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Jesus what the hell so what’s going on gas gang yes we are back with another sick video and today is in the form of this crazy 680 brake horsepower audi s8 guys this one’s going to be real interesting so stay tuned and let’s get it kurt welcome to the channel thanks for having me no problem bro today we have something a little bit different yeah proper

Boss bro proper boss car mafia car right yeah i was saying like when it pulled up it looked like a mob boss could literally hop out the back and you wouldn’t be surprised it’s that kind of car and it’s got a lot of presence um it’s a audi s8 yep which is the kind of the range topping and it’s got a lot of well we think it’s got quite a lot of similarities with

The um rs6 yeah very similar engine literally a little bit less power do you want to run us through the engine and the setup and what it is stocking yeah it’s a 40 v8 twin turbo um very similar to the rs6 just intakes on both sides instead of one side okay literally that that’s the only difference that i know really a little bit less power output master power

It’s 520 brake stock okay but stage one that takes it to 680. proper unleashing a big stage one so it’s probably restricted from factory so everyone didn’t buy one of these instead of the rs6 right well they do the s8 plus and that i think that’s 612 stock okay so straight away it’s just like yes little map wow so it’s a bit of a cheat code this one here

Um so pretty much the same running gear as an rs6 we think yeah uh slightly less power probably detuned yeah um at 680 now how is it pulling what does it feel like crazy yeah yeah it says really fast fastest car i’ve been in personally really yeah well you’re saying you’re beating gtrs yeah yeah i’ve pulled on a gtr yeah but no i’m not sure if it was mapped

Like mate just to say you pulled on a gtr you know what is like predominantly kind of the limo version of like you know i mean you know it’s the prestige of the prestige like that um so what a sick car and um to complement the map have you done any other work to it um nothing really you don’t really need anything you can go intakes and down pipes for more power

But also i’ve got is a straight pipe oh straight yeah yeah unleashes the v8 definitely yeah yeah that’s the main thing i think it’s probably worth touching on price of this obviously you haven’t done a lot of mods to it but no we kind of think we might have found a bit of a cheat code definitely yeah because um this is a 2014 right yeah and um let’s let’s just

Compare it to an rs6 so an rs6 2014 high mileage high 30s maybe early 40s what does it what does this cost i paid twenty thousand for this twenty thousand pounds bro that is so much bang for the buck yeah just looking around just even from the outside it don’t look like 20 grand worth of cars and then definitely looking in the interior it does not look like

20 grand of course um so what are these new do you know their spec around 105 grand so it’s very expensive when it’s new but gosh it depreciates right definitely that is crazy but as i say guys this could be the cheat code right here get an rs6 for 20 grand like you know what i mean and it just looks like a sleeper too yeah definitely it’s going to break so

Many hearts cool so obviously not a lot of modifications but a high power figure should we touch on some of the spec of the car yeah yeah it’s a it’s quite a good spec for what it is a lot of them got the grey refining they saw blacked out got the pan roof which is pretty rare uh there’s probably a lot of stuff that i don’t know about it’s got soft closed doors

Some of them don’t have that but it’s probably a stupid amount of money for the extra from factory but yeah yeah it’s good spack yeah it looks really nice that carbon can’t be standard i’m not too sure and you haven’t had this car very long no i’ve had it around a month and a half now cool so you’re still getting to know it yeah yeah yeah then moving on to your

Exterior again it’s a bit of a sleeper yeah when first brought it to me my dad were messing around went in the rear where the control panel was and found the mtm tuning box didn’t have a clue what it was looking around found it on the internet it’s a lowering module that messes with the air system on the car and then you can slam it with a couple of tunes of a

Screwdriver that’s such a nice little fight it has a win so uh it’s it’s on air suspension then yeah from factory yeah and um that little module just drops though it’s it’s cool and um it’s on standard wheels yeah um and standard brakes yeah standard brakes yeah it still stops well yeah what what what brakes six part brakes six spots yeah stops growing do we

Know how much these weigh i think it’s around the two-ton mark around that’s similar to the rs6 probably a little tadavia yeah a lot of similarities here yeah a lot of similarities i wonder if it drives like an rsu i’ve never drove one you know what by the believe that i way be interesting to uh see how this bad boy uh drives yeah and uh yeah yeah should we uh

Get out in it yeah mom let’s do it all right guys so we are out in this audi sa and the first thing i’ve got to say is apart from the reverend which sounds sick yeah you know soft limber on there obviously restricting you a little bit but bro it’s like we’re gliding on a cloud you know what i mean it’s like it’s it’s although the exhaust sounds nice i can i

Can just about hear it it’s so quiet luxury we’re just cruising and the question i thought would be quite interesting to know is um you’re a young guy you’re only 23. yeah um most 23 year olds won’t go for an essay it’s quite uh it’s different it’s different why did you go for one instead of something else well when i was 19 i had a a5 looks like it was an

Rs5 replica okay and then i went from the the a5 which was quite a big car to a s3 okay because when speed wise it was a lot quicker and it’s just like it’s felt like a bit too much of a boy race or anything okay okay oh i preferred a bigger chord yeah i feel better yeah so that’s that’s another thing so insurance was a reason why you bought the shirt yeah i i

Love the rs6 and the rs7 who doesn’t and then obviously one to one couldn’t insure it stupid money six grand six grand put the quote in on this come back as two and a half grand oh really wow affordable if you paid him bro we’re giving people the cheap quality this is an rs6 in different clothing for much cheaper you just made that’s really interesting to know

There you go guys go buy an s8 cheese as far as uh this now we’re just in dynamic ready to go yeah yeah sport yeah yeah show me what is saying yep wow how talky isn’t it and these seats are so cushioned you’re going to sink into a minute you just got to sit back mate i wasn’t expecting it to be that quick i don’t know what i was expecting it to be a 680 brake

Horsepower but it feels like 680 it’s a big car but it just give me some more of that product it just moves it yeah it’s no drama it’s just like you just don’t it almost feels like it does squat a little bit though yeah it does squats at the bottom because i feel like we’re getting pushed into our seat like the back the back ends dipping up it’s proper quick it

Is proper quick but it’s effortless yeah again it’s got that audi it’s like almost funny enough i had an rs3 on the other day i don’t know you can’t really compare the two but you know that was about 680 break and it almost felt like it could have come out of the factory with that kind of power how effortlessly it kind of just applied to power now this is kind

Of the same but then it’s just like you know with all the sound insulation and a good you know what i mean the nice materials just so it feels like we just gliding like on a freight train straight away what that talk is oh my god this is shifting like a card it’s like half its weight like actually wait the way this is just it’s like you’re not in when you

Just pulled off there yeah it really gave you that roller coaster sensation really talking it’s mad let me see how quickly it kicks down do we know what gearbox this is um i think it’s just the eight-speed trip training so it’s probably an eight-speed zf then so it’s not even a dual clutch it kicked down quite quick there but again going back to it like i’ve

Been hearing the gear changes and feeling the gear changes rapidly yeah it’s something i have the gearbox map of the engine oh it has had to give it away yeah okay that’s interesting too yeah because they’re very very quick but again everything about this car is just smooth yeah that means like a roller coaster you must surprise so many people i know it looks

Like a new brain yeah oh this is matt guys go and go buy one of these that’s that’s crazy they all they can’t all be 20 grand is that a lucky i dropped on with this like the series history and the one here in a bowl if you find one like that you’re laughing but it’s finding one that hasn’t been ragged already but majority of them probably haven’t been right

Because oh man yeah well i mean bro this this looks nothing like the mileage of thomas yeah exactly it’s like a new car inside and out the way it pushes you but mate i’m trying cause cars lately ain’t been doing this to me mate this is just so talking do you know what kind of talk they should be running yeah i think it’s about 900 are you gonna meet this i

Feel every single one of them my face was like oh man it should have moved back it shouldn’t move like that’s struggling guys no joke this is this is this is weird whoa guys this car no joke he’s been messing me up bro he’s made me feel really weird and i was saying i think it’s because it’s an air suspension i think that’s doing it too because it’s like

When you’re taking off it’s kind of like we’re just going so fast but it’s just floating around bro it’s mad but right now i do feel like a boss i feel like jason staphon bro transporter free out here audi s8 matt see variety variety all right cool this ceremony was way up but i’m guessing it’s electric when you started should drop down bang it into drive

Yeah um how do we sport his back one more yeah yeah and we’re in sport yeah did the note change has it still got valves on these yeah yeah the note slightly changes just heard a little bit of a raw come to life but still very very pre in a prestige way yeah do you know what i mean in a very reserved manner shall we say so um look at the steer steering wheel is

That butter yeah i mean she’s smooth as hell big car i wonder how it feels but yeah it’s smooth in it even though it’s decked it’s just like you’re on a cloud of air it’s just nice all right cool so um it’s in auto so it will change for me yeah yeah so i might as well just pin it go forward let’s do it even in the driver’s seat it sets you back mate that’s

That’s dangerous that’s dangerous this car shouldn’t move like that this car is instant too wow man mate i feel like jason stefan right he’s running from some turkish boss weapon and the way it just it’s really like to drive too mate what the hell like this is the kind of car there’s a courser in front of us if if i went by and fast we’d probably suck him

Into the intake that’s what it feels like or we just blow him off the road bro this is mad this is this is really really fast but mind fast like i’m putting it down to it being on air the way it’s making me feel when it’s taking off you kind of feel it floating around a little bit but it’s not all over the place it’s not boaty but you kind of just feel it like

Adjusting or doing something that mtm they’re loading kit i think that’s amazing really yeah yeah maybe it’s doing something but you definitely feel it squat and even from the driver’s seat when i first put my foot down there the initial take off bro it’s like i’m i’m trying to hold on the st to the steering wheel to keep me from going into the back seat kind of

Thing like you know what i mean it’s uh it’s mad guys this is mad so i’m going to drop it down and drive it in manual and see see if it goes a little bit faster right first gear now first gear all right let’s get it jesus what the hell it’s so good on the anchors too mate it’s so composed to speed look at that mate i get it i get why jason statham had one of

These now bro this is like the ultimate getaway car it’s so composed at speed drop it down a cook back on it no turbo lag you feel the back end squat mate this is it’s ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous oh my god this is kind of scary when it gets this mate it’s crazy do you see how like obviously their long sweeping corners were taken sync but they’re at good

Speed they’re at the speed limit but it just it just soaks them up yeah the car doesn’t feel afraid like you know what i mean it really does it gives you so much confidence this is i said like the cobs were turning in my head then when i was going faster and i was thinking this is why he used it this is why you know i mean jason stevens shout out to you man in

A transport because bro this this this is weapon yeah it’s like a little secret in it it’s like why buy an rs6 if you can have this it’s because it’s got the rs badge i guess isn’t it exactly but this has got an rs engine yeah do you know what i mean and i like how ud badge did too the amount of hearts you must break into yeah this is worryingly quick man like

It felt quick when you were driving it was making me feel weird but like driving in like from from the driver’s seat it feels even quicker and it still left me with this weird feeling it’s almost like beat like you know when you feel seasick yeah that’s how i feel and i don’t even get seasick but he ain’t bulky it’s weird what is bad this is bad let’s see how

It goes for a little bit more tight twisties hey i can’t i can’t get over this acceleration all right it is proper short footed and these brakes oh my god and you know what a crazy thing is right it’s such a big car it’s on air throwing it through the corners it feels so it feels proper tight like you know what i mean yeah but when it’s accelerating it kind

Of it’s weird it’s a real weird feeling but it’s so short-footed and you know what at the same time what i’ve realized is we’re kind of we’re able to have a conversation bro one arm on the armrest is chilling mate this i think you’ve um i think this is the cheat code yeah definitely i think you’ve uh i think you’ve uh you’re on to something you see a lot more

On the road yeah everyone’s gonna be an auto trader and ebay no sick what a car all right guys that is a wrap all i can say is it’s mad just open my eyes i’ve just you know i mean i’ve learned along with you guys today that what an underrated weapon or maybe i’m just late to the party because maybe people know about them but for what you know what i mean if i

Saw this on the road mate i would never ever think it had the capability to move the way it’s moving like you know what i mean and and even drive the way it drives because it’s mad the ultimate getaway car is what i’m calling this car and one more time shout out to you jason straight um yeah so we’re gonna end the video here bro have you got any socials yeah

I got instagram page s8 underscore bad okay well i’ll leave links to that below and guys if you have enjoyed today please don’t forget to like share and subscribe make sure you go back and check some other content out too because i know you like that we’ll catch you on the next one you

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