Things To Check When Buying A Car – 2020-2023 Hyundai Palisade SE, SEL, XRT, LIMITED, CALLIGRAPHY 4K

Things to look for when buying your new car from the dealer.

Hello youtube welcome back to the channel today i will be discussing a few things to check for driving off from the dealer with your brand new hyundai palisade or any car for that matter but this is my experience with this car all right so uh you know the most obvious thing will be vx stereo that’s the most obvious thing make sure the paints the rams and everything

Is in good conditions there are no crazy scratches or any broken windows or anything like that um i did i did that in the dealer however i’m like three weeks in with uh the 23 palisade here and of course i found little things here and there that um i kind of have to go back to the dealer and get it checked out one of the things it’s not a big thing but it’s worth

Taking it to the dealer and it’s this little piece right here it’s kind of like along the wheel it’s not as solid as this area here if you can tell there’s a little bit of wiggling going on here so i went to the to my local dealer like on this side it’s fine it’s not moving so much but here you can hear there’s some some play to it so they will get that checked

Up in uh like three or four days and i’ll give you an update to see what they what they say about it another another part will be this kind of sealer i guess between the hood and the front bumper it’s like a rubber sealer that kind of goes along i just make sure that it’s nice and tight and tight then um like this corner especially sometimes it would get stuck

Or it would come out more than it should but i think it looks fine now but check that out too as well kind of the same deal here uh this rubber piece between this aluminum piece right here and then the metal uh there’s like a rubber sealer that goes along let’s make sure that one’s nice and cut some of these cuts are a little bit let’s say not precise and it’s

Not a huge deal like i said but i mean your pain tons of money for this car so you want to make sure they’re nice and perfect so moving inside the car there’s one issue that i’m having and i’m getting that checked out as well in a couple of days the same date as the other uh fender in the front and is the driver’s seat uh so the calligraphy uh trim has the the

Option to get a massage the ergo seating i don’t know what they call it um so you know whenever like the side bolsterers should like pump up and kind of hug you in a way so my issue with this car right now is that this side is working fine whenever i did try to fill up the seats it’s kind of like adjust it pretty much the left side or my right side when i’m

Sitting does not inflate does not uh does not match to this side so and i think actually this whole side is not working so this side works this side works fine but just the right side is not working uh as it should so i’m getting that checked out uh the guy took a quick look when i went and talked to him and they did notice it as well so if you have this kind of

Seats that you know pump worth have some kind of adjustments to it go ahead and mess with all the settings uh and make sure they work pretty good i’m gonna see if i can get that on camera i’m gonna call it the hugging the hugging feature because they both should be pumping but here we go so i’m not sure if you can tell on the video but this side is much more

Inflated then than this side over here see it’s kind of skinny one it’s really pumped up so check that out too whenever you get your cart out of the lot i know the inside again this car has a lot of electronic features well at least this trim so this has the heated steering wheel ventilated heating seats on um firstly we’re ventilating of course heating seats on

All three make sure all those things work um ac touch screen for the calligraphy 23 version this uh this is the before you control the let me go ahead and turn it on really quick this is where you control the ac for the front area it is a touch screen so want to make sure that that’s working properly as well uh touch screen of course and i’ll do it more in-depth

Review of the carplay here go ahead and turn it off also under the car make sure there are no crazy leaks or any piece pieces are broken or anything like that um this is under the car make sure the exhaust the whole piping is good make sure the cover’s not too wobbly this is okay we’ll make sure it’s not too wobbly all right so those are the things that i will

Definitely check and things that i want to share from my experience of owning the palisade for the first three weeks or so uh them for you to kind of check that out before driving off the lot and if you’re having the same issues leave it in the comments below and if you have something else that can help the community as far as like checking before or things you’re

Having issues with um put them down below so we can see and we can learn from each other but anyways i’ll be making more videos of this car because i think there’s a lot to unpack here and i did get some some all-weather season uh mats as well from smartline got the wireless car play that i get to do the the review and share with you in a few accessories that i

Have uh put in the car so far and also um let’s see what else yeah i mean yeah it’s got quite a few ideas for this car so stay tuned subscribe hit the like button and we’ll stay in touch alright see ya

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Things To Check When Buying A Car – 2020-2023 Hyundai Palisade SE, SEL, XRT, LIMITED, CALLIGRAPHY 4K By Caleb