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Okay not on the lately sophie hey what’s up guys metaphor here and today’s video is on the buffed whitley now this gun is actually insane and i’m pretty sure it’s the best ar in the game right now if there is a better ar i don’t know what it is because even my twitter timeline has been saying that the whitley is goaded and i actually tried it for the first time

Tonight uh and honestly i’m i’m not gonna lie man this gun is actually crazy it has a really fast reload it does insane damage the only possible issue i can see with the gun is above velocity isn’t the greatest um so shooting people out of the air isn’t the best other than that though like if you’re shooting people with this gun and your shots are good like you’re

Gonna win a gunfight against any other gun in the game that’s just how the gun feels in my hands anyway and it’s the setup that i’m running on the weapon now in these gameplays today we got two of you two of them i’m not gonna lie some tragic stuff happened i don’t want to be judged all right i don’t want to be judged i’m just going to leave it at that and uh yeah

This is the cx-9 setup that i’m still running from yesterday’s video if you guys do enjoy the video please drop a like and comment like i said before guys check out the patch notes a bunch of guns got changed let me know in the comments down below what kinds you want to see me run in the future and hopefully have a good day peace no way i missed those shots dude

I’m so washed up okay bro should be dead i’m killing you i’m killing you no i’m killing this guy he’s mine i don’t care how embarrassing this is that i just saw those shots i’m killing him should i go easier next time gas is right on your tail hmm i see this guy blasting i’m not gonna lie guys i need to be in like an art class the way that i’m painting right

Now bro you just stole my kill you freaking jerk bro let’s wait lee reloads so quickly it’s actually one of the best things about it so a pretty little recoil really high damage and a very quick reload and i’m dead i kind of feel like my bolts were actually going through that guy i don’t know what to really say about that like i was definitely missing at the

Start but then my boat started like going through him maybe i’m just coping someone’s gonna say i’m cheating let’s go dude oh there’s so many people in fields bro i mean i knew he was in there but i didn’t think he’d be looking here foreign you bro i love my monitor that is that is actually so crazy that i saw that guy i’ll just be honest i feel like that’s on

The kill that i would get too often but it was a monitored if i won’t lie what the heck are you doing bro dude i’m getting shadowed oh no i’m getting my boy shadowed no on the inbound i’m getting my boys shadowed not like this man the whaley just does so much damage bro like above everything else about this gun it just does so much damage just raw damage okay

I want to go to this thing there’s a money sign on my mini map and now i know i went to one before and there was money on the ground but the money sign wasn’t there is there a way i can get more money out of it when the money signs here wait man i don’t understand how that works i’ve got to be honest i really don’t i don’t even know if me hitting it did anything

Who knows who knows all right one’s in the blue house and one’s above it flights oh it’s the lead guy again what’s up dude fancy scene here all right there’s two people up here now there should be one up wow bro come back i got a present for you let’s check out some ar ammo dude this could be clutch hold on oh brother that guy was strafing too bro that guy

Was a little sweaty collect this free kill i said i’m gonna collect this freak it’s fine alistar can just cut it out like it never happened and we’re good wait i can buy a loadout because they changed it so now the price gets lower as time goes on should i go easier next time what if he grabbed that rocket launcher that i had ah there’s no way oh that guy’s

Still up there same thing in the door for me see the problem here is this camera angle he could look at me and i wouldn’t really be able to tell oh there he is i’m dead i knew it ggs you think i don’t hear you but i do foreign hello foreign bullets are not hitting him what the hell dude the game did not one’s not gonna die i’ve already played like a few

Games tonight and i’ve had the games where i just start frying with the whaley but then i just die so i like don’t want to use it but then i keep playing the games where i’m like not frying with the whitley or the ones i go deeper in but like i’d rather upload a video where i’m you know going a bit further in the match ggs kind of sad this thing is a beast

Though and my aim is really bad right now considering i’m like pretty rusty since i’ve been playing so much league gg’s eric cartman foreign bro i don’t think there’s another like main ar i know it’s an lmg but like what other kind of got me that killed there other than a sniper of course all right that guy’s flying there’s a bunch of people here oh there he

Is no he’s one of my car well i think i killed him before he threw it so it didn’t actually blow it up oh another person in front of me dude there’s a game i’ve had like three people appear right in front of me pretty lucky did you just go back inside foreign i think i just got snipe from uh this crane though foreign oh my god no i got that down not on the

Way at least op all right this guy is going wide i actually don’t see this guy oh there he is ooh are you sniping bro huh oh it’s a player i thought that was like one of the airstrike jets i don’t know why but i kind of felt like i was gonna lose that oh there’s one more foreign if i don’t die i’m easily getting like 35 kills this game this is such a healthy lobby no dude

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the WHITLEY got buffed into the BEST AR in SEASON 5 WARZONE (CLASS SETUP / LOADOUT) By Metaphor