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The new 2023 #RX (#RX500h) Performance Hybrid is #Lexus first turbocharged hybrid

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The 2023 #newlexus #RX500h Performance Hybrid is Lexus’ first turbocharged hybrid and is designed for customers who want high-end electrified performance.

The new rx 500h performance hybrid is lexus first turbocharged hybrid and is designed for customers who want high-end electrified performance this power is delivered by a new hybrid architecture consisting of a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine and a six-speed automatic transmission producing 273 kilowatts 371 horsepower thrilling acceleration is thus guaranteed and

Thanks to direct 4 excellent dynamic handling as well the front electric motor is positioned between the combustion engine and the gearbox and has a clutch on both sides allowing for great flexibility in power delivery an 80 kilowatts e-axle is used at the rear a compact modular package consisting of a motor transmission and control unit which is located between

The rear wheels the compact dimensions mean that there is more space available in the interior and trunk power delivery is governed by direct4 an exclusive new lexus all-wheel drive controller recently introduced on the rz450e the vehicle is not yet available to order and is not yet homologated the intelligent system balances power and torque between the front and

Rear axles in every driving situation and automatically and seamlessly distributes the power between the two axles in milliseconds faster than any mechanical system direct4 improves the feel between steering and road optimizes handling stability and offers excellent driving dynamics at high speeds importantly for the rx 500h the system also helps control body

Movements thereby increasing driving comfort as a high performance hybrid the rx 500h is equipped with fixed calibers on the front brake which guarantee powerful braking performance the dynamic rear axle steering drs ensures the optimum steering angle for the rear wheels luxury interior upgrade after the nx and the rz the tizuna cockpit is now also finding its

Way into the new rx named after the japanese word four a horse’s reigns the tazuna concept supports direct and intuitive control of the vehicle and its controls information sources such as the multimedia screen the multi-information display the instrument cluster and the head-up display are arranged in such a way that they can be grasped and read with minimal eye

And head movements the tezuna cockpit design combined with the roominess of a luxury suv and materials like premium leather and suede crafted by tokuni masters with alexis l embossed this is exactly the kind of bespoke look we’re aiming for when designing the new interior have explains rx interior designer hoda kusakari the designers have created a minimalist but

Intuitive and well thought out interior using the highest quality materials the newly designed front seats combine easy entry and exit with excellent support and comfortable climate control the concave shape on the sides provides ergonomic waist support a significant highlight of the new rx is the optionally available interior made of animal-free leather lexus is

Responding to the growing demand from vegan and other environmentally conscious consumers this means that in the basic version and the business line not only the seats but also the steering wheel and gear knob are covered with imitation leather the colors are velvety black and pergamon white signature of lexus omotenashi hospitality is the lexus mood selector

Which allows occupants to choose from a palette of 64 colors and 14 different themes for ambient lighting the new rx offers generous luggage space and five luxurious seats with excellent legroom due to the increased distance between the front and rear seats 1010 millimeters plus 10 millimeters compared to the previous model redesigned seats and clever packaging

The sense of space inside the rx has noticeably improved the use of the luggage compartment has also been simplified the loading sill is 30 millimeters lower and the luggage compartment is 50 millimeters longer than before thanks to the well thought out design of the tailgate the extra length makes it easier to stow bulky items while the 40 hours 20 minutes and 40

Seconds split rear seats fold down to accommodate skis or surfboards the new e-latch electromechanical door opening makes opening the doors easier and more convenient lexus driving signature comfort control and confidence the new lexus rx offers its own interpretation of the lexus driving signature thanks to the outstanding characteristics of the platform and the

Drives the new suv generation combines outstanding comfort with a new level of responsiveness and a linear and direct response that inspires the driver’s confidence strengthens and gives him full control over the vehicle at all times the new rx uses the same gak platform as the nx but in an adapted version for example the rear section has been completely redesigned

Not only to lengthen the wheelbase but also to accommodate additional cross members and struts for the suspension and to increase rigidity this made it possible to fine tune the wheel suspension even more precisely with positive consequences for performance characteristics and driving comfort thanks to the new platform the weight of the rx has been reduced by 90

Kilograms compared to the previous model because the overall height has also been reduced by 10 millimeters the center of gravity is now 15 millimeters lower than before while the vehicle length has not changed the wheelbase has been increased by 60 millimeters and your movements have been reduced the track is 15 millimeters wider at the front and 40 millimeters

At the rear which coupled with the 21 inch wheels gives the rx a more confident stance and grip the lower weight was achieved in part through the use of advanced materials such as high strength 2 gpa steel for the center pillars and aluminum for the fenders and hood the new structure also includes 1 180 mpa steel for the sil reinforcements and 1470 mpa steel to

Increase roof rigidity the new multi-link rear suspension improves lateral stability and anti-squat properties among other things it can handle higher torques and significantly reduces noise and vibration effective measures have also been implemented in the interior to ensure the calm that is typical of the brand at the same time the engineers and craftsmen have

Developed sounds that convey a feeling of power and performance the sound of the door’s slamming shut has also been perfected you

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The new 2023 #RX (#RX500h) Performance Hybrid is #Lexus' first turbocharged hybrid By SieuXeSaiGon