watching right now you have not yet done so you gotta subscribe okay five seconds you hit that subscribe alright now you’re entered to win a cookie giveaway i will personally

Give you a cookie so i’m also gonna say it’s at the very end of the video to remind you guys but the next video on this channel will be breaking down the spec sheet breaking down things that might be a downfall to the new z breaking down the pricing everything i have like so many notes written down we’re gonna sit down and talk about everything in the next video

So push the notification bell to know whenever that video is up and to do that you gotta subscribe so keep enjoying this video it’s actually awesome and i love you guys peace well this is our heart new york brooklyn commons so what is this right here just like oh my god that’s a hotel oh that’s sick technology dedication right there you see those videos of

People dancing on the pools yeah when we get to 100k maybe i’ll do a little strip here and there so now we’re in manhattan right uh this is financial district stocks only go up dude my audio sucks and there’s wind the magnitude it’s 9 11 so when i came in 2011 2012 they were building this they were building this wow the magnitude of these buildings i

Was literally behind angel and i lost track of where he was and i was just staring at it wow i wonder how long it takes to create all these big murals right so as you guys can see there’s a memorial wow it’s beautiful sadly is closed off right now so we can’t actually go inside so i’m gonna try to get a close-up with the other lens real quick one great word i

Mean yeah that would describe new york for me is overwhelming so many people and just huge buildings it’s a jungle it’s like a modern jungle with concrete yeah like you said wow i’m gonna run today’s like you say oh hey you tiny man i also see a lot of these little friends hey buddy hey buddy come here but danny so i thought this was like a hotel or not this

Is actually like amazon headquarters right now and we got fidelity investments over there i think they both share the same building actually i know how to describe this city money baby money so i don’t know why i’m here right now i should probably go back look how weird this burger king is why is so tall we got a big hedge fund that stole all our money and what’s

Your what’s your opinion on hedge funds i wish i could work at once but i hate them if i can work in it i hate it everyone here looks so determined like they have to get somewhere quick like we just heard you guys saying i have to cancel my meeting blah blah it’s dope still thyroid steam properties new york stock exchange we made it here i can stand here you

Can take a picture yeah a big reason why i wanted to come was to facetime my dad because we’re both brilliant to stock so it’s gonna be pretty funny come on do you gotta answer suits there’s some kids harassing the bull right now just on top of it and everything just have a lot to oh there’s a whole line well i don’t think we got time to take a picture like

That there’s gonna be my picture with the war here hit with my other family you’re what i’m an ape we need it’s not spicy oh yeah it’s on this end of them right now the reason why we came to nyc i’m gonna truth the 400 z the z the fair lady z the 300z is the crap or not we’ll see i think so you picked it from this man took us to like the tunnels where no

One goes to all right let’s go you know what’s funny look at my battery i’m not better right now blah blah blah is that a tow mate oh dude i love this wing on the 300 i just noticed the wing wow that’s super dope i’ve never seen this wing before smz i gotta look up what that exactly means hey we got the 10 interior gang let’s go of the car the left of the

Car let’s see the car going to go this is it y’all what are we waiting for right here i need some 400c wow this colors this is it i was not that one’s not getting any love projectocido cos angel what color do you like better this one or the blue one my favorite color is blue so blue all the way bro i don’t even like blue and dabo is a nice color i think i’ve

Even taken uh with that being said it’s time to say goodbye until we get ours actually we’re gonna go back to the hotel and talk about like how we feel about it and just take everything in and afterwards one of the craziest experiences of my life my beard’s looking dirty we made it too square yes that’s where the ball drops right there here we go you

Also see this little foot stands everywhere you go literally you just packed right next to one another pretty convenient um especially if you don’t want to stop at a restaurant they do this really quick and you can get something in and out i just dropped a little nap because right we’re in times square now grab the cheeseburger and you got a philly cheese steak

Um i was super happy about it then angel told me this was 13 i think freaked out almost left but we’re gonna i already i already did one bite it was pretty good we’re gonna do another bite for the camera pretty good not bad i’m hungry anything’s good when you’re hungry cheers a new york philly tuesday all right why is he listening to us in the bathroom did

Are you showering or dancing back home i’m back home okay here we go audio should be like a thousand times better we’re vlogging on a brand new camera no longer a canon we’re part of sony we’re part of sony so the autofocus should be much better everything should be better about this cam with that being said though i’m going to end it off right here as you guys

Heard like mid vlog or whatever this or the next upcoming video will be like a full sit down talk about the 400 z we’re going to talk about the spec sheet a lot of things that you guys kind of don’t know about and have overlooked and that might be a downfall to the car we’re going to talk about the pricing the specs we’re going to talk about everything i’m super

Excited about that video but with that being said i’m going off right here thank you guys so so so much for watching my name is dan if you have not yet already smash that subscribe button you got to at this point you just have to we’re trying to get to 100 000 subscribers by the end of the year and that’s not gonna be possible without you guys also the audio should

Be like a hundred thousand times better than it was in the previous camera uh but yeah love you guys peace uh

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The NEW 2023 Nissan Z is HERE! *What You Didn't See* bye bye supra By Danny Z