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The secret Ford 12v power supply, the Ford transit power supply you werent supposed to know about

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Derek in this video shows us the secret Ford Transit Custom Limited power supply in the back of the vannthat Ford didn’t want you to know about. He installs a power socket from eBay that just cosy £3.99.

Now have you just bought a ford transit custom or do you already own a ford transit custom and you thought to yourself when you bought it there’s no power supply in the back that’s a bit of a pain but actually there’s a secret 12 volt power supply in the back of this van that four don’t want you to know about so my name is derek robbins from tomcat gas training

And what i’m going to do is show you the secret 12 volt supply in the back of this ford transit custom mines a limited version but they’re all the same that ford don’t want you to know about so let’s get on with it now if you’ve got this little hole down the bottom here then that is where your secret 12 volt supply is basically now i’ve on to the interweb and

I’ve bought myself one of these so this is just a 12 volt power supply and for the back of here you know the old suit what the old cigarette lighter went into and i’ve put a couple of crimps on the end to be able to plug it in to ford socket so what i’ve got to do now is go down here and fish out this orange plug which i believe is here so we’ll see if we

Can find it then so here’s a secret socket here so what i’ve got to try and do now is get my fingers in and find and oh this i can feel something here oh my fingers just not longer hey so this is the little 12 volt socket which we want so all i’ve got to do now is plug this in here see if it works and we should get power then in the back of this van because

We’re going on holiday tomorrow and i need to put one a travel fridge in the back of it to keep the food cold now then should be disconnecting the battery for this but i believe you don’t need to although the guys i’ve seen do this haven’t turned the power off i’ve just made sure my keys are not in the ignition but i need to find out which one is the live and

Which is a neutral so let’s try that then because i’ve got my multimeter here now i’ve got my multimeter set on voltage dc so 20 volts because obviously it’s a 12 volt supply i’m quite lucky that we’ve got an earth connection here just where just on the main body of the van i guess it’s for the lights and stuff so what i can do is i can pick a connector so

I’ll pick this one first and go on to the earth and that is that’s that’s alive so if i go on to the other one and then go on to the earth there should be nothing which there isn’t and if i go between these two we should have 12 volts which we have so this one is the live this one is the neutral so let’s get our little connector what i’ll do is i’ll connect the

Line first so we don’t get any sparks flying and then clip in this neutral so that’s the socket and i’ve got this little um charger thing which when i plug it in should light up if we’ve got power oh yes we have power so now then all i’ve got to do is shove that into there and uh we’ve got a supply let’s move that out the way so before i feed the wires in i’m

Just going to wrap a bit of insulation tape around it to protect it we can now just feed the wires in the wires in the hole don’t know why the neutral so much longer i could have cut it down i suppose but i didn’t now on here let’s take that out on here there is i think what matches up with that so if we slide it in and then we twist it that should be locked

In and let’s try the power again it’s all lit up so uh jobs are good so that’s how you add this secret 12 volt supply to this ford transit custom limited so i hope you’ve enjoyed this video so if you have why don’t you give me that thumbs up or leave a constructive comment down below if you’ve not subscribed to my channel and please subscribe because it helps

And don’t forget to hit that notification bell because you want youtube to tell you when we’re uploading videos i think you all know by now it’s mondays and wednesdays anyway all i got left to say is thanks for listening thanks for watching and i’ll catch you on the next one guys cheers you

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The secret Ford 12v power supply, the Ford transit power supply you weren’t supposed to know about By Tomkat Gas Training