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The New Audi eTron GT Is a 20,000 EV Gunning For Tesla

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Tflev is brought to you by flowcharter maker of reliable high quality charging stations for your electric vehicle hey everybody i’ve got such a fun video for you today because this is the audi e-tron gt and all electric sport sedan and in this video we’re going to find out is it worth 119 000 should you get this or tesla model s and do you need to spend the extra

Forty thousand dollars to get the rs version let’s get right into it driving the audi e-tron gt let’s give it a quick squirt up to the speed limit yeah it’s pretty quick almost 470 horsepower means that you get a nice little shove when you push down hard on that accelerator now a couple of unique things about this car first of all specs 93 kilowatt hours gross

Battery which is not far off of like a tesla model s right around 100 kilowatt hours gross on the tesla however this car is rated at 238 miles on a single charge the tesla is rated at over 400 miles on a single charge so in terms of road tripping and long distance cruising i think the tesla’s probably going to have a have that advantage although the audi does

Charge insanely quick with up to 270 kilowatts of peak charging now daily drivability 238 is more than enough than you’ll ever need it’s just those long trips where i’d be a little bit concerned now this is an all-wheel drive vehicle with the performance package we do have torque vectoring plus we also have four wheel wheel steering which does add to the fun to

Dry factor so when you start making harder turn when you start driving a little bit more spirited having that rear end kind of contribute to the steering experience is an awesome awesome feature the audi e-tron gt is sister cars to the porsche ticon and if you’re going to design a car based on another car the ticon is about as good as it gets so the audi shares a

Lot of bits and bobs and architecture with that porsche including the 800 volt battery and of course the two-speed transmission now visually it’s pretty different from the tycon but there’s a couple of angles where it is very apparent for example this rear three quarter the way the roof kind of slopes down and meets the window that’s just all porsche tycon however

There are a bunch of differences especially in the front and the ticon is very round very smooth these little squinty headlights the audi is much more angular and in some ways much more bold now there are two primary versions of the e-tron gt there’s this model the e-tron gt and then there is the rs e-tron gt which is an even higher performance model now a couple

Of really cool things here on the front of the car first of all these led lights with the matrix patterns and they even have laser functionality now here in the us we have really stupid antiquated headlight loss so a lot of the cool functionality doesn’t really work in the us as compared to europe but they still look fantastic and then in the front end we’ve got

This kind of little dimpling effect here on the grill the only thing i don’t like about the design of this car is this giant inlet down here it feels like there should be some kind of grill or some kind of grade on here now we do have some sensors down here including your sensor for the adaptive cruise control i just wish they covered it up a little bit and what

Do you think of the color pretty wild huh this is called tactical green it’s about a 500 option but boy is it bold the audi e-tron gt does have a front trunk but it took me a super long time to figure out how to pop it because the release is actually down here in the door you push this button and now you can access the front trunk but what’s so unusual about this

Is there’s no button on the front of the vehicle there’s no button here on the key fob you got to open the door and push that little switch this car is 469 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque which is pretty good and there’s also a special boost mode which when active ups the horsepower to 522 audi says 0 to 60 and ride around four seconds and if you want to

Go quicker you can get the rs version which goes there to 60 in like three seconds that’s got like what nearly 700 horsepower but the secret is you really don’t need it as we’ll find out when we get this thing on the road but as you pop the hood you’ll find a hole it’s actually a pretty sizable front trunk it’s not super long it’s not super wide but it is very

Deep it’ll definitely hold your carry-on some other things worth talking about it’s very quiet and very serene and there’s a number of different drive modes if you go into the comfort setting it’s very comfortable actually almost a little bit floaty on the highway which is great because here in the us for the vast majority of the time all we do is drive straight

For miles and miles and miles so having kind of a softer ride is good it’s not quite as high string in my opinion as the ticon but then if you dial it into the dynamic setting you get a much more sporty experience and another cool thing too is that two-speed automatic transmission right in normal mode you go to hit the accelerator it’s kind of a pause and then it

Shoots you in the back as it downshifts in the dynamic setting when you accelerate it well as you can hear the videographers hedges hit the seats and it kind of locks you into the mode that’s going to give you the fastest acceleration in that case that was first gear there’s also inefficiency setting if you want to kind of cruise down for the longest possible

Driving experience it’s also going to lower the air suspension your suspension is a really cool touch on this car now it it certainly is not quite as fun to drive i think as some of like the smaller audi rs models like an rs 3 or an rs5 and that’s because it weighs 5 000 pounds over 5 000 pounds but what that lends itself to is extreme stability and extreme sense of

Confidence this thing is like driving a slab of grant down a water slide yes it will take the turns and yes it will throw some g’s but what it likes doing is just being planted and absolutely secure for miles and miles and miles you can definitely tell that this thing was tuned and bred for the autobahn because uh it’s got that ride quality where it’ll just go at

Really high speeds without you know letting anything affect it like wind or or road imperfections now it’s a lot more fun to drive i think than a tesla model s don’t get it wrong it’s uh certainly more tossable than that it also feels quite a bit smaller a little bit more claustrophobic in here than tesla model s you definitely sit lower to the ground but this is

Definitely the better built of the two now because of the price right 100 nineteen thousand dollars it is it is you know entering a highly competitive set not only do you have models like the mercedes eqs perhaps a lucid um and the tesla but you also have the sister car the tycon and i’m kind of on the fence which one i prefer the taikon actually has a lower entry

Price this thing starts at 105 000 for the 2023 model year whereas the tycoon can be had for under 100k but the ticon you can also get rear wheel drive and a smaller battery this one is only offered in that 93 kilowatt hour battery and all-wheel drive now the rear trunk or the the runk or we’ll just call it the trunk is this uh a little bit more disappointing so

It does go very very deep but it’s not exceptionally wide and it’s actually pretty low this is a quite small camera bag and if you stood it up like this you’re really going to run into some clearance issues now one thing you’ll notice in this model is we got these carabiners holding in this bag and this is where you’re gonna find the integrated charger and what i

Love about this is they include both level one and level two charging capability which is just absolutely fantastic love that audi does that now what’s underneath this little strap is lift it up got a teeny tiny bit of additional storage and then what is a good feature is you got these really deep bins on both sides of the trunk one cool option on this particular

E-tron is the four thousand dollar full leather interior package now that gives you some interesting stuff it gives you these unique front seats with this honey comb style pattern similar to the rs it gives you leather on just about every surface but it also gives you like a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats and that kind of thing but it does make

The interior feel a lot more premium than if you didn’t have that option even though this car is based on the porsche taikon the interior is extremely different some of that is good other parts of that not so great now what i love about the audi is the infotainment system and the digital cockpit so this is a 10 inch screen and then in front of the steering wheel

We have a full 12 inch display which is configurable and you can do stuff like show the navigation on the screen and that is very very neat but i actually like the audi mmi system more than the porsche version it’s quite easy to use apple carplay android auto but i find the integration to be very simple very user friendly and overall a little bit better than the

Porsche i also like the hard controls down here for the climate control so we’ve got these little toggles to control the temperature the fan speed you can turn the ac on off there’s an eco and a max setting and then below that set of air vents once again i love how these are manually controlled very very simple and then and some other things down here including the

Drive select traction control off now this is where things fall apart a little bit for me lots and lots and lots and lots of piano black on this model which just attracts fingerprints and it no longer feels or looks very premium to me i’m also not sold on this little domino this little tic tac box that you use to actually select the gear it’s all right but i think

The porsche system is just a little bit better and then this is kind of cool kind of not cool you actually spin this little circle here this little touch pad to adjust the volume you’ve got this cubby which looks exactly like a little teeny tiny mouse coffin back here we’ve got dual cup holders and a little bit of storage capacity in the rear there now across the

Dash we do have some more piano black finish and this one has this carbon finish as well because we have the sport package sport package gives you stuff like this carbon finish black accents but it also gives you torque vectoring and a few other really cool things actually the support back to talk about in a sec is is probably worth it as well and then up top

Glass roof no shade no way to block it but audi does say that you know it will keep the harmful rays out and it’s not supposed to let too many much heat in here the steering wheel love the perforated leather steering wheel it looks and feels awesome we’ve got paddle shifters to adjust the regen the displays themselves are very configurable and overall quite easy

To use and just love them we also have the adaptive cruise control on this model automatic headlights over here on the left side of the dashboard but overall the interior is quite nice there’s only a couple of things i really dislike the the footwell i find to be a little bit short for me so the steering wheel is big the steering wheel is in its topmost position

And sometimes when i’m kind of going to make sharper turns i do find that the flat bottom actually on this point makes contact with my knee which is a little bit annoying um and the seats i think if you’re a larger american we do have the adjustable bolsters which is good but even with the bolsters all the way out it’s probably going to be a little bit tight if

You’re a larger individual all right let’s go and try the boost modes what we’re going to do is dynamic mode hard on the brake hard in the accelerator and on the acceleration indicator it actually shows above 100 so hard on the brake it’s ready hard on the accelerator that’s boost mode and then just let go and there is 60 and you can actually feel the clunk as

It shifts into second gear that’s very impressive now it’s not mind numbing it’s not gonna you know send you to the hospital which probably a good thing like a tesla plaid would however it is very very adequate and it’s a ton of fun and that is actually the reason that i wouldn’t get an rs over this car i mean when you go to accelerate hard like it’s ready it’s

There it’ll push it back in the seat puts a big smile on the face of all your passengers sure the rs is gonna be a little bit more violent but 30 40 000 more violent no and as i understand it the actual hardware itself is the same as just a software that’s different so if you want to save some money but if you still want a really fun driving experience just get the

Standard e-tron gt over the rs model the back seat of the audi e-tron gt is quite snug in a number of ways so the sloping roof line does not benefit taller passengers i’m about six foot one and i would need to kind of crouch down a little bit to fit comfortably these enormous buckets these definitely obscure the view and then also check this out it’s technically

A five-seater but let’s uh let’s call it what it is a four and a half seater because this metal seat it’s high it’s tiny it’s definitely more for emergencies now the seat comfort is very good we also have the executive package in this one so check this out we have rear climate and heated rear seats and then if you kind of look up a little bit here we do have eight

Center armrest which will fold down i can get that engaged properly and we’ve got two cup holders in here the charge port location on the audi is in the left front fender which is my favorite place for charge port means you can pull into most stations very easy to access now to open up the charge port you can just push on in and there you can see your uh location

For level one and two charging j1772 pretty convenient except it gets even better because the audi just like the porsche offers two charge ports yeah i just love that the one on the passenger side here is how you access your 7072 as well as your dc prongs for ccs charging and speaking of charging this thing is an absolute monster 270 kilowatts of peak charging

Just like the porsche and they say five to eighty percent and right around 22 minutes which is really very good the audi e-tron gt is a truly spectacular car from design a comfort and a drivability standpoint and in my opinion it offers plenty of performance to the point where you don’t need to spend the extra thirty forty thousand dollars to get the rs this one

Is plenty quick but where it kind of falls down in comparison to the tesla is the range at just 238 miles it’s almost half the range of a long range tesla model s so that certainly is a factor however it does offer great charging and i think the quality is significantly better audi compared to tesla now let me know what you guys think in the comment section below

Thank you for watching tflev as always has been tommy behind the camera cole pearson killing it as videographer we’ll see you in the next video thank you

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The New Audi eTron GT Is a $120,000 EV Gunning For Tesla! By TFLEV