THE TYPE-R KILLER? 2022 Hyundai Elantra N Gets VR Tuned

In July 2021, the Elantra N was announced as the performance model of the Elantra within the Hyundai N sub-brand. The vehicle produced roughly 276hp powered by an 8-speed automatic DCT and has a curb weight of just 3,296 lbs – allowing the Elantra N to accelerate from 0-60 in just 5 seconds. All this from a mom’s car, impressive right? But here at Vivid Racing, we always like to push our cars past their limits – so we decided to install our VR Tuning Box and see exactly how much power we can get out of the 2.0-liter turbo I4 engine. The results, to say the least, were very impressive.

Today here at vivid racing we’ve got something special something new and totally different than we typically do it is not a supercar it is not electric and it doesn’t drift on top of that it has got less horsepower than your mom’s minivan we’ve got the 2022 hyundai elantra n this features the 2-liter turbo with the dct transmission and a ton of cool features

It’s got some pretty awesome body features from the factory uh you can see it does have factory side skirts with the end trim overall i think it’s pretty cool definitely something different from the ktm market what do you think yori i really like it it’s a front wheel drive and it has like upgraded brakes and 19 inch wheels look great dang those are 19s that is

Pretty awesome more than anything i’m excited to see what it can do performance wise i’ve seen quite a bit online about this car in stock trim i know the dct is supposed to be pretty good on top of that i’m excited for some of the factory features these do have kind of a factory verbal pops and bangs when put into the end mode so that’s going to be pretty cool to

Check out along with just the entire n integration within the factory infotainment menu and all the sport settings that you can apply personally i’m not really into kdm vehicles but this is pretty looking promising what i really want to drive it and i really want to see how it drives on the road but why is it here it is here for a vr tune application we’re going to

Be applying our vr tuned v2 tuning box with the bluetooth features so yeah we’re looking to uh to increase some pretty good performance and and definitely improve horsepower and torque wow i’m super excited enough talking let’s see how this thing drives stop i don’t think they running at my pace lime rocks in there that is gangster they’re all east coast tracks

What is this again and grind shift so long story short what it does it gives you 20 seconds of increased performance once you apply it you’ll get a countdown and for that 20 seconds it has increased performance so it’s like mario kart essentially and this in button yeah that’s your other so you have your two factory presets that you can set you can do one is like

Your daily driving comfort mode and then the other one is like your full sport mode or whatever you want to preset all of those features too yeah here we are we’re about to do the stock 0 to 60s yeah so the first step to testing 0 to 60 is setting up launch control first we are going to put the car into full sport mode with traction control off this uh owner of

The vehicle already has this preset already set up in his end mode um this is the n1 mode which is going to be the left button on the steering wheel at the end okay so you’re going to tap it once and then you’re going to hold it now until the traction control comes off awesome now it’s off we are going to go into our end mode on the center dash screen and then

We are going to slide over and select launch control and turn it to and now you’re good to put it in drive all right and then use your left foot on the brake and then hold the gas down and you’re good to go ready three two one go did you get that yeah all right 6.6 what did you think once it actually activated though well it was pretty nice though and it sounded

Really cool but i didn’t get the actual like hole that i will get like on other cars you know what i’m saying yeah definitely as a passenger it had a pretty good like launch sensation the noise was definitely cool um when it did activate launch control kind of a two step um but in terms of the launch itself it spun first gear a little bit um and it felt good as a

Passenger it always feels a little bit better than as a driver um but i think there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement and in addition to uh to everything with this testing we do have three people in the car we’ve got our camera guy danny in the back so it is pretty weighted down for a two liter four cylinder car but at all in all it is pretty impressive

Um in the car i think feels pretty good all right yo it does it feels good too yeah it got even better so that was basically six seconds so yuri out of a handful of runs that we did our top zero to 60 in this car was uh basically 6.08 seconds uh so yeah super close to six seconds flat i think factory this car is rated just a little over five seconds

Zero to sixty in like absolute perfect condition um keep in mind in this car um we were driving it and putting quite a bit of driving time in before we did these tests this is a turbo car so we definitely were suffering from heat soak that’s going to be the main denominator on this result the second biggest denominator on this is going to be our launch rpm um we

Opted to test at the max launch rpm of 60 earth i’m sorry 3 500 rpm and with that uh as shown in our videos we did get quite a bit of wheel spin in first gear um which is a loss of traction so i think if we kind of played with that and dialed it in we could definitely get into the high to low i’m sorry high to mid five second range so from here we are going to get

The elantra and pulled in on our mustang dyno um we’re going to start out by running some stock baselines to see what this thing can do and where it comes in from there we are going to get into uh the physical install of our tuning box and then once that’s all installed and ready to go we are going to run our tuned runs um to see what kind of numbers we can basically

Create with this and from there you guys will basically see what this car is capable of with some basic tuning all right we have just wrapped up our initial baseline with the elantra n um these are our stock figures no tuning box applied vehicle is coming in at roughly 267 wheel horsepower and 285 foot-pounds of torque this is pretty good um i’m definitely pleased

To see this this obviously is a dct model um when comparing this to the civic type r which is obviously another very very popular front wheel drive turbo application it’s relatively close uh torque numbers are almost identical however this guy’s down roughly 15 wheel horsepower 15 to 20 wheel horsepower from what we’ve seen across the board on our civic type rs

That we have tested however those civic type r’s are manual transmissions so we are obviously gonna experience less drivetrain loss on those um with that being said i’m pretty pleased to see these results for the elantra n and i’m definitely excited to see what we can do with our vr2 and v2 tuning box starting out we are going to remove the engine cover it does

Not require any tools you simply pull and pop it up out of its rubber grommets so we are going to be targeting two sensors on the engine itself the first one is going to be the map sensor manifold absolute pressure sensor this guy’s really easy to access it’s right here on top it’s got a simple harness that you’re going to go ahead and press down on and then pull

Out to remove from there we are going to move on to our boost pressure sensor this one’s a little bit more difficult to get to but really not too bad this is going to be located just underneath your top radiator hose alongside of the air box it’s actually an identical sensor and harness to the map sensor so same exact process you’re going to go ahead and push down

On the tab and pull out and again this guy’s located straight down onto the charge pipe before the throttle body with the tuning box removed from its package um first we’re gonna start out with going over the harness however i do wanna just go over some physical features of the actual tuning box itself this guy is fully water resistant um it’s actually a really

Robust unit so we get a lot of questions about like will it have water damage uh does it put up to engine bay temperatures things like that the answer is yes it is obviously developed to be mounted in the engine bay however um you know using some common sense it is typically suggested to get this you know in the best location that’s going to keep it away from heat

And of course direct water with that being said in terms of actually using this unit this is a bluetooth unit so we really won’t be using the two buttons on the screen itself or the screen because we’re going to be changing all of our settings through our bluetooth app however if you want to save a little bit of money actually 50 bucks to be exact you can opt

Out of the bluetooth option and just get the standard unit that will allow you to change between the seven modes uh with the two buttons on the actual screen itself moving away from that we are gonna get into physically installing our harness itself here you can see with the harness we’ve got two main leads we’ve got an a that’s gonna go to our manifold absolute

Pressure sensor and we’ve got a b that’s gonna go to our boost pressure sensor from here essentially you just want to kind of get this thing laid out in the direction that you’re going to route it again this is going to depend on where you’re going to put the tuning box there are a lot of options on this model we’re going to get this guy over here on the driver’s

Side corner actually by the factory ecu and fuse box there’s a lot of good spots back in here um to get it mounted fairly low and out of the way and it’ll also keep it away from the heat so starting out we are going to get the female end that is going to be plugging into the tuning box first we are going to remove the jumper plug the jumper plug here basically

Just routes all of this back to stock completely original settings it bypasses the tuning box so in the event you want to troubleshoot uh you know any issues with the car or check engine lights or something like that and just ensure that it is not the tuning box creating that you can plug this jumper in and it’ll literally plumb the entire thing back to stock so

We’re gonna go ahead and route this guy underneath the intake the main tube itself that goes uh to the turbo we’re gonna run it back and come along over here to where the ecu is and we’re just going to let this rest loose we’re not going to tie anything up yet we’ll do that at the end once we know exactly how we’re going to route all the wiring from there we are

Going to move on to our manifold absolute pressure sensor simply push down and pull out you can see we’ve got the male end here so we’re going to take the male end of the t on the uh vr tune harness right here and simply plug it in as you would the factory and then from there we are going to plug in the male end of the connector factory connector into our connector

Here now we are going to move down to the turbo boost pressure sensor it’s going to be tough to see in the video however you can just simply reach your hand down there and then feel for the release itself again this guy is going to plug in just like the other one did all right now that we’ve got both sensors completely plugged into our vr tune v2 tuning box harness

It is now time to uh tie up the wires um our packaging does include a handful of zip ties and in terms of routing these again we really like to follow uh factory harnesses and things like that that are going towards the direction that you are going to mount the box this is going to keep it super clean it’s also going to keep the wires from getting tangled up in

Any moving components and it looks good that wraps up our quick install of the vr tune v2 tuning box got it mounted at an awesome spot it looks great and it’s going to stay safe in that corner now it is time to test our tuned runs and see what this thing can do our tuned runs are complete with our vr tune v2 tuning box we did test at the highest setting this is

Setting seven and the vehicle is on 91 octane keep in mind it is roughly 95 degrees here in our dyno room we are in phoenix arizona so it is pretty toasty however our results are fantastic we have uh initially picked up roughly 58 wheel horsepower and 55 foot pounds of torque this thing is now coming in at 321 wheel horsepower and 340 foot-pounds of torque this

Is obviously a substantial improvement i can tell you right now just feeling power come in on the dyno and boost come in it is significantly more noticeable and sensationable than the stock settings so it’s definitely going to provide a lot more fun whether you’re out on the streets just driving to work and having a good time or if you’re out on the track for the

Weekends all right now that we’ve got the data and we’ve seen what this thing can do it is time to get the elantra n unstrapped from our dyno and out on the street so we can do some more testing with iori now we’re back in the elantra end and the vr tune is fully installed can you go over the app please so within the bluetooth app we actually have three

Different preset features a race sport and eco within that you can actually go to fine tuning and you can set which each one of those modes is um on race we have it set to full tilt that’s number seven which is the highest setting from there we have kind of something in the middle sport which is number five and then eco which is number three in addition to those

As well we have a warm-up timer that we can set the warm-up timer is gonna kind of work like an old-school uh turbo timer and in this feature itself you can once the ignition is keyed on the box will not become active until whatever time you set it to so most people set it to about three minutes or two and a half minutes or whatever to get the car up to running

Temperature before the peak boost is increased wow so eco mode do you does that affect fuel efficiency it can yeah so you can turn it down which will basically reduce throttle input um which can help with uh with fuel economy of course um obviously most people are not using this for that but yeah it is there um and then another cool thing that you can do with the

App that you can’t do without is you can simply turn the tuning box directly on and off um oh wow so right now it’s completely deactivated um the vehicle is running 100 stock software um and stock performance and then with the touch of a button you are back to the race setting number seven all right we are ready to test the zero to sixty with the vr2 and tuning

Box installed um we are gonna do the same exact process in the same exact spot that we tested it originally um e ori is driving once again and so we are going to uh get our foot on the brake swat our gas down quickly um and let it launch from the same rpm that we previously tested from three two one oh double shift yeah i did i do that in the m3 all the time on

Accident ah god damn it it was going good it was going good well this is fun at least oh okay okay wow wow it definitely makes more power sweet let’s see we already picked up half a second so what do you think so far i think that it definitely makes a lot more torque with the tuning box applied you can obviously tell that from the tracks that the car’s

Laying down we are playing with launch control a lot more to try to counter the torque and how much wheel spin it’s producing but yeah it obviously looks like it’s a lot more fun to drive all right we have wrapped up our 0-60 testing with the tuning box applied uh we are right off the bat producing roughly half a second 0-60 a little bit over half a second um

It definitely feels a lot better the issue with testing 0-60 on this car um is definitely getting it to make traction um it’s a front wheel drive car it is making 340 foot pounds of torque now um so we’ve got a lot of wheel spin um we spent quite a bit of time playing with the different uh launch rpm ranges obviously it does considerably better lowering that from

What we initially tested stock um however all in all we are experiencing about a half a second zero to sixty um i think the real test which we’re not going to do based on our limited space would be 60 to 100s i think that’s really where you’d see a much larger gain with the tuning box applied um however i will say and i think iori would agree just driving around

And coming into boost the car is much more aggressive yes so yeah i mean as a passenger i can definitely tell um when we do initially launch and it puts your seat or your head back in the seat considerably more um and overall it definitely feels a lot more oh yeah absolutely like i’ve driven like all the jdm like sports cars like the homeless cars and i kind

Of felt like it was so close to fk8 uh type r yeah so i was pretty surprised about that yeah and i definitely agree with you um the fk type r is my favorite ff front wheel drive platform um that i’ve driven in my year since i’ve been at vivid racing i really enjoy it and this car i feel a lot of similarities to obviously manual transmission in the type r dct in

This version of the elantra n um that creates some differences um but in the way that these cars make power and then if you even look at their dyno graphs as we overlaid them and we might be able to kind of show you guys a preview of that overlay they are very similar um so yeah i mean i think this is a fantastic car um especially for the uh the budget and we’re

Definitely excited to do more with it oh yeah it’s gonna make a great daily with a little bit of pizzazz yes absolutely pizzazz with the salt bae all right guys that wraps up our testing and fun with the all new elantra n the car produced some pretty awesome results that we’re definitely excited about if you’d like to learn more check it out on for

Any questions you can always contact us at tuning thank you guys so much for watching this video don’t forget to like comment and subscribe see you in the next one

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THE TYPE-R KILLER?! 2022 Hyundai Elantra N Gets VR Tuned! By Vivid Racing