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The New Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Drive Modes and Features | Electric Crossover

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Hyundai Canada has followed Tesla’s lead and priced its latest electric vehicle one dollar below the $45,000 barrier required to qualify for government subsidies and rebates.

Your ioniq has selectable drive modes to allow you to change the vehicle driving characteristics to suit your needs the drive mode button on the steering wheel allows you to change modes simply press the button and the modes will change there are three drive modes that are designed for everyday use eco mode is designed to improve efficiency when this mode is

Selected the eco indicator on the instrument cluster will illuminate and the color of the cluster will change eco mode may reduce accelerator response under moderate acceleration and also affect air conditioner performance this is normal and they are part of the steps taken to improve efficiency select normal mode for everyday driving in this mode all areas of

Vehicle performance will function regularly sport mode improves driving performance but may decrease energy efficiency when this mode is selected the sport indicator on the instrument cluster will illuminate and the color of the cluster will change finally there is a fourth drive mode snow that can be used to help with safe driving on snowy roads this mode is

Selected by pressing and holding the drive mode button when this mode is selected the snow indicator on the instrument cluster will illuminate note that if you turn the vehicle off when in sport or snow mode the vehicle will revert to normal mode the next time you start it there are two more settings you can select for your drive modes select setup then vehicle

Then drive mode you can set the braking to have a sporty or normal feel while in eco and normal drive modes you can also set the climate control to remain in eco mode even when in normal or sport drive mode the electric vehicle or ev menu screen on your ioniq provides information and feature access to help you get the most out of your vehicle to access the ev menu

Select ev on the touch screen information shown on the screen includes current battery level nearest charging station an estimated vehicle range based on current climate control settings the ev menu screen also provides access to more detailed information and functions for your ev press the vehicle image to show the energy information screen next departure shows

The next scheduled departure time select this to change the next scheduled departure time if a departure time is scheduled then selecting scheduled charging and climate allows you to modify these features and turn them on or off the rotary shift lever on your ioniq is intuitive and easy to use it uses a rotary shift dial to shift between drive reverse and neutral

And a push button to engage park to put the vehicle in either drive or reverse the brake pedal must be depressed then rotate the shift dial fully up to engage drive or fully down to engage reverse you will feel a click on the dial as you rotate it and the gear indicator will appear on the display to engage park first come to a complete stop then press the park

Button on the end of the lever when shifting between drive and reverse such as when parallel parking be certain to come to a complete stop before changing gears to shift into neutral rotate the shifter up or down halfway to just before the click the neutral indicator will appear on the display no matter what gear you have engaged the vehicle will automatically

Engage park if the vehicle is turned off the driver’s door is opened while the vehicle is on and is not in motion or the driver’s door is opened when the vehicle is in neutral and the vehicle is off if you need the vehicle to stay in neutral when you turn the vehicle off follow these steps to press the brake turn off auto hold release the electronic parking

Brake place the vehicle in neutral release the brake then press and hold the ok button for more than one second a message confirming your selection will appear on the display you can now turn off the vehicle remember that the vehicle will be able to roll freely while in neutral if it is not secure hyundai’s available touch screen navigation system is extremely

Easy to use it uses a touch screen for the display and in-depth tasks with buttons above the climate control screen to quickly access certain features going from left to right you will first find the power and volume knob pressing this will turn on or off the radio or media being played pressing and holding it will turn off the radio or media being played and

Turn the screen off as well simply press it again to turn these features back on the volume knob will allow you to adjust the system volume except for navigation sounds you can also control the system volume with the steering wheel volume control switch the map button lets you show your current location on the navigation map with the press of a button when in

Guidance mode on the navigation screen pressing the map button will repeat the most recent voice guidance proceed to the highlighted route then the route guidance will start pressing the navigation button will bring up the navigation route screen on the touch screen pressing and holding the navigation button will display the places screen where you can search for

And choose a destination press media to play connected media press and hold it to bring up the radio media selection window on the touchscreen pressing the custom button will bring up a frequently used function that you can define to define this function press and hold the custom button to bring up the custom button settings screen select the desired function

For the custom button now when you press the custom button the selected function will be accessed the custom button on the steering wheel serves the same purpose it can be programmed to bring up the same function or a different function the search tuned lever serves multiple purposes when listening to am or fm radio pressing up or down will move to the next station

With reception pressing and holding will tune the frequency manually until you release the button when listening to satellite radio the lever can be used to move to numerically higher or lower stations when listening to media sources use it to skip to the next track or start a track over or go to a previous track when listening to media sources other than bluetooth

Or usb pressing and holding will fast forward or rewind you can also use the switch on the steering wheel to control these the center console on your ioniq has multiple storage and convenience features vehicles equipped with the sliding console feature can move the console rearward this can be handy if the driver needs to enter the vehicle from the passenger side

Because another vehicle has parked too close to the driver’s door to slide the console press the handle and then move the console to the desired position until it clicks into place storage areas are located inside the armrest as well as underneath the armrest four usb ports are located in the console two are provided in front for front passengers while two more are

Located in the rear the available qi wireless smartphone charging pad is also located in the console area the charger door and port on your ioniq have several unique features and settings to help make charging easier you can open the charger door in one of three ways when the vehicle is unlocked touch and push the indicator area you can also press the charger door

Open close button on the remote or you can use voice recognition to open the door from inside the vehicle open charging port door opening the charging port door closing the door manually can be done by pressing the close button inside the charger port area the charger door will automatically close when the charging connector is disconnected the charger door has

Been opened but no charging activity has taken place for a period of time or the gear selector is placed in drive reverse or neutral if the charger door will not open due to 12 volt battery discharge you can open it manually open the liftgate then remove the emergency release cable cover on the right side of the cargo area pull the emergency release cable gently

To release the charger door the charger port area itself has charging status lamps as the battery state of charge increases the lamps will illuminate as follows zero to 24 percent 25 to 49 percent fifty to seventy four percent seventy five to one hundred percent if there is an issue with the connector or the charging then all four rows of lights will flash once

The charging connector is attached you can select when the connector is locked and unlocked this can be helpful at public chargers allowing other vehicles to be charged once your vehicle charging has completed to set the locking mode select setup then vehicle then eco vehicle then charging connector locking mode here you have three selections in always mode the

Charger is locked once plugged into the connector and can only be unlocked by the driver unlocking all doors in wild charging mode the charger will only be locked when charging is active if charging is set to begin at a later time due to scheduled charging the charger connector will remain unlocked until scheduled charging begins and do not lock mode the charger

Connector will not be locked even when charging the door handles on your ioniq are designed to fit flush against the door when not in use this is to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase efficiency to open the vehicle doors first unlock the vehicle by either pressing the door unlock button on the smart key or by pressing the lock unlock button on the door handle

The handles will pop out you can then pull the handle to open the door some models have an approach unlock feature when enabled this feature will cause the door handles to slide out automatically and the doors to unlock when you approach within three feet of the front driver or passenger door you can enable and disable the system in the touchscreen select setup

Then vehicle then door then activate approach unlock when enabled the door handles will slide out automatically when disabled you must press the unlock button on the smart key or the unlock button on the handle the door handle will slide out if the door is not opened within 30 seconds the doors will automatically lock and the handles will slide in the two press

Unlock feature can be customized to determine which doors unlock when using the smart key or handle unlock feature or when using the approach unlock feature so describe the real wheels arena for more video

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The New Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Drive Modes and Features | Electric Crossover By Real Wheels Arena