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The SAFEST Way To Tow | Audi A6 Allroad Detachable Tow Bar

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In this video we show you an Audi A6 Allroad which we have fitted with a detachable tow bar and dedicated electrics!

Welcome back to our youtube channel guys my name is ardyl and today’s video is all about a brand new audi a6 all road that we’ve upgraded with a detachable tow bar system but before we get on to today’s video make sure you guys at home have subscribed to our youtube channel because we’ve got a massive competition live on our channel at the moment we’re giving away

A brand new playstation 5 as well as an order supreme amp fire all the details are in the description below however let’s go in with today’s video so the customer wanted to add more functionality and have the ability to tow on the brand new audi a6 all roads so that’s exactly what we’ve achieved for our customer what we’ve added on is a witter detachable swan neck

Tow bar as well as a fully dedicated wiring loom we’re going to be running you through everything that we’ve installed on the vehicle in today’s video so what does the system actually look like so we’ve got the witter detachable sawn neck toe bar a really sleek looking design neck with a really easy to use detachable mechanism you would have seen a previous video

Which we actually talked through how to remove and maintain an actual tow bar detachable nick link for that is up here but let’s get cracking on this one with a satchel swan neck basically what you do is you put one finger here push in twist and easily remove the actual neck completely this can be stowed away inside the vehicle when you’re not towing plus you get a

Little cover that pops in to cover any dirt or road grime that can go up inside that neck housing so what we’ve got here is the dedicated wiring loom on a swivel mount this is a 13 pin connector but we also do these in seven pin as well 13 pin is the new european style but the main thing is this system is a dedicated wiring loop dedicated wiring room what does that

Actually mean it means it goes into given point for a manufacturer it means it’s safe for you guys to tow which is an imperative part of adding on a system by ourselves what it means is it goes into giving points from a manufacturer and as soon as anything gets connected into this port here what it means is your car’s nervous system and brain is an intelligent bit

Of software that we recode and actually tell it to basically adapt braking system fuel system or whole host different things and safety features inside your vehicle to actually get it safe to tow as well as the fact make it easier to tow because what it does is it affects braking system for instance which helps with anti-snaking as well as fuel system to give you

More fuel in first and say fifth gear to help you move across on motorways as well as at junctions so it’s very important that you have dedicated wiring looms installed professionally and properly as well as a really nice solution like this thank you so much for watching today’s video i hope you’ve learned a little bit more about how the system works on the audi

A6 all road it’s a brand new vehicle guys if you’re interested in having something like this installed on your vehicle whether it’s this one or something completely different drop us a message on any of our social media platforms or go onto our website we’ve got a whole tow bar section designated on the cbs automotive website you can actually fill an enquiry with

Your registration number and we’ll come back to you with a quote and get your car booked in with ourselves here in cambridge but once again thank you very much for watching please don’t forget to like share and subscribe we’ll see you all very soon you

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The SAFEST Way To Tow! | Audi A6 Allroad Detachable Tow Bar By Cambridge Car Audio