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The Toyota bZ4X Has A Problem Charging In The Cold

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This won’t impress customers in chillier climates.

The toyota bz4x has a problem and the problem is charging in the cold believe it or not now customers are not going to be too happy about this but back in november toyota unveiled the bz-4x now the company first fully electric vehicles since the california only rav4 ev was discontinued back in 2014 if you can remember that toyota makes some awesome reliable vehicles

I’m definitely a fan of toyota and all their vehicles i think they’re just fantastic but of course there’s always snafus to work out in the road to success beautiful styling apparently a price point makes this awesome and this is um going to be what they call a real smart purchase evs is the way to go and eva tax credit of course we all know is definitely drying

Up but this electric newcomer is facing some challenges the bc4x doesn’t like cold weather now toyota admits that the dc charging times increase in temperatures below 50 degrees fahrenheit i remember back in the past there was always a problem with evs in the winter especially during the winter testing but they’re working out this snafu and i’m sure toyota’s

Going to come to some kind of um solution for this but again this is quite bizarre below 32 degrees not working properly it’s interesting but how are they going to be able to overcome this now the ability to top his battery up to 80 percent in around an hour is something fantastic and some fantastic news now for many charging is already one of the downsides

Of owning an ev the dc charging should at least bring it bring in some convenience conditional use of course depends what weather depends if it’s icy cold what climate you live in if you live in cold climates such as wisconsin or some place like that i mean when it’s in the winters are here of course now it’s summertime so you’re not going to have those issues

But i’m sure there has to be an attack plan now kia has the ev6 which is competent and matches the toyota on the range as far as the epa data 232 miles 217 miles when plugged into a fast charger the bc4x front-wheel drive of course 252 range but how does the kia does when it’s cold i haven’t heard any issues with the with the kia so that’s going to be against

Toyota but there are some great positive attributes to the bz4x the technology and everything that about this is infected it’s a japanese brand and they’re going to be more than capable to address the issues of having these you know the the cold problem and there’s a bunch of snap foods going on they’re working this out and i’m sure the toyota bz4 acts problem

Of charging in a cold it’s going to be worked out so keep your head up folks there’s always something but the positives and the negatives hopefully this will help you make your decision upon choosing which ev to get the kia or the toyota perhaps you want to work wait until they work out their snap fuse before you make your decision some people are waiting two

Or three years before making the decision to buy an ev which is a smart thing to do unless you’re going to buy a tesla somebody already rooted in the eevee automotive spectrum that is you guys say automotive reviews thanks for watching remember like share and subscribe and have a fantastic day

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