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The New Maserati Levante Hybrid Global Digital Premiere

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Performance Charged.

Thank you so much for joining us from around the world to be with us for this very special day in the history of maserati. as we are bringing you a new powerful idea of the future. now be prepared to be electrified as we introduce you to maserati’s first hybrid suv now, as i am sure you know, the maserati family has already expanded with the ghibli hybrid, the trofeo range

And mc20 and now the newest member, the brand new levante hybrid which really enriches and completes the levante range. now, of course, every big family always includes their good friends.. and there is one rather special friend who has recently joined and he’d like to welcome you personally to this unique maserati moment… hi everyone, it is david beckham here. sending

You a message from sunny miami. i wish i could be with you all today but i am excited to unveil the new levante hybrid. i hope you are all enjoying the show and i can’t wait to visit you again soon. take care. you know it’s gonna be a good day when david beckham is along for the ride! because maserati is here to surprise and excite us again. more than ever before!

When we launched ghibli hybrid a great journey began… a boundless journey… which will ultimately lead to the complete electrification of the whole range. and that’s the maserati approach to hybrid propulsion. now introducing it, with words alone are not enough. and as you know, the maserati signature sound is truly unique! so we have relied on the performance of a

Rare personality who mixes innovation with performance seeking the most unique combination. and he has joined the maserati world, to work on a very special collaboration… so we’re about to enjoy an art piece made by redesigning the maserati sound! wow, what an amazing performance! i mean, how spectacular does the car sound to you, now? now what we just heard was born

From the unique combination and what a result! and the good thing is that new artistic projects are coming soon between dardust and maserati… all to be enjoyed and listened to! more reveals later so now, it’s time to discover the new levante hybrid i’m thrilled to be here to talk about the new levante hybrid, the brand’s first hybrid suv. well thank you francesco, you

Are gonna accompany us on this inspiring journey. so first of all… why and how has maserati developed a new hybrid suv? expanding the offer with a hybrid solution that aims to boost performance and fun to drive. this car is faster than diesel and greener than diesel and gasoline. the maserati 48-volt belt starter generator recovers energy during braking and deceleration

And charges the battery then battery and dc/dc converter stores the electrical energy recovered well, that’s really interesting! thank you for explaining francesco! so why did you choose a hybrid technology for the new levante hybrid and not plug-in? so, you know maserati is about performance, and performance of course is about power output but it is also about weight

And weight distribution. and the bsg 48 volt together with the e-booster is a magic combination of uncompromised performance together with the best efficiency. and to be honest, plug-in really would have added lot of weight that would have jeopardize the fun to drive and the driving experience of our consumer. is this revolution going to change the unique maserati roar

We all love? i can say that the levante hybrid has the maserati’s unmistakable sound of a maserati by just tweaking the fluid dynamics of the exhausts and adopting resonators, tuned to deliver a truly maserati sound so that’s really unique! and thanks to its lighter weight and efficient hybrid powertrain it’s going to be greener of course than petrol and diesel equivalent.

But francesco what about the levante hybrid co2 emissions anyway, compared to gasoline version, here you get about 18% less co2 emissions while delivering similar performances. and compared to the diesel the hybrid has up to 3% less co2 emissions. the lighter engine together with the compact hybrid system makes levante hybrid 20kg lighter than the v6 350 hp and 115kg than

Levante diesel. levante hybrid has even better weight distribution. and all is designed to make it even more agile and fun to drive. wow francesco! that’s it sounds absolutely incredible! is a win win! and i know that innovation is part of the maserati brand strategy… innovation is at the center of both our customer and maserati strategy… so we decided to integrate

The maserati levante hybrid with the best technology and the most innovative one in terms of infotainment and connectivity the new levante hybrid is always connected, thanks to the new maserati connect program. you can interact with your car from home with your virtual personal assistant. but at the same time you can activate alexa’s skills to managing you smart home

Devices from your levante. (by the way…they’re connected with another levante hybrid from shanghai autoshow) they can use the integrated tencent dindang assistant to activate services like qqmusic let me introduce mia, our dedicated maserati intelligent assistant real time traffic information and maps that are constantly updated. so has a cool user experience like with

A tablet or smartphone wherever you are, you are always connected and you can activate the wifi hotspot of levante hybrid to use up to 8 different devices wow so cool! a lots of innovation about engineering and connectivity… i know that the new levante hybrid is always connected for example, the system alerts you when a service is due and enhances safety and security with

Assistency in emergencies… now also, thanks to the maserati connect app, you can always stay in contact with your maserati also on smartphone or smartwatch… and, speaking about coolness, let’s talk about the style of this suv! francesco… can you highlight and tell us more about the design? the aggressive line of a sport car with the elegance of a sedan together of

Course with all the capability & versatility of a suv. you have the light blue side vents, you have the light blue calipers, on the trident, on the c-pillar and on the interior you have the blue contrast stitching and levante hybrid will be introduced in a new metallic tricoat blue color called azzurro astro; this colour will be available in the brand’s customisation

Program, maserati fuoriserie. so the levante hybrid is not only a 100% hybrid, but it is also 100% levante. francesco, thank you so much for your time sharing all with us today hopefully you’ve enjoyed the premiere and that you are as much we are. thanks again. see you soon… ciao

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The New Maserati Levante Hybrid Global Digital Premiere By Maserati