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The Road to Daytona: Episode 2 – The Birth of the Lexus RC F GT3

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Lexus engineers and designers from around the world collaborate to transform the RC F into a global race car which meets GT3 international standards. Learn more at and follow us @LexusRacingUSA.

Lexus is back in racing the dna from our racing products trickles down to our street products and really generate a higher degree of awareness that lexus is a multi-dimensional brand yes great value yes great reliability yes great luxury and great performance to boot the f in lexus f is from the fuji speedway where all of our f high-performance products are

Tested we’re fortunate to have so many talented men and women guiding this development our core principles a trd evolved around continuous improvement we call it ties n it’s constantly looking for ways to improve the process no matter what we’re doing we have won championships at trd in every single series that we have competed in over our 37 year history they

Have years of experience winning in racing and they bring an expertise that we simply don’t have without them mg td class it’s a global class so these cars race all around the world so i think we all agreed that this was the right entry point because what it’s going to allow us to do is to build a good foundation on o matic i kid you not the master gt street oh

You regression estimate a commodity a cocoon a nominal a zoo a hygienist om o lexus or a single thomas in double arrow no component toka say no yo son operons serega uh no maturity sweetie no monster function aa a.g stay a toccata lie to an optimist our high performance philosophy is to take the technologies from racing and apply them to our road cars to create

An exhilarating sound precise handling and ultimately cars that are more fun to drive and an extension of the drivers own personality as the lexus rcf tt three gears up for the road to daytona make no mistake it is infused with a heritage that is at the core of the automaker success you know the the japanese culture and inspiration are reflected throughout our

Entire lexus racing program specifically being thoughtful and methodical and doing things right the first time are all part of the japanese culture that we’ve integrated into our motorsports program the lexus rc f gt500 to the car the car reacted very well it’s got a nice sweet spot to it it’s easy to drive when all those things are paramount when we’re looking

To take and move that car into the first race we also take our high-performance products of various tracks around the world including competition at tracks like nurburgring we’re lexus rc f gt500 mately it’s about engineering it’s about physics it’s about thermodynamics and that translates across literally every it lets our engineers stretch different muscles

Paraquat slow oh educate entropy esto una de eso desiree a kadai oddity muscular yessiree work to twist or two in one day 1000 i get to stay against i entered a mistake we were able to take the car to multiple racetracks around the country here in the us and even in japan to learn about how the car is run over short distances how the fuel runs work long distance

Is how the tires set up on the car itself this is the ultimate test bed testing has gone well it’s a brave step into an arena with so many formidable competitors with years and years of racetrack success now we just need to get on the racetrack and prove it we know we’re the underdog we’re not afraid to take the challenge

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The Road to Daytona: Episode 2 – The Birth of the Lexus RC F GT3 By Lexus