The New #Cadillac #Escalade Vs 2022 #Lincoln #Navigator

today you will see the 2 most notable super products of the moment. Those are the 2022 Cadillac Escalade and 2022 Lincoln Navigator.

Power so welcome back to our new car 2020 channel today you will see the two most notable super products of the moment those are the 2022 cadillac escalade and 2022 lincoln navigator the cadillac escalade 2022 is a model that has been 100 redesigned inside and out with pioneering technologies such as the first appearance of a curved oled screen or the first diesel

Engine block in the product line and now lincoln has not stopped and has launched a large navigator 2022 model to compete with rivals in the united states entering the new version lincoln navigator has not only been upgraded in design but also added a series of new technologies to increase competitiveness say against rival compatriot cadillac escalade compared to

The exterior the interior of this luxury suv has more noticeable changes the first is the all-new sync 4 infotainment system which comes with a 13.2 inch horizontal touchscreen lincoln claims the system is not only more powerful but also more intuitive and customizable the infotainment screen of lincoln navigator 2022 supports wireless connection to smartphones via

Android auto apple carplay and provides natural voice commands next comes software upgrade over wi-fi and amazon alexa support thanks to amazon alexa users can use alexa to play music navigate check traffic find parking and track smart devices at home meanwhile the lincoln way app allows the driver to start lock and open the car door even while sitting indoors on

The back of the front seats there are two 10.1 inch screens for passengers sitting on the back seat to entertain passengers can watch movies listen to music and turn on tv programs through these two screens in addition the screen also comes with wireless headphones two voice controls and built-in memory for passengers to watch the program even without an internet

Connection however questions begin to arise about whether those utilities or the addition of the diesel engine option would be enough to create a competitive advantage for the new generation escalade next to a strong competitor in the same segment lincoln navigator fourth generation the model that once stormed when it defeated rival ford expedition based on the

Specification comparison table it can be seen that the 2022 lincoln navigator has an advantage over the 2022 cadillac escalade in terms of engine power underneath the bonnet of lincoln navigator 2022 is still a v6 petrol engine block twin-turbo charger 3.5 l capacity producing a maximum capacity of 440 horsepower 10 horsepower reduction compared to the old version

And model maximum torque of 691 newton meters the engine is made into a 10-speed automatic transmission and an optional all all-wheel drive system both parameters are slightly better than the new generation cadillac escalade when the cadillac representative owns the maximum capacity and maximum torque of 420 horsepower and 624 newton meters however the cadillac

Escalade 2022 has an additional diesel engine option that provides a more diverse choice for users another highlight not to be missed of lincoln navigator 2022 is the all-new active glide semi-autonomous driving system as the lincoln version of the blue crew system developed by ford active glide uses cameras and radar sensors to enable navigator 2022 to drive

Itself on pre-mapped highways in north america since the driver doesn’t need to put their hands on the wheel the car has an additional camera on the dashboard to monitor the driver’s eyes and head position to make sure they’re still ill looking at the road the head the cadillac escalade 2022 is the first full-size suv equipped with super cruise driver assistance

Technology it allows the driver to be completely hands-free behind the wheel for more than 320 000 kilometers on highways in the us and canada this technology integrates lidar map data high precision gps driver attention monitoring system and numerous cameras and radar sensors to build the virtual map of the world around the vehicle in particular super cruise

Technology also allows escalade to perform hands-free lane changes by turning on the turn signal a very tight occupant monitoring system kicks in kicking in with warnings when the escalade feels it needs more driver intervention so um you

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