THE X3 M. THE X4 M. All you need to know.

Take a closer look at the new BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition.

The thrill still hasn’t reached its peak the aesthetics are being pumped up even further there’s a new rush to be experienced in driving bmw’s midsize sports activity vehicle and sports activity coupe with the new bmw x3m and the bmw x4m both also available as competition variants as the bmw x3 and bmw x4 receive a timely impulse in design and a boost of

Leading-edge technology in 2021 their high performance incarnations are returning stronger as well both in visual sportiness and even more going on under the bonnet headlights standard as adaptive leds or tinted in the shadow line or optionally with laser light gaze piercingly over the highway fresh air is taken in through a front valance showing more body

Color and sharper edges and through a revised double bar m kidney grille the side view is marked either by the strong bmw x3m sav line or the elegant bmw x4m coupee roofline both of which stretch across the new forged 892m 21 inch m competition wheel styling both shapes come in bright new m colors like sao paulo yellow or the newly available bmw individual

Paint works including frozen colors like frozen marina bay blue and the brakes even the calipers come optionally in black red or blue more individual traits setting their brothers apart on the rear sculptural pincer shaped tail lights new vertical reflectors and a clear diffuser design enhance the x3m’s typical width stance road presence meanwhile sharp 3d

L-shaped tail lights pronounced shoulders and a new eye-catching high-gloss black inlay and bowl diffuser let the x4m appear fast poised ready to pounce let’s get to the heart of it the known s58 engine has been fine-tuned with new components from the m3 and m4 such as a new lightweight crankshaft while the 8-speed m-steptronic transmission with drive logic has

Been revised for even better low rev response and increased torque meaning 480 horsepower can propel with 620 newton meters and the 510 horsepower of the competition model with 650 newton meters so from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour three tenths faster in 3.8 seconds meanwhile the m x drive with m active differential and the m precision struts add up to

Maximum dynamics and agility in a tried and tested setup as the refined setup for the m specific adaptive suspension also improves driving comfort and the soundtrack for this symphony of cylinders is also amplified in the vehicle’s interior command over this performance is taken in a cockpit where a newly laid out center console and center stack bring the latest

In drivercentricity features to the x3m and x4m new interior trim options with dark aluminum rhombical as standard all the optional carbon fiber trim and new finishings up the sporty elegance and a larger 12.3 inches central information display and an instrument cluster with m specific elements to the bmw operating system 7 let you focus on the high-performance

Task at hand with the newest generation of bmw driver assistant systems and the latest iteration of the m setup as well as the m view in the instrument cluster and the new m specific head up display not enough you can always take it further with bmw m performance parts for example by putting carbon fiber parts all over with the m performance kidney grille the

M exterior mirror caps the m performance air breathers the m carbon rear diffuser or the front air intakes or what about carbon on the fuel filler cap and on the roof antenna the ultimate aerodynamic conclusion of the rear the m performance rear fins for the bmw x4m do come in high gloss black but carbon fiber is also getting in over the m performance door sill

Plates where there is carbon fiber also for you to handle on the m performance steering wheel oh and there is one other part without carbon fiber the 20 inch light alloy double spoke 764m orbit gray wheel the bmw x3m and bmw x4m stronger than ever you

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THE X3 M. THE X4 M. All you need to know. By BMW M