The New Ford Bronco Raptor Is The Most Insane SUV Ever But Is it Worth 0K?

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That is the new ford bronco raptor and it is legitimately the most over the top the most ridiculous factory four-wheel drive i’ve ever seen but the question still remains as they almost fall over is it worth 80 000 well that’s what we’re going to find out in today’s video now ford has flown myself and videographer cole behind the camera down here to palm springs

California where it is 110 degrees so i do apologize if i start looking a little worse for wear here but i couldn’t miss the opportunity to drive one of the most anticipated off-roaders of my lifetime because ford started out with the bronco which is already so incredibly capable be it a very base model all the way up to the badlands a standard bronco will go 99

Of places you’d ever need to go and then ford said ah we’re not done you can have it with a sasquatch package which gives you factory front and rear lockers and 35 inch tall tires and i said well that’ll go 99.9 percent of places anybody would ever need to go but ford said we’re not done we’re going to take the anti-up 211 and introduce the bronco raptor with 37

Inch tall tires and this will go i’m just going to say it a hundred percent of places you’d ever want to go unless you’re running i don’t know mount everest this is just insane when i started off-roading my very first four-wheel drive had 33-inch tall tires and i said oh yeah i feel like the fawn’s over here and then i saw someone with 35s i’m like 35s and then

I saw someone with 37s and i’m like i would need to lift my vehicle 12 inches to put 37s and now ford does it from the factory and gives you a warranty and all the creature comforts that you come to expect for an 80 000 vehicle i say that almost all the creature comforts and we’ll talk about in a second so let’s start with what is under the hood now the standard

Bronco you can get it with a 2.3 liter ecoboost 4-cylinder that’s the same engine in the ranger and the mustang and like the ford explorer and it’s a good potent engine and you can get it with a seven-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic and then you step up from there you go over to the 2.7 liter twin-turbo v6 basically out of the f-150 that one’s automatic only

But the bronco raptor has a three liter twin turbo v6 a similar engine to what you’d find in the ford explorer st but they’ve changed the turbos and in this vehicle it makes horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque now that was a big challenge uh and a lot of the reason that this engine makes so much power is because of um d restrictions in not only the intake

But the exhaust so it’s got a much more free-flowing intake and exhaust uh than a standard bronco it actually has a true dual exhaust fro so from the headers all the way back it’s got two pipes and an active exhaust and we’ll play that exhaust note here in a second now to keep that engine cool they’ve had to do a lot of work to the front end this is significantly

More cooling than a standard bronco it’s got the ford grille but just about everywhere you can have an inlet there is an inlet and there you can see some active grill shutters but just as important as getting air in is getting all that hot air out of the engine and that’s where this hood bulge comes in so this is a heat extractor to get all that hot air out of the

Engine and it’s completely functional as are the ones on the fenders now that’s more of a passive system it’s not quite as important at extracting air as the top one but it’s still there and if you look up here cole you’ll see all these numbers 67 69 71 72 those are significant years in the ford bronco timeline when it comes to the infamous baja race down in mexico

So that’s why they’re up on the hood now what do you think of this color eruption green i think it is one of the best colors you can get on any bronco and it really looks good on the raptor specifically because of these and this is the one area where i’m not super impressed with the styling now this vehicle is a whopping 9.8 inches wider overall than a standard

Bronco it has 8.6 inches more width the track than a standard bronco and to keep it road legal you have to cover up the tires now what ford did is actually change the fender so this is an smc molded material it’s a basically a very special plastic here um but that that didn’t do enough so what they had to do is then add these fender extensions these flares on top

Of the fender and i just think they look a little too goofy in my opinion they’re just a little bit too big relative to the fender width itself i would say with a in my opinion it would have looked a little better if they had widened the body color fender than added a little lip rather than just making the whole thing kind of hear the lip but let me know what you

Think in the comment section below that’s why i like the eruption green though because it kind of hides it a little bit more than like the bright orange that they offer um but the venting along the side here is very cool we’ve got marker lights because this vehicle requires them for the overall width this thing is as wide as an f-150 raptor that is a serious amount

Of width now along the side we have these side steps which are removable so while these may not be able to withstand constant abuse out on the trail simply six bolts pull them off and then underneath here you’ve got a rocker rail to protect that rocker panel which is a really nice touch bronco raptor only available in the four-door configuration with a molding color

Hard top this one does have the optional graphics i want to say those are about a thousand dollars for the the side graphics back here it’s also got a different um quarter panel because of the actual fender flare then once again it’s got the uh that special smc plastic material and then the tail lights have to stick out further on a raptor than a standard bronco

Because this massive 37 sticks out so far regulation says you have to be able to see the taillights from any angle that’s where that comes in now if we come down here cole check this out i think this is a really nice touch so there are the two dual exhausts and what ford has done properly is not stick them out the back like on a raptor on a raptor f-150 they’d be

Right here and they have a tendency to kind of get caught up off-road but these are tucked up super high and away from all sorts of rocks and then over here check this out they’ve got this trailer hitch with they call this the beaver tail because when they were testing this they kept knocking out the plastic seven and four pins so what they did is add this little

Metal extrusion to keep that nice and secure and if you want to kind of dive the camera deep do you see these bars right here well this adds additional towing capacity to the bronco raptor so standard bronco can tow up to 3 500 this beast up to 4 500. now i want to give cole my mic here we’re going to try this kind of carefully i want to kind of give you a sense

Of what this sounds like it sorry i forgot i’m brain fart 110 degrees here i want to give you a sense of what this sounds like in both quiet mode and the full-on off-road mode we’ll see what that active exhaust sounds like so we’ll start in quiet i’ll click the button and we’ll go into the off-road setting um all huh so there you have it try to be very

Careful so i don’t blow out headphone users ears here let me know which one sounds better okay that’s a stupid question let me know what you think it sounds like overall and i think it’s time we get out of the sun for just a little bit hop on inside because there’s a lot to talk about on the interior so as cole opens up this door here i want to point out these

Seats now the seats are manually adjustable but they are unique to the bronco and on my initial kind of first impression the seats are very very good so i was really worried that on the raptor they’d be too aggressively bolstered but they feel very very nice you can get them in both a uh well there’s a few different seat materials and i’ve kind of felt my hands

Over a few of them my favorite is actually the green marine grade vinyl and check this out you can also get it with vinyl floors which is exactly what you want on an off-road vehicle you can just wash it out love love love that ford offers that even on an expensive raptor model so i think cole and i are probably going to hop in try to get out of the sun for a sec

And we’ll show some other goodies on the inside of the bronco raptor now this model does have the lux package so we’ve got i mean pretty much every goodie and we also have some options on top of that for example these seat belts orange very cool but you have to pay for it 395 bucks and this carbon fiber trim which you see here in the steering wheel down here on

The shifter and then also kind of over here along the grab handle that’s going to run you nearly 1800 bucks so you do pay for all this fancy carbon uh but the theme on the inside of course orange as is now the official color of rafter so we see orange on the vents orange across the dash lots of orange on the steering wheel so we’ve got this little centering mark

In orange stitching in orange and then even the goat mode select down here orange basically things that move are important to the user experience have been painted orange so like look the vents move they’re orange the steering wheel it’s got orange accents even down here these little nets they move they’re useful orange accenting so that was kind of the thought

There now would i pay the 400 for the orange seat belts probably not would i pay the 1700 bucks for the uh carbon probably not because uh the rest of the interior is really very good and you don’t really need the carbon or the orange so let’s talk about some of the big changes take a look at the center mounted screen there cole now the standard bronco has a setup

Where you’ve got a analog tack and then this square that’s digital but on the bronco raptor it’s gone all digital and this shows you all sorts of pertinent information and it’s also very configurable so you can uh see and check out all sorts of different uh settings and and system system settings and it’ll even change the orientation of the gauges depending on

How you want it to be seen it’s a little overwhelming at first eventually though you uh you do it enough times and you kind of get used to it there’s the performance view which kind of centers the tachometer there but check this out so when we go into the different goat modes if you want to check out the center cluster there cole you’ll see them actually change so

We got slippery mode tow haul which is new for the raptor sport normal off-road baja raptor specific and then rock crawl and i like how they actually have an actual raptor bronco in the center screen not just a standard bronco which is a very nice touch um so some other great things about this cluster if you kind of pan down to the steering wheel coal you can

Check out these buttons this button is actually how you change the exhaust will also change depending on the goat modes but you push in there and you can see the four different settings for the exhaust you’ve got quiet you’ve got normal you’ve got sport and then you’ve got baja they give you a warning for off-road use only which i think is pretty cool we also

Have different damper selections normal sport and then even steering selections and there’s an r button on the steering wheel that’s like an m button on a bmw but what that does is it uh basically allows you to configure and do a shortcut to your exact preferences which is very very nice big sync screen in the center fairly standard to other broncos works great

It’s got wireless phone connectivity it’s got big navigation screen easy to use and above that the hero switch is baby so we’ve got our stay bar disconnect bronco raptor also has front and rear lockers as well as the turn assist functionality as we look up top this one does have the optional sound deadening on the headliner removable panels and then over here the

Aux which is very very cool i think that one of the first vehicles actually introduced that was the very first generation raptor in like 2009 2010 kind of a fun thing there big center console here raptor logo there on the middle raptor stitching on the uh or raptor emboss i should say on the back of the seats we got our window controls down here in the middle

An american flag on this carbon fiber and leather wrap shifter and then the ford performance there on the little grille plate which i do think looks very very nice now one thing missing in this model we do have heated seats and heated steering wheel this one is not equipped with ventilated seats and then uh kind of an interesting thing i think they changed this

I think our long-term broncos different i think we have a little screen in our 2021 where you actually see the temperature on this new one it’s actually displayed up there just kind of a small little tidbit now let’s go ahead and kind of check out the trunk and we’ll see what that has to offer as well so not a huge number of changes compared to a standard ford

Bronco 4-door this is the the bags to kind of keep your roof panels nice and secure the seats do fold down and then once again that durable durable material continues throughout which i just love see what’s underneath the floor there got our tire changing jack smallest jack for the biggest tires i’ve ever seen and then down there a little bit of extra storage now

Is the bronco raptor worth 80 thousand dollars well it’s the ultimate bronco i mean this is the pinnacle right for a long time the sasquatch was the ultimate but now raptors above the sasquatch is there going to be something above the raptor they won’t tell me they’ll they they won’t tell journalists but uh they’re they’re i don’t know i honestly don’t know but

Currently this is the top dog it’s got the fox suspension it’s got the beefed up controller it’s got the beefed up frame this thing was designed for desert running for cruising down like an absolute missile now let me know what you think in the comments section below i don’t know if i’d pay 80 i would probably go for a slightly less option when you’re still going

To get the full experience at its starting price of 70 000 with destination it’s 68 change and then like 1500 destination but overall you got to love that this exists i mean it’s just so off the wall i’m so excited they did it be sure to stay tuned we’ve got 0-60 testing we’ve got off-road testing coming up very very shortly and we’ll see you on the next video

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The New Ford Bronco Raptor Is The Most Insane SUV Ever! But Is it Worth $80K!? By The Fast Lane Car