The Volvo C40 Recharge Is The Safe Way To Go Electric

Volvo isn’t new to electric vehicles. Its second full EV is the C40 Recharge that’s similar to the XC40 Recharge, it just has more of a coupe silhouette. The interior is rich in recycled materials. It travels over 226 miles on a charge. And it listens to you, the user interface interface runs Android Automotive. And true to Volvo’s safety reputation, it does a lot to protect passengers. Tom Voelk checks out the C40 Recharge in Palm Springs, California. You can do the same at your local Volvo retailer.

There are a lot of automakers that come to mind when you think about electric cars this swedish brand might not be one of them i’m out of specialist tom volk for the seattle international auto show and this is volvo’s second all-electric vehicle the c40 recharge compared to the xc40 the c40 gets a sloped roofline nearly everything from the windshield pillar back

Is redesigned in addition to its stellar safety reputation volvo is aiming to be all electric by 2030 and that’s just the start of its environmental pledge the interior is leather free the fabrics are made from recycled pet bottles so that evian bottle you tossed last year might be in here but let’s talk powertrain like the xc40 recharge with its traditional suv

Roofline the c40 rides on the compact modular architecture the dual motor system is the only version sold in the us making a total of 402 horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque to move 4 800 pounds the lithium-ion battery is rated at 78 kilowatt hours this charges at a top rate of 150 kilowatts the c40 is one of those cars that doesn’t have an on off switch your

Butt turns it on there is no multi-speed transmission higher regeneration drag is a menu selected choice the steering effort can be firmed up here too by their very nature electric vehicles feel faster than they are because of the great low end torque and this has a lot of power so man it moves off the line it really pushes you into the back of the seat this

Is not a sedate volvo volvo says these rocket booster ports are functional aerodynamics one pedal driving is definitely a thing in the c40 recharge lift your foot off the throttle and it’ll slow not dramatically but enough so that you don’t really have to hit the brake pedal in city driving i drove the c40 hard on hilly roads outside of palm springs california

In 85 degree weather and beat the epa estimated range by 25 miles my old volvo xc70 was like driving my grandma’s sofa it was just soft and floaty this this is pretty good obviously the low center of gravity comes from the heavy batteries in the floor but the suspension is tuned just about right for this vehicle it’s fun to drive these roads are really twisty

In addition to the eco green materials volvo throws in a splash of trendy blue these feel as solid as the chassis door pockets are enormous and the felted material keeps rattles down there are some clever storage spots here too the orthopedic seats continue volvo’s tradition of being extremely comfortable and supportive this trim on its own looks great i’ll go

To volvo’s footage to show you it’s an abstract topographical map of sweden’s abisco national park and at night the ambient backlighting is especially cool there are belts for three and back it’s optimized for two full-sized adults they’ll like the ambiance and those clever swedes have taken a simple load floor and made it a divider so your lutefisk doesn’t roll

Around as much on the way home seats up there’s a little more than 14 cubic feet drop them and it’s around 45 cubic feet so you can haul a good amount of ikea furniture home priced at around 60 000 before any federal or state tax credits it’s easy to buy the cvs since all you do is choose the color c40 recharge only comes fully loaded any way you look at it the

C40 recharge is worth getting amped up over check it out at your local volvo dealer for the seattle international auto show i’m tom volk

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The Volvo C40 Recharge Is The Safe Way To Go Electric By Seattle International Auto Show