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The Ukrainian counteroffensive started 44 settlements liberated in Kherson so far,

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Hello my friends and welcome back thank you very much for being with me again today i’m very curious if this news are accurate as they claim to be and they are related to the counter-offensive it seems like the ukrainians started uh their uh the ukrainians started their offensive in carson and they report a lot of success here remember today right today is the

14th of july 2022 and remember their advances because we want to hear about the other news proud maybe in a week how they are pushed back or maybe this is going to be the time when ukraine pushes the russian army to the bering straits by alaska all right so this article i have two articles actually with the same topic which is uh kirsten oblast authorities name

Number of liberated settlements this article comes from the new voice of ukraine from july 15th over there this is still july 14th here the other article that i have here uh is uh the same the new voice of ukraine carson oblast okay let’s see let’s see what’s going on here so i’m quoting most of carson oblast is under temporary occupation so far 44 settlements

Have been liberated all right so he said according to butri the settlements suffer great because they are under constant fire from the russian army and i’m quoting they are sustaining a lot of destruction infrastructure and residential buildings are being ruined this is how russian world wants to destroy our state he summed up let me see the same thing here huh

The other article is the same and says the ukraine the ukraine military has already declared 44 settlements in carson or blast of the russian troops reported the acting head of carson oblas military administration dimitro butri that’s the one that i mentioned at a briefing on july 14th most of carson is under temporary occupation okay so they are sustaining a lot

Of destruction and ukrainian defense minister alexi reznikov status stated on july 10 that president zelenski ordered the military to deoccupy coastal areas in the south of the country on the same day the ukrainian armed forces destroyed six russian ammunition depots in a temporary occupied territories as well as one military unit so uh they uh say that they did

A great job with the russians let’s see here the first rocket attack result in the destruction of about 150 russian soldiers including a general and five officer officers that’s the one i made a video yesterday so they say 44 44 settlements right they um liberated that’s not uh a small number um yeah 44 settlements in carson oblast it’s not a small number um

If true but nevertheless we’ll find out if they keep going like this as i said they will go to vladivostok i i don’t have any more on this one because uh i’m i i don’t know i’m waiting this is what they report i have no um uh i have no other information to dispute this or to confirm it deny it nevertheless we find out i will keep you posted on this definitely

Because i don’t know what’s going on over there they can claim that they got moscow already and uh we don’t know it yet all right i have some more news tonight so this is one of them thank you very much for being with me again today stay strong stay smart look for the truth and be just

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The Ukrainian counteroffensive started! 44 settlements liberated in Kherson so far, By Emil Cosman