These Are the Top 5 COOLEST Trucks Youll See at the Texas State Fair

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Kind of books nathan here hey recently i had a chance to go to the texas state fair with andre and we have our top five trucks from that fair in this video but first a word from our sponsor it took a while to get a while to get here we started out around 1959. but we didn’t do all that just to get here we did it to give you truck that’ll take you anywhere this

Is the new nissan howdy folks nathan here with andre behind the camera at the 2022 texas state fair and in today’s video we’re going to be talking about our top five vehicles at the fair these are unique vehicles that are actually featured here and say hi andre hey dude so let’s start off with number five and that brings us over to ford i’m sorry let me say

That in texas that brings sylvan forward i’m pretty good right i know i’m getting better well i wanted to introduce the ford f-250 6.7 liter power stroke tremor but there’s more now this is a unique truck one of the reasons why is because ford has done a lot of updates but i don’t think it shows as much as in this truck as it does in this truck over here you see

This is ford’s dually now this is an f-450 so this is the big boy on the block but andre show him what we got going on here because this is not a normal cab and what i mean by normal is look at that standard cab it’s a shorty it is a shorty this i think is one of the higher capacity duallys out there in terms of its configuration because there’s so little weight

By comparison right basically everything you need nothing you don’t for proper towing but there’s a lot of stuff that they’ve recently done that you could probably see on the trimmer and you can see here that has a lot of people from general motors specifically chevy in general gmc going and that would be stuff like this yeah the bed step right there but it’s a

Really good idea so why not copy it right but there’s more good ideas that they’ve uh borrowed and that would be here right step in the in the bumper well that’s important because you cannot open the tailgate when you’re towing sometimes right so that’s good so this actually allows you to get in this allows to get into the side both of them make a lot of sense i’m

Really glad that they did that but once again i think a lot of people from other automakers will be going like well that’s not original yeah but so what it works right so there’s kind of the two sides to it i wanted to show one more thing on the trimmer that i love look at these wheels they might be some of the coolest wheels i’ve seen ford come up with on a heavy

Duty truck they’re fantastic new design and of course 35s so this is a freshly updated truck for 23. right you can really tell if you look at the front end too come over here check out this design it’s a little bit polarizing because some people out there say it looks good and some people say you know i’d be a lot happier with it if it wasn’t all chrome because i

Like off-roading but i don’t like chrome and off-roading right so i would rather have something that’s a little bit more steel and less chrome but it’s not bad looking that’s for sure no and i think they have different options so this is number five on our list correct it is number five on our list where do we go from here hmm that’s a good question number four

On our list is this now this is a 433 horsepower v8 that puts out 467 pound-feet of torque why is that special because it’s more than what you would normally get out of a tahoe this is a very special one because this is the tahoe rst performance edition so what elevates it there’s quite a bit first of all much larger brembo brakes front and rear red bright red

To see that you spent extra money but it also means that it’s enhanced the stopping distance of this vehicle now essentially what you’re looking at here is a combination of a few things this essentially has the pursuit performance package that’s built for tahoes for police departments so they handle better and they break better and that is essentially what is in

Here so you do have a suspension upgrade you do have a tire upgrade you do have a brake upgrade all of these things on top of the fact that it has this powerful engine means that you have one of the fastest tahos ever made not to mention the fact that it looks pretty cool too in this setup am i right andre yeah i love it and it looks like it has that sporty rsd

Interior as well yeah that’s right there are a couple upgrades to the rsd remember this is rsd performance edition so that is the top grade from there now according to general motors 0-60 times 5.78 seconds i mean that’s really fast right and it’s not the supercharger no it’s not a supercharged it’s not the black wing v8 it’s not a turbocharged anything this is

A naturally aspirated powertrain so there are a couple things including the pedals over here which are upgraded their actual performance pedals just not little pieces of aluminum that go over to kind of make it look cooler so that is another thing all in all though this whole package is built specifically for performance to give you that upgrade this will be in my

Book the second best handling second fastest version of a general motors large suv i’m sure you can already guess what the top one is what is it the cadillac obviously okay let’s move on to the next one number three on our list is actually a special version in my book of the toyota sequoia and that’s because this is the trd sport now the trd sport kind of sits

In between a few things i liked value and one of the things that this vehicle does is it actually takes it up from the base model gives you a little bit of off-roading capability plus a couple other goodies and this amazing green in one package far less expensive than oh i don’t know a capstone or some of the other ones that are out there so let’s have a look at

This truck we’re going to have a look actually in the inside as well so by the way here’s some background noise that has to do with the fact that they are practicing for some games with the texas state fair toyota is not quiet about that the interior may look very familiar to you and that is because it is very similar to the one that’s in the tundra but it is still

Unique in its own way and of course it has looked back there third row seat oh yeah it’s pretty huge and it’s also all hybrid all the time twin turbo v6 no matter what yeah that’s right no matter which model you get it’s going to have the hybrid powertrain which is a very brave and bold statement but i think that’s because that’s the direction toyota is going to

Go they kind of lead the world when it comes to hybridization in terms of almost every vehicle they build now so very interesting to see it on this truck which is one of the reasons why i chose it and also honestly speaking i actually like this truck more than the tundra don’t tell anybody yeah and it’s also they just announced production has begun officially and

They’re being delivered to dealers and they’re built right here in texas that’s right they’re built basically on the same line a very similar line to the tundra so they’re literally brother and sister sitting there next to each other as they’re being built beautiful so what’s number two on our list oh stay tuned and find out foreign number two on our list is the

Chevy silverado zr2 bison now i know what you’re thinking well wait a minute didn’t you guys have a z or two yes you’re right but we did not have a bison and there are a few notable differences actually even in the design if you look at the front end it’s noticeably different and it has of course the aev bumper sliders rear bumper and then you go up to a higher

Level when it comes to armor underneath now more importantly for those of you who are into video games i like to think of this vehicle is proper bison so i think of andre when i look at this really yeah i really do yeah m bison okay never mind street fighter uh so anyway let’s go over here and have a look towards the back because there are a couple things that i

Did notice i’m a little disturbed about now notice that rear bumper that is really built for off-roading but you know what it’s not built for what feet oh no no feet right there i don’t i’m sure it’s because of their structural issues behind it and for off-roading and it’s got those really big eye hooks right there which look like they could hold something very

Very heavy and solid or maybe they can lift it up on the helicopter and put it up there on the on the building how’d you all get that chevy on that roof was there a twister around here it’s pretty good texan right i know i know i’m getting better okay so that is i think a bit of a negative but the rest of the truck is just remarkable and i am definitely looking

Forward to taking this off-road so now that we’ve covered this let’s move on to the next one which is number andre number one number one and number one on our list is of course the hey andre andre what what no we’re doing that one that’s the rebel we do it later it’s a heavy duty one okay it’s on a different video this is number one and this is the ram trx but

It’s in sandblast which some people love like me and then other people call it hearing aid beige and that would be tommy that’s what he does he says that because he’s an angry young man but i really do like this the fact is is that a lot of automakers are now adopting colors like this kind of a pastel palette on top of that so it’s kind of a military feel to it

But you have that in a package that puts out well over 700 horsepower thank god the rest of this truck is pretty much the same in fact there have been no major uh developments with this new 2023 model i mean seriously all you have is the color and i think that’s more than adequate for now right so we thank you guys for joining us over at the texas state fair there

Are a ton of videos that we have produced that are coming to you or already have arrived so go to all to check those out of course you can go to as well but i just let’s can you just take in the truck and feel the power you know what this looks to me like military right that’s exactly what i’m saying desert right military vehicle big supercharged

V8 i want to mount a 50 caliber or a howitzer in the back of this thing then i gotta kind of look like i’m someone else in another country but that doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter the whole point here is that this truck does look badass and i think this color actually takes it up a notch i am curious to see what other colors they come up with bear in mind that ram

Actually has the most uh unveilings and reveals at the texas state fair there is a ton of vehicles that they uncovered and once again you could see those on our truck channel yeah well thank you for joining us for this top five i hope you enjoyed it if you’re near dallas of course come out here and check it out for yourself texas state fair is pretty amazing guys we’ll see you next time

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These Are the Top 5 COOLEST Trucks You'll See at the Texas State Fair! By TFLnow