This Ford Escape Hybrid Is Saving You HOW MUCH?

This is the Ford Escape Hybrid SE at Ford of Upland

So this is the first time i’ve seen one of these this is a 2021 hybrid ford escape this is the gold metallic probably if you know what i’m talking about that headlight looks looks like it’s for another brand uh just look at this backdrop too this is perfect you got the electric plugs in here you’re not gonna be able to plug in on this one it’s a hybrid so that

Means the electric motor is saving you gas while you’re braking that’s pretty cool now let me show you how much you’re going to be saving when you’re going to be owning one of these see it’s two-toned black two-toned throughout the car and we’ll come around back the curve the curves are great in the comments if you know what these are on an suv is it a spoiler

It’s like a hatchback look so it’s true you are going to be saving 2 500 every 5 years 41 miles per gallon 44 on this in the city 37 highway so the average those two so this is a sandstone interior and it’s fitting because you have you have gold out here sandstone black accents on the outside and inside i feel like i created this and grant the thought of like

The matching while it’s unique it fits perfect it looks really really good let’s sit inside let’s check out the ergonomics and the electronics stepping inside we see the push to start is on the center console and i didn’t even notice the card turned on because it was so quiet let’s try it again and that’s a hybrid that’s pretty cool steering wheel and you

Know if you’re not the biggest person this suv is going to be perfect it’s like the explorer’s little brother i would say and you’re getting all the basic features this isn’t leather it’s a cloth fabric but it feels very durable that’s very cool normal eco sport slippery i gotta figure out whether or not that makes a huge impact maybe it like limits the rpms that

You go to um if you know that please comment how much more you’re gonna be saving on eco and that’s a good idea i’ll do a video on that soon a little tips and tricks on the dial and how much of an impact does it really make because when i put into sport see that that’s a drawback of not having to dial your if you miss it you’re gonna have to be clicking through

It that could be real funny so now it’s in sports turns red when i need to overtake someone say like my lane is ending and i need to overtake someone turning left i put into sport it gives me better confidence on the 0 to 60. is it a placebo i don’t know but i would like to figure that out and if anyone else knows that please comment let’s check out space in the

Back oh that’s very nice very nice room for your spare a bunch of room here i mean if you don’t use a spare which i don’t know why you wouldn’t you have a bunch of extra room here that looks like our battery two oh yeah i’m five eight and i guess still got around six inches above me so thank you for watching this is the ford escape front wheel drive 2021 se

Hybrid and your desert gold metallic trim that’s how much you’re gonna be saving 41 miles per gallon in an suv with tons of space and it looks like this that that’s a no-brainer if you want more videos like this please subscribe thank you for watching have a good one

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This Ford Escape Hybrid Is Saving You HOW MUCH? By Ford of Upland