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The New Dodge Cars REVEAL 2023 Dodge Hornet. |Price|Interior|Engine|Power|FuelConsumption|

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Dodge is poised to get back into the small crossover game with the 2023 Hornet, which may be available with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Rather than reskinning a Jeep Compass like it did with the unloved Caliber, this time around Dodge has instead settled on sharing a platform with the Alfa Romeo Tonale. If the Hornet follows the Tonale’s formula closely, we will see a 256-hp turbocharged four-cylinder with all-wheel drive as the standard setup with a plug-in hybrid option available with around 30 miles of electric driving range. We’ll know more about the 2023 Hornet closer to its on-sale date and we expect to see a production version debut before the end of 2022.

Welcome to carsmation the hornet will be a new entrant in the dodge lineup and will sit below the mid-sized durango as a small suv going up against rivals such as the kia saltos the mazda cx-30 and the volkswagen taos the 2023 dodge hornet will be a revival of an old name plate and a new entry into the compact crossover segment from the detroit based brand built

Is one of the first models from dodge available with a hybrid powertrain option the hornet will share underpinnings with the alpha romeo tonali and jeep compass in the form of the fca small us wide susw 4×4 platform expected only in hybrid form the hornet will enter a hotly contested segment with rivals like the toyota rav4 honda crv mazda cx-5 hyundai tucson and

More as dodge looks to expand its brand beyond merely large v6 and v8 powered muscle machines and enter a new era of electrified mobility still firmly under wraps the hornet’s development has likely been advanced by the reveal of the production ready tonali from alfa romeo however as test mules have not been seen in the wild we likely still have some time to

Wait it seems most likely that the release date of the dodge hornet will be in early 2023 following a late 2022 reveal likely in the usa as the new dodge hornet crossover is yet to be revealed lots of information is still unknown including price however dodge won’t enter the compact crossover segment at an uncompetitive price point rival compact suvs start at

Just over 25 000 which seems a fair estimate for the base model hornet however as the hornet is likely to have a hybrid option we can expect a starting price for the 2023 dodge hornet of closer to twenty nine thousand dollars in this form while upper specs will have an msrp of around forty thousand dollars as a compact crossover the hornet will be available as

Only a two-row five-seater model from leaked images we can see the inside almost entirely adopts the tonality’s interior details at least on certain trims with a digital instrument cluster large infotainment screen likely employing uconnect 5 and a fair number of hard buttons rather than a fully digital experience expect cloth upholstery on the seats of base

Hornet derivatives and leatherette slash full leather on top spec variants don’t expect class leading cargo space from the interior of the dodge hornet the raw4 and honda crv have that on lock but the dodge can still challenge in the midfield with about 30 cubic feet of trunk space behind the rear seats this is where the waters are murkiest if the dodge hornet

Borrows engine options from the tonality we can expect all-wheel drive on all models the greenest option will be a plug-in hybrid using a 1.3 liter turbocharged engine with a 90 kilowatt electric motor for a combined output of 272 horsepower a six-speed automatic gearbox is likely with slightly less power the old combustion option is expected to be a 2.0 liter

Turbo 4 with a 9-speed automatic outputs of 256 horsepower and 295 pounds to foot are likely in both instances zero to 60 miles per hour should take around six seconds the epa does not have figures yet for the 2023 hornet and with new powertrains not used on other fca stellantis products these figures remain somewhat of a mystery however we can identify a few

Targets for the non-hybrid version the mazda cx-5 sets a strong benchmark at 22-27 24th of a mile per gallon city slash highway slash combined for a similarly powered turbocharged engine with awd for the hornet fev the benchmark will be the raw4 prime which manages 90 forms combined with a 15.5 kilowatt hour battery pack this model is expected to boast a 30

Mile electric range charging will likely take a couple of hours on a level 2 charger for watching

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The New Dodge Cars !! REVEAL 2023 Dodge Hornet. |Price|Interior|Engine|Power|FuelConsumption| By CarsMation