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The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Manthey Racing has a long name. But the story is quite short and simple: it’s a tuned GT2 RS by Manthey Racing, and it’s the fastest road-legal car to lap the Nürburgring. Now, it’s Chris’s turn. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

It’s an improved chassis, aero and braking package for a car then you go to porsche motorsport and you have a gt3 and an rs. now, of course, your brain would say, “shut up, mate. that’s ridiculous. but manthey, the now mostly porsche owned which is an aero and suspension wheel and tyre package for the gt2 rs. i know that’s quite a narrow niche but it is sensational.

It does that very clever thing that expensive suspension does. “that’ll cause a bit of a bump,” and it just irons it out. there’s a new brake pad material to give it a bit more bite. the thing is buried into the ground, especially the back. you can add lock, trail it in. always a problem in a 911. which is quite difficult to comprehend really, isn’t it? that you just

Can’t in normal cars, even in hypercars. but that’s the fastest i’ve ever done around the circuit on scrubbed tyres. so, that’s two and a half seconds quicker than i’ve ever gone around here, but lars, the guy that developed it, he went even quicker. the other thing that needs to be noted is this car is gorgeous. i love the fact that it’s got a 911 r passenger seat

If anyone changes this car, tries to make it look optically clever, they’ve got too much dna from other people on them. well done, michelin. well done, kw. well done, porsche. well done, manthey. with lars kern, who is a porsche factory race driver in the amazing gt2 rs mr, that stands for manthey racing. also the suspension, which was made for sure, we’ll be running a

Little bit lower compared to the nürburgring. they said we can go out and do an install that lower at the rear and the sophisticated damper i think i can go faster, faster, faster you need a really stable rear going into the corner but when you go back with the steering a little bit the tyre is, for sure, it’s quite an important thing which we broke the record before on

The nürburgring. but i think the biggest difference is the suspension and the aerodynamics. i use the word sophisticated sense of ride, over… it was just me being the sensor in the car telling the guys, and the kw guys and the manthey engineers they did all the rest everybody feels comfortable in the car from the first minute because inherently you start to question

How you felt about the standard car. but at the end of the day as you mentioned you have to have this now very quickly, talk me through what this was like so it was not a not a monster lap. we just did what the car can do. you must be going into that thinking, “what if something goes wrong here?” but parts like schwedenkreuz and flugplatz these are the parts like, so

These are the parts where it’s quite, you’re like… but it’s normal so it’s the lap and it was quite dark. and in the first part of the track i was quite struggling with orientation. i’m sure you’ll go back there for another go at some point. because genuinely for so many people you’re living the dream. and i was following these lap times and i don’t know. but you

See how the car develops and if you go back to an old car yeah, i mean the technique changed a lot, tyres changed a lot. i think we need to keep this competition going.

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