The new BMW X6M is bonkers quick REVIEW

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This is the bmw x6m so it’s the pinnacle of bmw suv nurse and it’s an alternative to the mercedes gle63 coupe the porsche cayenne coupe turbo and the audi rsq8 in this video we’re going to find out if it’s any good but before we do that make sure you subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon to turn the notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload

Let’s keep up this review by talking about the x6m’s engine it’s a 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 and it has what’s known as a hot v which sounds quite rude what it actually means is that the turbos are in the v it means there’s less distance for the air to travel before it goes into the engine and it improves the response actually i could probably wear this as a body armor

Come on anyway so this engine it has 750 newton meters of torque and in the normal x6m it produces 600 horsepower in this x6m competition it’s increased to 625 horsepower so does it feel quick according to bmw this car will do naught to 60 in just 3.8 seconds but will it well as if i’m going to find out i’ve got my specialist timing gear here i’ve got a closed

Stretch of road i’m going to launch it see what happens let’s also measure the naught to 100 and the stunning quarter it’s weird doing this on the public highway but thankfully i’m allowed to today let’s do it yep quick quick off the line on this is so odd thing on the road i feel naughty that’s the quark easy now oh wow i’ve got 960 in 3.4 seconds naught

To 100 7.9 seconds let’s check out the setting quarter mile 11.6 seconds i know what you’re thinking i did those times going down the hill unfortunately i can’t alter the topography of the land here so in fairness prove i’m not being sponsored by bmw i’m gonna do it up the hill here we go again oh that skipped a bit off the line struggling for traction what you

Gonna do uphill still feels quick very quick oh that’s enough for that oh what even though it’s uphill not to 60 3.5 seconds naught to 100 8.3 seconds and the standing quarter mile is 11.7 seconds so not all that much different really it’s impressive the x6m gets some styling upgrades over the normal x6 it has revised from bumper which is more aggressive and

The competition version has black surrounds for the rather huge kidney grilles moving down the side you get bigger analog wheels 21 inches as standard on the normal x6m though the x6m competition has 22-inch rear wheels just does you also get side skirts and i should point this out because it’s a key end feature the aerodynamic air mirrors which i am fisting okay

Let’s go to the back you get a little bit spoiler there you’ve got your x6m badging competition as well to just highlight it’s a very range topping version a rear diffuser which doesn’t probably diffuse much at all it’s just there for show but what’s not there for show are these quad tail pipes as i’ll illustrate now with the car phone of truth because i don’t have

A stick look at this though they’re big enough to fit my samsung galaxy plus in there i’m probably melting the phone right now just to show you they’re real there are also plenty of upgrades here on the inside of the x6m so you get an m sport steering wheel with the m badging on it you got some m coloured stitching which you also get on the safety belt and on the

Gear knob which is unique to m cars it also has three different settings for the gearbox when you’re shifting in manual mode then there’s m specific buttons here a red starter button as well you’ve got aluminium pedals aluminium kit plates and they’re illuminated m-specific floor mats and then there’s m dials and when you see the car on the infotainment system it’s

The proper x6m in the color you bought it now the trim panel on here is normally aluminium on the m cars but you can upgrade it to this carbon fiber same here with the center console and as you can see there you’ve got your x6m badging there and competition added if you paid the extra for the competition model then there’s these seats absolutely lovely wingback

Seats two-tone soft merino leather and if you want to you can upgrade them so they have a massage function of course as standard they are fully electric and very very adjustable they also have a honeycomb pattern to them which is actually mirrored in the door cards in fact the door cards are unique to this x6m as well and then this alcantara for the headlining

Which is lovely m cars aren’t just about the show they’re also about the go and the stop that’s why these cars are seriously upgraded brakes so you’ve got ventilated discs all round they’re 395 millimeters up front and 380 at the back then there’s some huge calipers which have six pistons in them that’s insane also you’ve got floating discs the central hub is

Actually aluminium that helps keep the weight down and then you’ve got the steel disc but it’s not mounted directly onto it and that means that the two metals can expand at different rates they can take 100 degrees higher than standard brakes but how well do they work let’s find out okay let’s see if these brakes are any good we’ll do a brake test when i reached

That sign full emergency stop let’s see what happens here we go here’s a sign here’s a sign here’s the sign oh my goodness whoa so this breaks from 70 miles an hour to zero in 45.9 meters and it took 3.2 seconds but i was actually going over 70. let’s see what i did from 100 miles an hour it took 91.9 meters from 100 miles an hour and that took 4.4 seconds

The highway code says that you should be able to break from certain distances to this these figures here so this bmw did considerably better now let’s just check one last thing the g-force under deceleration 1.28 g i didn’t feel that i could feel my brain just smashing against the front of my skull hopefully i haven’t got concussion we’ve established this

Car can accelerate hard it can break hard but it also needs to corner hard that’s why bmw’s m division has fitted it with a load of extra bracing you can even see the extra bracing here just in the engine bay there’s more throughout the car as well the x6m also gets an upgraded variable steering system and that’s designed to be nice and responsive without ever

Feeling overly edgy there’s also upgraded m sport suspension and it’s adaptive as well so you can choose between different modes there’s active anti-roll stabilization to keep the car nice and upright through faster turns and you have a special m dynamic mode for the stability control which is like a halfway house with a bit of kind of layering us but it’ll still

Gather you up if you get things wrong the car’s four-wheel drive system is set up for a rear-wheel drive bias but there’s even a four wheel drive sport mode which is even more rear drive biased and then there’s the m rear differential which can send power to the rear wheel with the most grip you get michelin pilot sport four s tyres as standard which have been

Specifically engineered for this car now they’re wider on the back than at the front once again to enhance that rear drive feel and on this competition version they’re 11.5 inches across huge let’s see what difference these chassis upgrades make straight away the car feels more alert than the normal x6 the suspension is obviously firmer gives it a sportier edge

And it just doesn’t really leave for a tall car obviously if you get too carried away you’re going to be pushing wide in the corner because it’s still quite heavy you can’t overcome physics but those huge tyres do give you loads and loads of grip the steering is probably the standout thing really it’s so sharp you turn the current just responds immediately it

Definitely has that m vibe going on with it is it as agile as a porsche cayenne coupe so close i need to back to back then to be sure in fact if you want to just check out my review of the porsche k and coupe click on the pop-up banner up there now i just want to tell you about the new car wow app you can use it to scan the car’s number plate and he’ll tell you

How much that car is worth do you want that app if you click on the pop-out banner up there you can download it for free and use it to check out how much you can save on this bmw x6m competition because it starts from 113 000 pounds which is quite a lot so you do get quite a bit extra kit with this car as standard the competition version of this car which we only

Get in the uk gets an upgraded exhaust over the standard xxm as standard the x6m gets a heads-up display so you can see your speed and your revs without having to take your eyes off the road it also gets something called m-mode so it sets the car up for various activities and if you put into track mode it will even do stuff like shut down the infotainment system

Reduce the volume from the stereo so you can just focus on driving you also get some special dials as well when you’re in this end mode they look a little bit more sporty you get these m1 and m2 driving buttons and they allow you to access pre-selected driving modes super easy you actually set them up using the screen here so you get the car exactly as you want it

Customers can choose from a wide range of paint colors including three specific m colors one of them is a really weird green it’s kind of cool though however not everything about this car is great here’s five annoying things about it the key design feature of them cars are their side air breathers and this one is completely blocked off maybe they should call it a

Side suffocator bmw m cars are supposed to excel on track but i’m not sure how this thing would do because it’s a bit of a fat ass it weighs in at 2 370 kilos like the normal x6 you can’t get the x6m with rear-wheel steering the reason being the wheels are just too wide can’t do it bit of a shame really because it would make the car more maneuverable when you’re

Just driving around town you buy one of these things in europe it won’t sound as good as if you buy one in the states it does sound good it’s about a conversion the reason is that european cars have to have a petrol particulate filter whereas in america they don’t and those filters just kill the sound the x6m uses the exact same powertrain that’s in the m5 the

Only thing is that while that car has the ability to go in two-wheel drive mode this one hasn’t got it it’s nothing to do with mechanicals they’re exactly the same it’s just because bmw doesn’t want to let it which seems like a bit of a shame because it’d be fun doing huge donuts in this then there’s a boot which at 580 liters is really big enough though it’s still

Slightly smaller than a porsche cane coupes an audi rs q8 and a mercedes amg gle 63 coupes that was a mouthful there are some other problems with this car though they’re common to the normal x6 and one of them is that headroom it’s not the greatest i mean i’m okay but really tall people might struggle it’s definitely not as roomy as the square shaped x5 it’s a bit

Of a shame because overall there’s still plenty of room here in the back finally we need to talk about what this xxm is like to drive when you’re not wanting to fully utilize all those m upgrades those fat tires do create a bit more road noise and the sport suspension means you do feel bums a little bit more though it’s never terrible the trade-off is that when

You’re on the motorway going at speed this thing does feel a bit more planted than the normal x6 and if you certainly need to overtake someone the gearbox it responds quicker and of course you’ve got all the performance from that turbocharged v8 engine this thing will top out at 174 miles an hour which is great if you live in germany and you’re on the autobahn

But for the rest of the world it’s pretty pointless being able to go to that quickly which kind of begs the question why bother with this car in the first place well some people want the ultimate incarnation of something and this is the ultimate incarnation of a bmw suv simple so then what’s my final verdict on the bmw x6m competition should you avoid it should

You consider it should he shortlist it or should he just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist it you see it’s right at the very top of its game when it comes to performance and handling it’s just that suvs are also about the styling and i don’t think it looks as good as an audi rsq8 but hey that’s subjective isn’t it i just want to prove

To you guys that the road was closed so here’s our um deputy which has been provided by the local police he may have a german accent and be working for bmw but this this stuff clearly is very real only joe king he’s one of the photographer team the real police have shut the road they’re up there keeping cars from going past we abide by the rules of course we do don’t ever doubt us

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