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Third Week Out Weekly Recap 3/23-3/29 | Sprinter Van Expediting

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In this video I do a weekly recap for 3/23-3/29.

All right youtube this is great simulator here and this is going to be the weekly recap for my third week out for the week of march 23rd through march 30th um this is again the third week out of my weekly recap um i ended up having one two three four i am having six runs that week um i ended up starting the week off uh in dadville kentucky uh that was 379

Loaded miles i had a deadhead 50 miles for that 420 miles 429 miles total again went from danville kentucky up to detroit michigan uh that low paid me 180 dollars uh well the the line haul was three hundred dollars and 180 dollars was my uh my cut of that um and then the next run after that uh which was the next day um i had to deadhead 58 miles for it it was

118 miles loaded for a total of 176 miles that went from tiffin ohio down to burn indiana bernie however you want to say it uh that low line heart was 200 is my cut was 120 follow that up by um this was a two-stop this is my first uh multi-stop load here this one originally the first low was in columbus um i had to go pick up that little low uh from there i

Had to go over to london which was about like maybe like 20 minutes west uh i picked both of those lows up ended up going to battle creek michigan uh that was 144 miles head 230 miles 239 miles loaded for a grand total of 373 miles the line hall for that was 260 dollars my cut was 156 dollars and uh though i requested a few events for that particular load so it

Was actually only 106 dollars uh then after that i had deadhead up to dowagiac michigan now that one i never been in that part of michigan before and um i i had my adventure up there you know i traveled some dirt roads uh i i remember i was going from i believe i was at a truck stop i believe i was at a truck stop somewhere and i wanted to go to go to corral

So uh the route that it took me the gps as i said in one of the other videos it gave me a rule and i took it now the rule took me down this dirt road like there was literally a sign that said gravel has ended it’ll be right on dirt road per se so i was like on that dirt road for like probably two three miles but that one i picked up there and i took it to

Crothersville indiana that was 312 miles all together uh that paid out 275 dollars then my cut was 165. uh the load after that i had to uh they had to head to hebron hebron kentucky uh took that down to normal illinois that was 364 miles all together uh they paid me out 260 dollars and then of course my cut was 156 and then the last run of that week uh was from

Mark illinois over to muncie indiana that was 348 miles all together i paid me out 300 and of course my cut was 180. uh the total uh miles altogether was two thousand and twelve miles with 463 of that being deadhead uh total fuel i estimated to be about 340 dollars give or take because i’m not really 100 on that uh because there’s so many different variables

That go into that uh sometimes i don’t write it down to the pity but i estimated it to be about 340 dollars uh the total line home for that week was only 1 595 definitely my lower week uh the lowest week i’ve had since i’ve been out um of course sixty percent of that is nine hundred fifty seven dollars and then i automatically have to take off the 50 for the

Fuel which was 907 dollars and then of course i have fees i have fees of like about 80 something dollars or so so this would definitely be the lower of the checks that i’ve had um since i’ve been on with bolt again uh last week’s um video or the second week out recap that actually ended up paying me more than i expected because i didn’t get a bonus for my line

Haul so that ended up paid me over a thousand dollars so i can’t complain there um this week i’m in now which i would give you a weekly recap in a few days it’s gonna be even more and that will probably be the most i’ve made since i’ve been out uh but that is pretty much a quick recap uh let’s see i’ve been in kentucky i’ve been to illinois been in indiana uh

Been in michigan been in ohio uh and in indiana so that i mean i pretty much stayed in the core that particular week uh but as you know from the last video i ended up going to laredo texas which is where i’m at now uh but i got here tuesday got here tuesday afternoon which was about a day early uh the low wasn’t due until i think wednesday at six in the morning

Or 16 or six in the evening and i ended up getting i end up getting to all right sorry about that folks but anyway um yeah that low was supposed to be due at like six in the evening on wednesday and getting there at like uh three in the afternoon on tuesday so i had them getting there like a whole day early and dropped the load off uh i had planned on going

Home this weekend uh but unfortunately i did not get a loadout wednesday did not get a loadout thursday uh finally that night my dispatch call says that uh there were no lows going out thursday but there were four going out friday so i had the first pick at two michigan runs one iowa one kentucky so of course i chose one of the michigan runs because it would

Get me the most in the quarter so uh i would be going to southfield michigan from laredo and said that will be a weekly recap for a later video uh so my weekend is pretty much going to be spent going all the way up to michigan i probably will stop in toledo ohio which is probably where i will sit for the weekend hoping i get there by about sunday or so i’m

Hoping because it does it’s not due to monday so i do have a lot of time to get there but on another note i got me an apartment i got me a new apartment for those of you that know what’s going on um pretty much i had to you know go find my own little spot uh i was kind of nervous i was kind of going back and forth with the whole thing of doing it not doing it

Not going forward with it you know i’ve had some people bring up some really good you know opinions you know on why i shouldn’t do it and it that weighed in a lot and i had to go back and forth with that because as i said in another video i had goals that i wanted to achieve and i felt they were going to be achieved much faster if i didn’t get this apartment

You know after all you know i am on the road for about three to four weeks at a time only to be home for about four or five days so i ended up going with it and the reason being is that yeah i do realize that you know i’m gonna be on the road for most of that time like i said three four weeks at a time only to be home for about four to five days but i got

To thinking you know when the holidays come up you know christmas comes up you’re gonna be off for up to 10 days you know thanksgiving come up you might be off for four or five days um you know when these holidays come up and you get that extra time off you know what are you supposed to do you know are you going to be paying for a hotel for 10 12 days at 50 60

A piece or if you have your own place you could just you know go and stay in your own place so i decided to do that except it was a hard decision and part of me now still is kind of like wishing i would have did it wouldn’t went forward with it but i don’t already took the first leap forward and i paid the security deposit which i can’t get that back so uh my

Foot is already in the door so i’m going to make the best of it uh but i look at it this way my rent is going to be almost 1200 a month so that right there it’s already gonna be motivation for me to stay out here on the road and actually push push push and work my ass off because you know i need this job to make that apartment work so um so that’s what i’m doing

Uh my move-in date was supposed to be april 5th however that won’t happen uh because i am still in texas and i had to push that back to the following week so i’m hoping that uh when i take my whole time uh this thursday on the 8th i could actually go up there you know pay my first month’s rent get my keys and see what all i got to buy for my apartment now it’s

Going to be just me so anything i have to buy it’s pretty much going to be brand new because i don’t have nobody to help deliver anything so it’s gonna take me a while to get everything up to speed you know get it furnished if it’s not already um then i’m just gonna go from there but that is my weekly recap my third week out um i was like south supposed to have

Went home this week but that didn’t happen so i’m actually gonna be out a week longer than i wanted to so um the weekly recap for the fourth week will be coming up probably in a day or two because i only did like two lobes so um if you haven’t already folks please hit that like you know please hit that subscribe button and um until next time you know take care

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Third Week Out Weekly Recap 3/23-3/29 | Sprinter Van Expediting By The Great Simulator