The NEW Base Model 2023 VW ID.4 Is Surprisingly Awesome: Heres Why Its a Great Value

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Tf led is brought to you by flowcharter maker of reliable high quality charging stations for your electric vehicle hey everybody welcome to beautiful chattanooga tennessee where volkswagen is going to be out to check out this the volkswagen id4 and you’re probably thinking tommy i’ve seen the id4 well you haven’t seen this one because this is the new 2023 model

Made right here in chattanooga tennessee the usa produced id4 and more specifically the entry level model this is really exciting for me because i am a big advocate for more affordable evs of course electric cars are one of my biggest passions and there’s a ton of them on the market now but very few affordable ones well volkswagen is trying to bring down the entry

Price on the id4 with this model so this is a new 62 kilowatt hour unit it’s got the smaller battery of the two available and this is the one built right here in tennessee so we’re gonna take a look at the build quality take a look at some of the features you get on the entry level id4 and see if it’s you know a car you could live with or if it is two base if it’s

Too much of what i would call a bean can so let’s talk about this vehicle now this is a rear wheel drive model with as i mentioned a 62 kilowatt hour battery with cells provided by ski now the range on this model is 209 miles and the starting price 37 495 which is about four thousand dollars cheaper than the cheapest id4 you could get in 2022 now four thousand

Dollars is a really big price reduction and this car well visually it doesn’t look any different or all that different from a fifty three thousand dollar id4 there’s a few differences that let you know that this is not a top spec for example the wheels but even the base wheel is a good looking design so well a lot of id4s have 20 inch wheels this car is going to

Have a 19 inch wheel in this arrow profile but it’s a good looking aero wheel so many companies have aero wheels that look like well they look like me kind of nerdy a little geeky and not all that cool but not this one this one is a super cool design it’s definitely aerodynamic you can see because a lot of the slits are filled in but they still did a good job with

The accenting and making it look cool so in 19 inch wheel is a standard wheel on the i-84 now there’s been a bunch of changes for every id4 as they move production to the states so some of the big changes to tell a u.s made one from a german-made one this lower front grille is this gloss black plastic whereas in the 2022 model it was kind of a flat black we also

See um different colors different wheel designs and then this is a really subtle touch but it’s definitely noticeable is in the rear of the vehicle this crease on the bumper is much more pronounced much more angular than the german made id4 which is more angular sorry more flowy i should say now of course german made made id4s are still going to markets all around

The world the ones built here in tennessee are just going to the usa and canada now from the front and the rear not much to differentiate the base model from the high end model so we have a slightly different grill treatment right on some of the higher end trims you can get the illuminated volkswagen badge um maybe a slightly different headlight design but apart

From that this is still a premium looking model even though the base price is some fifteen thousand dollars less than the one we were driving today now let’s take a look at the interior because that’s typically where some base models fall apart but first thing you notice is it’s not a sea of black plastic and that is such a surprise to me i was expecting to come

In here and see black cloth seats black dash no contrasting stitching tiny screens but not in the id4 so as we hop on in for 2023 every id4 is going to have this massive 12 inch display so in previous years i believe you’d get a 10 inch that is gone it’s been replaced with this 12 inch screen which is a huge plus in my opinion now it isn’t my favorite infotainment

System i’ve talked at length about you know some of the challenges volkswagen has faced in implementing their infotainment system they have made some changes for 2023 and i think if i live with this car i could get used to some of the uh some of the we’ll call it eccentricities of this system but it does have a bunch of cool features first of all the colors are

Fantastically bright they just pop off the screen and it’s got kind of some fun stuff so you have a classic climate control system with automatic climate control actually dual zone automatic climate control but there’s also a smart climate page where you have options little shortcuts to for example clear your view out the windshield warm your feet cool your feet

You can warm your hands that kind of thing there’s also an air care page where if we click it it’s going to do its best to you know purify the air inside the cabin kind of a fun little feature there now everything is basically touch slider so the volume controls touch sliders my big complaint on the steering wheel you don’t have a knob for adjusting the volume push

Up and down on these buttons that is my biggest complaint with the id4 in general but it’s gotten better we also have new parking screens new parking menus let me go to that let’s see there you go so you can exit spaces enter spaces using the fart screen we also have different drive modes eco comfort sport and custom this is a rear wheel drive id4 so we don’t have

The terrain mode don’t have the off-road mode 2023 models have a redesigned central bendical here with bigger larger and charged cup holders which is really nice we’ve got our wireless charger back here with our usbc ports and then if we open up the center console pretty deep actually a little bit too much piano black for my liking but that is what it is and then

The the digital display here is a very customizable you can use these buttons to cycle through different things like your nav screen your driver assistance that kind of thing headlight controls over here and then id4 still has the uh very controversial system for rolling down the rear windows where if you push the fronts well that’s how you all around the fronts

And then we rolled on the rears you have to toggle with the rear before you can do that the issue is of course you go through a drive through you forget rear selected all right i’ll have a number one or maybe my dog in the rear wheel with a little bit of a frustration but i love the seats in this model i think they’re absolutely fantastic i also love that you can

Start the vehicle by just having your key in the pocket you don’t need to push the start button you can if you want but you can just get in push the brake it’s off you go but these two-tone seats are great cloth insert with vinyl bolsters manual seats doesn’t have the massage but that’s okay i actually think the id4 seats are really pretty good this one does not

Have the full glass roof either once again not a big deal in my opinion and i like how they have this little id ingrained into the back of the seat now these door handles still has the electronic door handles which the id4 has become infamous for the rear seat room is fantastic even at my driving position about six foot tall look at the space it’s huge headroom is

Pretty good it’s a little compromise if i lean back but pretty good headroom we got two usbc outlets back here we do not have the three zone climate which is now available in 2023 we do however have that little pocket in the back of the seat for your phone i think that’s really quite nice oh someone set up an alarm now as we hop toward the back of the vehicle id4

Badging in white looks really good there’s an optional on the id4 for 2023 illuminated rear badge which comes in every trim except for the base model now this one does not have the power tailgate which is perfectly fine for me but it has a ton of space in the back with of course the folding seats and if we lift up the rear hatch here too you also have a really deep

Storage bin which is a very nice touch and let’s talk quickly about charging hold on looking for the button but it’s manual the charging port is located on the right rear of the id4 and if you get the 62 kilowatt hour the max charging speed is 140 kilowatt versus the 80 plus kilowatt hour pack which will peak at 170 but you have your ccs charging with your little

Dongle there but overall i think volkswagen has done a good job with this new basic entry level id4 and not making it feel like a bean can so even though it is more affordable than a lot of the trims it offers a a nice interior big screens as standard and pretty decent performance this is the rear wheel drive one with 201 horsepower and the other thing too is if

You’re an enthusiast if you want the most fun to drive we’ll say id4 this is probably going to be the car for you because it has a 200 pound weight advantage over the larger battery id4 or thereabouts because of the new battery pack which of course lies underneath the vehicle well guys let me know what you think in the comments section below of this new entry level

Id4 i asked and asked and asked will this apply for the new tax credit because it is made here in the u.s volkswagen is still working on all the logistics about where the battery chemistry comes from and all the minerals but we’ll have more information on that soon but as always has been tommy with tf led we’ll see you right here on the next ev video thank you so

Much for watching this one was a ton of fun

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The NEW Base Model 2023 VW ID.4 Is Surprisingly Awesome: Here’s Why It’s a Great Value! By TFLEV