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THIS Ferrari 488 Pista has a CRAZY Boden Autohaus Exhaust

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This Ferrari 488 Pista is officially bonkers! @slipperywhenwayne has fitted a full Boden Autohaus titanium exhaust to his hardcore Ferrari as well as a tune to take it to a crazy 850hp! Frantic is one way to describe it, while I experience a drive with plenty of frankly silly sounds coming out the back.

Hi guys i’m shree hello and welcome back to the channel where today you joined me to experience this really rather noisy ferrari or 8/8 pista now this is probably the loudest pista in the world thanks to the bowden auto house exhaust system so the car belongs to slippery when wayne who has invited me today to go out and take it for a drive to enjoy the epic sound

That it makes it’s got the full bowden titanium exhaust plus sports cats and this car makes 850 horsepower it is gonna be a bit crazy it is definitely going to be a bit frantic but let’s have a quick look at the car before jumping onboard firing it up and taking it out for a drive to see what this thing is like i am fully expecting a small case of the crazies from

This so normally the pista already has 720 horsepower all of which goes to the rear wheels which in the case of this have a very lovely carbon-fiber upgrade option but you’ve got a 3.9 litre twin-turbocharged v8 back there like i said 720 horsepower normally this car thanks to the exhaust plus a tune makes over 800 850 which is an absolutely ridiculous number that

Is not far off say porsche 918 spyder territory which is well and truly a hyper car and this is well it’s not necessarily the base model of course it’s the piece there it’s the more hardcore version of the ferrari 488 which itself has now been updated to the f/8 tributo but this thing has a whole lot of arrow going on you’ve got the openings underneath the rear

Wing around the front you have this pretty famous s duct where the airflow comes through and up over the bonnet to keep it planted down you can see straight through to the tarmac down at the bottom there this particular spec is quite i think subtle into overall appearance the black paintwork but with the silver stripes that come up through the s ducts as well but

What it’s all about is the exhaust system at the back if we come around the bowden titanium system you can’t actually see it it’s all hidden away so of course it’s behind the tailpipes at the back connecting through towards the engine you always have a stunning view of ferrari engines in fact let’s just open up the engine bay very quickly so we can have a better

Look at this pull the lever just down here pop this open come around take a glance the absolute work of art that you have back here the full carbon fiber engine bay so the exhaust system buried beat down there save some weight right at the very back of the car but it’s all about the sound that it actually makes so let’s close this back down give it a proper shut

Head in to get this started up so that you can take a listen and believe me this is gonna sound so so nice right engine start/stop button right here take a listen to this it’s a life like that normally you don’t get that at all from a car like this oh wow the physical my goodness that’s like 2,000 rpm just needs the tpms recalibrated that’s not a hard thing to do

This is insane gentle blips we have to warm it up that’s 3000 rpm let’s take this out for a drive then get it warmed up and hear it in action and just wait until you get the cracks out of it it is absurd the engine has had a moment to warm up the air-conditioning has cooled down the interior and in front of me here we have my car sandwiched between the two bowden

Auto house porsches the gt2 rs on the left the gt3 rs on the right we of course are going to need the lift system to get over the dip even though this car has an incredibly low front end it does actually manage to just about lift it high enough that we can get over without scraping i think that’s always gonna be the first problem today so let’s take this very very

Carefully to get out on for the road and so nervous and i’m also nervous about the carbon fiber wheels and risking any scratching to them or anything like that but we have made it we’ve made it across that bit of a dip so there we go then this is the back down we’re in race mode on the manettino at the moment as you do okay it is so much more of it even just in

Automatic up to fourth gear almost immediately i know where this is going i know where this is going if you do that just in the normal stock piece though it would be a lot quieter okay okay i can sense this direction i can sense this direction big-time as to where this is going to go let’s then press the auto button to go manual start dropping some gears okay it

Shifts so quickly as well the bangs wow what a sound it’s really quite a high-pitched noise of course i’ve got the window down at the moment that’s insane the liftoff banks it was gas i’ve not had a piece that sounds like this oh no this is light with the window this is close the window water noise i’m just draw dropped i’m not heard a piece like this i’m

Not heard scare as well i’ve not i mean we go like 30 miles an hour and it makes this much of a racket just ask it it makes you want to change your shifting habits and drive it a little bit more like your manual just cause of the pieces that it makes the thing with this car is that the suspension and general ride of it is really smooth it’s really good it’s really

A comfortable and that’s what i found when i drove bautista spyder this is the first time i’ve broken her at least the copay was that it was just all around a really really good car easy right and quite gently if you wanted to and you can set aside the gearbox is really really smooth the suspension in the ride is very compliant but now it does this gunshot thing

But not so much when you’re just driving only give it a snap and then what is this sound oh let’s stay with the indicate silver stereo get those right such a cool noise actually the shifts out i am loving lana’s pop the window back down for a moment unfortunately a small amount of traffic just have to sit in for a second but alas something it will have to be

This car though right both panels into neutral it revs up so quickly for a turbocharged engine ferrari have made this engine drive so naturally aspirated bleep that doesn’t make much sense in style in the way that it in the way that it reds in the way that you feel when you’re driving in and they’re doing this the echo become sorry i didn’t make something jump there

So let’s get a small sense of power than second gear what what was that i mean it was 850 horsepower that’s what it was wow it’s fast wow it’s fast and the view out the back as well even a little duck tail you can just see through the rear window this thing is i mean i was expecting it to be bonkers and it is it’s it’s silly the most exciting thing right now is

There is a tunnel right in front of me although unfortunately it is going to be ruined by little bit of traffic so let’s go into the other lane oh i’m sorry to everybody who just thought the gun was fired because that is what that sounded like that sounded like full-on gunshots yeah it wasn’t me it was the car just silly just absolutely silly so now destroyed a

Pista probably in such a cool sound so we can help to assigning faster road definitely want the windows closed by the moment this is it’s really fast i mean that’s not really a surprise is it all things considered and the sounds that make stealing with immensely busy los angeles traffic this is so packed it’s always bad around here just keep shifting many

Given a spartan like i’m a bit jaw drops just add the sound and this thing is making and we were just flowing and traveling oh yeah wow traffic watch out yeah just like that okay then shifts are slow instantaneous it’s that’s actually one of the most impressive things the gearbox it’s so so so lightning fast i’ll get my head around that all alone wow wow wow

I tell you what when i drove the pista for the first time and it didn’t have this it didn’t have this level of excitement it was not a patch on its experience this is just it’s also incredibly fast this car is exceptionally quick that’s actually let me thank you the number supposes the lightweight version it has availed how much it’s really really fast and it just

Happens to do that as well i mean it’s pretty empty behind me this is out of touch down some years it’s strange how you don’t get the banks when you just drop the gears like that unlike a little child in this thing when you accelerate no hard i mean you can tell the rear lights up very quickly it gets very squirmy goes all over the place just avoiding the traffic

Jam making some noise what we do it steering as well in this car razorsharp now i’ve done pretty much all of this in race mode where you can pop the car in sport or into wet and you can pop it into automatic and you can press bumpy road mode although it’s already hitting bumpy road mode when you’re in wet you’re gonna use that when you’re in sport and it becomes

Quite civilized actually really sympathized quiet calm comfortable that’s what i found like i said with the piece of spider when i drove it for the first time was that it really could it could have been the vanilla base model listen to the gears it’ll shift up basically silently in the background voice as if nothing’s happening you’re a pretty good at driving a

Literally anything got a small kind of fizzing sound going on behind but in a good way in an absolutely like brilliant good way it’s all quiet it’s all calm it’s all gentle but with the option to open it all up and enter full fun mode should you wish to basically race configures the suspension setting it configures the traction controls inside control and all of

Ferraris technologies but also the chef’s speed so it makes those more ferocious shifts but just totally chilled out completely like as you do a little bit of sound accelerating as you should have from a ferrari or we can go water we can go race mode and it’s the lead back it’s a month mode that’s arrived back at bowden altar how sadly the fun will have to come

To an end it’s a highway patrol for the last certain stretch yes behind me nobody wants that kind of trouble fortunately where we’re going is just up here front door load not a house we will pull in and maybe have a listen to some blip so we get back there it’s a popular lift system up go oh that’s telling me i’m doing it i’m going too fast there you go system

Up back into the water carefully carefully up this i’m so nervous that front rate we all could well be in the air right now there we go we’re up all is well so let me to see if i can maneuver this around again gently it’s making my life as hard as possible super careful because behind me is my ford gt plus the gt3 rs amazing so let’s take a listen to do the

Honors we re joined by josh from bowdoin walter house he is going to give us a couple of flips so that he can hear what this sounds like from the outside let’s do it ow i wasn’t expecting those cracks the snap out of it is insane yes you’re bad indeed what a sound that thing just made i mean i should have expected that from driving it but you didn’t know from

The overrun you didn’t really get those cracks really just wrapping it up like this you do i know that’s one of my favorite words but this is this is that that’s crazy so is that a 4×4 squared convertible the like just heard coming mental anyway to give you some kind of sense of where this actually sits on the crazy scale it’s actually got pilot sport cup 2 tires

Which are normally the track focused super sticky rubber that you can of course get but in this case with 850 horsepower just on the rear axle you can kind of see and you will have seen a little bit about how frantic and lively it actually gets well needless to say i have rather enjoyed driving this thing it’s gonna come back and show you quickly a little bit more

Of the spec that it has on the interior of course to match the exterior you’ve got the light silver for the stripe and the stitching all around you’ve got a silver dashboard as well so a rev counter that’s a really really cool touch normally it’s yellow but you can opt for red or white or in this case silver for the orientate piece to the dual screens either side of

That steering wheel all of this is just brilliant the paddles mounted to the column really long carbon-fiber shift paddles easy to find always easy to press and snap into the next gears or drop some down shifts and here some cracks depending how you want to do it and of course being the pista carbon-fiber door cards stripped out carbon here as well release lever a

Little bit of space back there a little bit of luggage space as well you lose a bit by having the x duct around the front stripes to come over the top of the car just all around an awesome awesome awesome driving experience and an incredible sound which really wakes the car up and it’s what like i said the original piece that was actually kind of missing when you

Drove it it just didn’t have that epic sound that a ferrari really should have and this exhaust the titanium exhaust from bowden authorhouse a massive massive win and thoroughly thoroughly recommended that amounts of power though might not necessarily be needed i will conclude that that’s for sure in any case though i have enjoyed this a huge thanks to slippery

When wayne his link is down below do go give him a follow against this car as well as the koenigsegg ccxr trevita and i filled a few times as well but today thanks to josh here at bowden alta house thanks to slippery when wayne i have enjoyed that a lot and i hope you guys have enjoyed the video as well experiencing what i genuinely think is probably the loudest

For a takes pista out there in the world that’s it for now thanks again and i’ll see you very soon cheers you

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THIS Ferrari 488 Pista has a CRAZY Boden Autohaus Exhaust! By Shmee150