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Rev up your engines now people are always asking me should i get a toyota camry should i get a toyota avalon or should i get a lexus es350 well what’s the difference between them of course the cameras cost less the avalons are in the middle and the lexus has cost the most back in 2013 when this avalon was new you could have gotten a new camry for about 21 000 you

Could get the new avalon for like 31 000 and you could get the lexus es 350 for about 36 000 these are the starting prices with the v6 engine in the united states the camry the avalon and the lexus es 350 are all made in kentucky you can get them all with the same engine under the hood a reliable toyota v6 and originally all three were front-wheel drive but of

Course you can get an all-wheel drive camry now as of 2020 you can get an all-wheel drive lexus es 350 in the case of avalon you can get all-wheel drive in 2021 a lot of these things are completely similar they’re all extremely reliable cars so what do you get spending less for a camry more for an avalon and even more for a lexus as you can see inside the avalon

This is a 2013 bear that mine luxurious interior than a 2013 camry there’s no arguing that for 2013 it’s got the different modes now truthfully all three are relatively similar cars but the avalon has a bit more room inside it’s got more space we look inside you can see it’s a lot of room in the front quite a bit in the back too and it’s got a deep trunk they

All have big deep trunks you get a bit smoother on the avalon but you get a little bit better gas mileage in the camry now when you compare the avalon to the lexus es 350 there isn’t much difference avalon six cylinder engine puts out 301 horsepower where the lexus es 350 and 2020 puts out 302 horsepower so you get one extra horsepower for about five thousand

Dollars extra price but they both get the same exact fuel economy i mean what’s the difference 301 horsepower 302 horsepower take a 2020 avalon it goes zero to 60 in six seconds and the lexus that has one more horsepower does it in 6.5 it’s a little heavier car it’s actually slower now i’ve driven and worked on both the avalons of course and the lexus es350 i do

Have to say the lexus does ride a little bit better they’re very similar vehicles but it does ride a little bit better if you don’t mind spending the extra five thousand dollars for a little more upgraded interior a little bit fancier and you just have to have that lexus name plate on it go ahead and get the lexus but if you want luxury and not spending the five

Grand the avalon’s fine of course i’m a cheapskate if i was going to buy one i only buy them used anyways i bought a camry because i go for the best price i could possibly get unless i could find another beautiful used lexus like my wife’s es 300 that i paid 3 grand for when it had 65 000 miles on it i’m not gonna run away for that but now my wife spoiled and

She says if it ever wears out i won another lexus so if you want to stay married like i have for the last 43 years i guess i’d have to get another lexus although this thing is a long way from going to the junkyard even though it’s almost 20 years old still runs and looks like a new car but you take the avalon i mean this is a nine-year-old car look at it it still

Looks excellent well the seats are still good it’s got a little wear on the leather armrest that’s what happens to all them you can have that done over but let’s start it up and listen to the engine smooth put in gear no shaking at all as we go outside runs like a top everything on it still works and you have to consider this car is now on its third owner there

Were two previous owners the only problem that exists now is there’s a noise that sounds like a wheel bearing so we’ll take it for a road test with four people in the car everybody can stick their head out of the window when we get going to highway speeds to see where the noise is coming from i think i hear it so we’ll jack the car up in the air spin the wheel i

Can hear the wheel bearing grading a little now it doesn’t have any particular play in it it’s not dangerous but if you want to replace this with the factory bearing you got to replace the whole hub assembly and the whole job is a 600 job personally i’d let it go like i say there’s no play here the tire’s not wearing oddly i’m assuming that one of the previous

Two owners probably hit a curb here at some point in time and over the years it’s worn this rear wheel bearing so you got to replace the hub if you don’t like the noise but it has no play like i said the tires aren’t wearing out i’ll plug the old scan tool in and see what kind of shape it’s in we’ll do the whole vehicle diagnosis network scan as we can see this

Avalon has 82 608 miles on it does the battery’s weak and there’s no other problem all of my 29 modules pass typical for a toyota product they very rarely have problems then i’ll look at live data now this particular one is running lean long-term fuel trim it’s adding nine percent short term it’s adding seven point eight and five so it probably needs a fuel

Injection system cleaned now this particular vehicle is driven by an older lady doesn’t drive all that fast you can do the old italian tune-up too let’s say you got to go someplace that’s 100 miles go whatever the speed limit the speed limit 75 goes 75 that’ll help clean the carbon out of the engine it’s running lean it’s adding fuel and on these they need to be

Cleaned out inside the engine if they drive 30 40 all the time they don’t get fast enough or the mass airflow sensor could use some cleaning here’s the mass airflow sensor just unscrew it take it out unplug it and clean it with some mass airflow sensor cleaner i’d actually start there because if that didn’t fix it i would have the fuel injectors pressure cleaned

I got a machine for that but a lot of times cleaning the mass air flow sensor with mass air flow sensor cleaner will make it not run lean anymore it’ll make it run totally fine and it won’t have to add the fuel so now you know the difference between camrys avalons and lexuses so you can make a wise decision get the most economical lowest priced ones get a camry

Quite a bit more luxury get an avalon and if you have to have a lexus get the lexus the 5000 difference between this avalon and the lexus here in the united states the es350s are made in kentucky this was made in kentucky the camrys are made in kentucky they’re very similar cars if you really gotta have one versus the other and you want the more expensive end

Still like i do buy amused then the prices get a lot closer and a lot lower than they do when they’re brand new and here’s some bonus questions and answers paradise says i got a toyota viz 1000 cc 2012. i poured 5 w30 liquid molle oil in it and it used half a liter of oil and 915 kilometers so that’s like 480 miles something like that what should i do should i

Switch the oil those engines often those little tiny ones will burn a little bit oil as they age now it’s a 2012 so it’s nine years old but it’s a modern type engine do not put a heavier oil in it use the same weight that it says on the oil cap and if it uses it big deal because if you put a heavier oil in it will probably burn a little bit less oil but it won’t

Lubricate the engine correctly and you can end up wearing a cams out faster better to add a little bit of oil as it burns out than to wear the engine internally because you have the wrong type of oil now back in the day if you had a big old 350 chevy or big v8 ford push rod engine and it burned oil you could put a heavier oil like a 20 40 or 2050 castrol and it

Didn’t hurt anything because they were old-fashioned push rod engines they weren’t double overhead cam or quad overhead cams with four valves per cylinder and variable valve timing but your toyota engine is stick to the same weight it was designed for don’t go heavier on that belly g says scotty what do you think of these cylinder deactivation systems i read that

They have problems well you read correctly now if you’re going to keep a cylinder deactivation car as long as possible you’re like me you want to get two three four hundred thousand miles out of it i would advise having the cylinder deactivation system deactivated so it doesn’t operate anymore because here’s the problem the cylinder deactivation system always

Deactivates the same designated cylinders when it’s working let’s take a gm 5.3 v8 it cuts four cylinders off when it has light loads but it’s always the same four cylinders and it turns out the cylinders that are deactivated no longer get enough lubrication to make them run optimally so those cylinders get more aware from lack of lubrication now people have found

Their premature failure the lifters the camp shafts bearings because of this i don’t know what kind of engineers these idiots have going out there but you think they would have tested them for millions of miles like toyota does but no they just sent them out there and then they thought i wonder what’s happening and then they took them apart and found out that they

Were wearing they found it was because of lack of lubrication so that’s bad engineering and bad testing if you ask me but if you do own one of those you want to keep it forever my advice have the cylinder deactivation system deactivated and run it normal you want power get a v8 you want gas mileage get a four cylinder don’t think you can turn a v8 into a four and

Not have problems down the line it’s a very stupid idea in the first place it’s been out in various different states for decades gm at a more mechanical one decades and it was a piece of crap now it’s more electronic but either way they got problems subaru 2011 says scotty i love your content i got a 2011 subaru forester four cylinder 166 thousand miles i want to

Drive it till the wheels fall off the water pump is original but no leaks should i change it now or wait for signs of failing well they’re pretty well made water pumps as long as it’s not leaking just keep driving i’ve seen someone with a quarter of a million they still got the original water pump and realize the original water pump is better than most of the

Aftermarket ones i’ve had people replace the original one that had 150 000 and then they put on an aftermarket one and only lasted 60 or 70 000 and then broke so if i were you i’d pretty much leave it alone if any broke don’t fix it so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell

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