This Could Be The LAST OG Dirtymax Video… *EMOTIONAL*

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Hello everyone and welcome to the family channel thank you for tuning in uh it’s i’d say it’s a beautiful day but that’d be a lie it’s really not it’s been cloudy and rainy here for the past few days uh currently though not raining thank god you guys are getting a little sneak peek here pretty dark isn’t it um but you’re getting a little sneak peek here of the sbj

So the graphics have been taken off still the blue wrap underneath but we took all the orange off the car now i will be talking about this on the main channel basically you know that the livery design was never meant to be like a super long-term thing more of like a you know just put it on there for fun and i had a couple of shows lined up like the triple f event

Out in ohio the car did look really good i ended up keeping the graphics on a lot longer than i had originally planned on and uh the whole point was that we wrapped the car blue underneath so that we could take the graphics off and it would still be blue which i really like the blue color you guys know i had my zr1 that same color 3m sky blue for a very long time

But i will say upon removing the stickers uh you know i kind of feel like maybe it’s a little boring now um great collar you know the blue is really cool i think the sbj looks great in the blue but after having it look like sort of a race car for that long now all of a sudden it kind of looks a little like i don’t know maybe a solid color is a little bit uh plain

Jane but anyway this upload is not about the lambo it’s about the og dirty max now i did reveal the truck on the on the main channel not long ago but uh we’re giving you more updates today so i have some pieces here in the back of the trx we’ve got new headlights for it if you noticed in that upload uh if you saw it i didn’t have headlights on it so i bought some

Headlights all blacked out with the black housing there looks really really nice the headlights here in the box are going to drop that off but she really is about 98 now and i can’t believe it but it does look really good so i’ll show you guys a little bit more here once i get this in the back so we did go with the silver birch because you know i figured with the

Truck being that collar underneath might as well stick with that color that way you know if we paint the outside of the truck you might see the other collar underneath and i don’t know that just that would bother me so i figured silver birch new mirrors in the back as well all nice and black because these are old and faded i think i had shane and the team here at

Pdw put these on about dang i don’t know maybe four years ago five years ago they’ve been on a long time and they’ve kind of seen better days anyway recon led tail lights with the wide body headlight bulbs still attached so the headlights should go in real easy and then we have the grille the grille was also already silver birch as well which makes it a little

Bit easier so headlights will go in the bumpers turned out amazing in this gloss black looks really really good i still have the fog lights let’s see if they work let’s make sure actually because i haven’t confirmed if they do i’m sure they do i think they do work oh yeah they’re on it’s still working led lights still working man this truck brings back a lot of

Memories the only thing that’s broken on it i know is the ship horn or not the ship horn the uh train horn we have the button here for it that was always really fun but it is there so we have the brackets we have the mounts for all that if uh you know whoever gets it next wants to install that just needs a new air compressor have our rear axle there with the ats

Cover a huge five inch exhaust with a big dump on it that’s a 10 inch tip if i remember uh yeah not subtle at all and yeah she’s ready so the rear bumper also is going to get installed the reason why it’s not installed is because it doesn’t fit the rear bumper kind of tucks around the body and because the bedside now goes out like this it doesn’t fit so i’m having

Shane modify the bumper in some way to get that to fit on but then it will be done and the only reason why the bed is a little crooked is because like the bed was tweaked from the accident so you can see the cab is level so everything is good but the bed kind of goes like that so it’s just tweaked up a little bit but we could have a like a metal shop could fix that

But she is looking really good i will say runs and drives very nice tons of power a little bit lighter now too that we took away a ton of metal with the fenders and the bedsides and all that because that’s all fiberglass uh the bed’s all fiberglass now so that’s quite a bit of weight gone but like i said she really is about 98 now and shane will have her finished

Up shortly and that’ll be done buddy yes how about it it’s been a few years it sat for like two and a half years then i finally was like all right let’s let’s get her done yeah and she’ll look good back on the road it does look sweet from that that’s that profile shot right there looks real good there she is looking wide looking nasty looking at it through the

Camera too it does man it looks cool it looks cool now i think i am going to sell it i have a buyer it’s actually ladesh’s brother wants to buy the truck which is really cool um you know i do like it and it’d be cool to keep but it should go to somebody who’s actually going to drive it and use it and i know that if i was a 19 year old kid back when i was 19 i

Would have been pumped for a truck like this really badass really cool and he will you know he’s somebody who’s going to actually drive it and enjoy it and i just won’t you know i have so many projects i have so much going on and i have my daily driver truck it’s not really practical for me so i just i feel like i wouldn’t be driving it a whole lot i would draw i

Would basically be only driving it to drive it and to like keep it going but he’ll drive it every day and that’s how it should be used it should be you know it should be used every day it shouldn’t sit in a garage or in a corner like it deserves to be driven and i know people say that like oh you know it should go to somebody’s going to use it but it’s true like it

Really should go to someone who’s actually going to use it every day that’s what it’s for you know it’s a vehicle and and not only a vehicle it’s a truck it should be a used daily um and that it should go to somebody who’s going to use it in that way so i think i will sell it although i am really really happy with how it turned out and it’s cool to see it back on

The road quick update the blazer is here and we almost have all the pieces for the axle swap we’re doing a full solid axle up front so we can finally run the 44s on her with working four-wheel drive so that’s a quick update on the blazer but that is your big update on the g she is 98 next update you see she will be done and ready for whatever is next that is your

Little dirty max update and hopefully the weather gets better actually we got some sun peeking out for the first time in like a week literally been raining since last friday uh but that again could be a lot worse uh could we could be in florida right now which you know definitely hearts out to the people that have been dealing with all that which by the way we are

Uh for the yellow car which is right uh behind the trx here for the yellow car and for the mustang um if you enter to win those cars so we always do 5k to charity and what we’re doing is because of what happened in florida uh we are adding another 5k uh to each car going to a charity some type of charity in florida if you notice we like to pick a local charity

Um so we haven’t you know we haven’t figured out which charity yet in florida uh and if you’re in florida and in one of the areas affected if you know of a good local charity we like to donate to local charities because you know there’s nothing wrong with the big organizations either but if you donate to a local charity you know that probably almost all of your

Donation is actually going to go to where it needs to go in the community again not that there’s anything wrong with the big charities either but if you know of a good local charity in florida they could use some money right now we are donating 5k from the c8 and the mach 1 as well as the normal charity as well so uh we have the queen bee project for the corvette

And pa wounded warriors for the mustang so total of 10k for each car will be going to charity so if you haven’t entered yet i’ll put the link down below um so we’re trying to at least help out a little bit uh but that’s about all i got for you so hope you all enjoyed hope you like the og and like i said hopefully we’ve got some better weather coming because we want

To go to roush creek this weekend and doing some fun stuff for the family channel so if y’all enjoyed give it a thumbs up take care have a great night

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This Could Be The LAST OG Dirtymax Video… *EMOTIONAL* By Mike and Gina