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This is How Im fixing the Cheapest Camper Van In The UK (UNBELIEVABLE RUST ) (Van Life)

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It is time to repair the cheapest camper van in the UK which we purchased for £500 in the first episode. In this episode involving the MK7 Ford Transit camper van it is time to see if we can fix the £500 ford transit camper van. In this video I will explain how we’re fixing the cheapest campervan currently in the UK

Hey there guys what is going on thank you for checking out this mark 7 ford transit camper build if you haven’t seen the previous videos make sure you go and check those out we purchased the cheapest campervan that we can find on facebook marketplace and well she’s behind me in the previous video we had some lengthy discussions in the comments down below whether we

Should keep this camper van or just get rid of it because the rock was basically everywhere the issue is that i’ve formed an attachment to this vehicle i’ve even named him behind me is frankie four fingers he’s well a finger short of a hand hence the name also a snatch reference i think about this van way too much so in this video we have an awful lot of things to

Do all of the repairs aren’t going to be done in this video but we’re going to tackle most of the welding that we found so far and there is a caveat to that the welding it went further and further and further back and then i bumped my head and my head went through the floor so we have a lot more more welding to do but let’s get the frame sorted out in this video so

We’re kind of at a point that we can say we’re almost halfway through that is my aim the one thing with welding it always looks worse before you start and now we’ve started to grind it all back it looks pretty decent on the top this is some solid metal all along here so that is definitely somewhere we can plate to on the bottom is also somewhere that we can

Definitely plate to so i’m happy with this outer frame this i’m probably going to just keep and just go straight over the top of it save myself some time and cutting the back again we’re pretty solid all the way through here but we do have a few soft spots i think i’m gonna create an l-shaped piece of metal that goes up and across and then weld it along this top

Seam here and then completely do this bit as well but before we cover this i’m going to get some rust-oleum paint in there and really smash the out of it but that is how we’re looking within the first 10 minutes it ain’t that bad i don’t think i’m going to recreate this curve here by tacking this up top and just literally smashing it in here and then be able to

Get a world on the bottom that is what i’m gonna do okay so i’ve decided not to go for the l shape i think i’m gonna have too much metal up here it’s just gonna get really awkward so i’m just gonna go for a little plate i’ve got a magnet on the back tuck it in there get a seam on that covers the hole fully just get some seams here at the top after i’ve got the

Weld on and that covers that bit i’ve made the metal plate large enough as well so it goes onto the good metal so i’ve got the welder out let’s crack on so the first bit of welding has been completed a plate at the back of the frame and it’s time for a swift swig of smell tastes like hard work i’ll bring them in real closer look so it’s what i did i spot rolled

It in each corner and then i did another spot weld so i ended up just kind of spot on the whole thing and then i just ran over it with a bead you will get something called cold lapping when that happens basically the hot the hot bead here will run onto the cold metal and it will become quite brill so make sure you try and get as close to the frame as possible

So you’re kind of touching the frame and then the metal you’ve put on i’m going to get some rust-oleum paint go over the whole thing get some seam seed on it as well and that is this inner frame um kind of tucked away overall took about an hour and a half um so you can see why things can’t take ages when you’re welding so i’ve just got some cheap seam sealer

I got it off ebay i think this was it was like 10 quid um but what we’re using it for guys it doesn’t really matter okay so after a lick of paint some primer under there i’ve just added loads of seam sealer and that panel is now done i’m gonna let that cure off for the next 24 hours and we can move on to the outer frame so yeah i’m gonna cover it in rust-oleum

And after it’s completely cured and get it right over there one over there but decent job for what it is okay so that side pending i.e we’ve done the inner frame we just need to wait for the under seal to dry and then we can move on to the outer side of the frame so let’s take a look at the other side where i put my finger through um this side is gonna be the

Same absolutely um if not worse now i’ve got my finger in there this is the hole that i put my finger through um it’s all about just working out if there’s any other kind of holes in the frame if it’s going to be a factory hole likewise with that one where they’ve put so much body fit where they under seal sorry they’ve gone over the holes which means it

Rust through which is really annoying so when we’ve done all this job we’re gonna go on the bottom and just poke all the holes back through and this doesn’t happen again foreign but we can get some weld on all of this here i don’t know when you polish this when you grind this bag i don’t know why this doesn’t go like the other type of metal i don’t know if

It’s laminated we can fabricate something to go in here no problem um there’s just so much metal in there though um wouldn’t mind trying to get some of that out but all the bottom holes are completely clogged up so yeah we can we can get this sorted out this bit i’m actually quite happy with it’s pretty solid still so we’ve called it just in time okay so this

Is going to be probably one of the hardest parts to do is to kind of manipulate the gun to stop it from cold lapping because we don’t have a ground because i’ve got the ground connected to that it’s a bit of a ghetto thing doing it always pull the wire out get all the slack off snap your wire okay so looking at this this is the passenger side this was the side

I accidentally put my finger through so we’ve made two incisions down here and here and that was to be able to get this shape we do have some pin holes within this metal here which is highly annoying because that’s going to be rather difficult to weld now put some primer on it but we’ll give it a go and we do have some factory holes um over here this one is a

Factory hole um but our metal started to blow through slightly so we need to do a bit of filling up here but up top it’s um it’s a bit of a mess but we got full penetration so i’m happy with this side foreign so i did one piece of welding i’ve kind of mostly done this now this plate that put on this stem formed which i am gonna try and sort out but

All this in that car it’s and then i bumped my head and my head basically went through this so this is a bit of a job i’ll be honest with you this is the inner wheel arch and you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find this online as a replacement panel so yeah i’m gonna grind all this back this one here is so it’s just this section here i’m gonna try and play it but

It’s going to be a pretty big job i’ll be honest because it’s starting to go through isn’t it and yeah he just started to go through everywhere i’ll be honest with you guys if this was um if this was not for youtube this man would be in the bin i’ll be honest with you it gets to this point where i’m spending more time welding than anything else this van is

Kind of been helped by uh body feathering you can see that is the that’s the inner part so i can try and play that but that is the inside of the van now so yeah we do have our work cut out for us boys and girls um but we’re going to keep on because it makes for great content and if you are kind of following these are the places to kind of look for and make sure

That you check in because obviously is what happens is the wheel just forces water back here and you end up with the rock boys and girls you do but if we look back there it’s all and that’s all right we could probably just patch that up but you know a small patch is actually about an hour’s work this is going to be about three or four hours work i imagine because

We’re gonna have to make the panel up if i’m not i refuse to buy any more metal and once the metal runs out that i’ve got that is when i call it a day so we’re gonna torch this scrape it all off and see what we’re left with but we are turning into a bit of a full restoration project at this point on a vehicle that is probably the most common vehicle on the roads

So there we are but it’s all fun and games i hope you’re enjoying if you are smash that like button guys so this was by far the worst of the frame rot i have plated it i’ve then got primer two coats of rust-oleum paint and then i’ve got one coat of this hurt spongy this seam sealer which will take ages to go off um but i’ve covered all the welds with it i’m gonna

Have another coat of it and then go over it again with some paint and then some under seal so that should really harden off and uh we shouldn’t rot here again and that is the only rot on this panel i thought we were going through here we’re not moving down so i’m trying to be as open and honest with you guys as possible because you guys may or may not be tackling

Similar issues and i think it’s really important just to be completely honest with what’s going on i have no idea how i’m going to tackle this section so on the passenger side we have a hole in the sill y but pretty good from me just prodding it like that which is what the mot test of it will do so i don’t know how i could i can basically fit my whole arm down

There um i don’t know how to tackle that bit so you guys in the comments will probably let me know that then continues on to the other side of our truck now let me just say continues i mean i could basically climb through the floor into the cab so whoever did lose the key we wouldn’t be in any bother oh yes walking walking opening door mind the step as you get in

Oh i’ve fallen through the floor this is a big big hole and a big big issue i’ve cut out the most of the rot but if we kind of look down here this is some thin oh you little bastard as you can see just pressing on that it’s very thin but it was probably very thin out the factory so i think personally this needs a new step i could spend for everyone a day trying

To plate that and fabricating it would take hours i can buy both sides if one step’s gone i imagine the other step’s gone i don’t have the mental ability currently to go and check the other side because i want to just deal with one thing at a time with the amount of hours it’s going to take me to fabricate this step i’m pretty sure a cheaper option would just be

To pop a new step in but let me know down below what you guys think of that um i appreciate you cheating a little bit but we’re on a budget we you know i don’t have all the time in the world so what do you guys think about that so i was fumbling around in the back as you do i’ve not actually been back here with the doors open as well i purchased the van i couldn’t

Open the back doors which is a common issue on transits and i found some tissue which may or may not come in handy just one roll um some sun lotion travel size it’s not sun lotion anymore and i did also find some gaviscon um really upsetting the story actually um my mate died from overdose on these which is quite impressive really i don’t believe gavin’s gone

Anyway we’re not here for my poor jokes we’re here we’re here for some rust it continues so this roof is uh well it’s it’s isn’t it you know there’s no two ways about it easy hit this with some tape which i didn’t think to look under because why would you um and as you can see while the roof is just isn’t it so it’s got no structural rigidity at all so what i

Intend to do with the roof is cut out of another transit and i think it’s called brazing it’s the welding technique or dripping i can’t remember which one it is but i’m gonna do that with the roof i’ve never welded at height before so this will be interesting but i think that is probably the best thing to do again we could try and fabricate some of the roof up but

It’s going to take ages so why not just go to a transit scrap yard i’m sure there’s hundreds in the country and just cut that little section out of another transit going to be the easier thing to do in some very positive news the gearbox is basically out clutch is out this clutch you cannot tell me was replaced under a year ago i’m sorry i’m not having it look at

The state of that that has been slipping for an awfully long time i could probably snap the clutch material with one hand um yeah this clutch is pretty shagged so uh i don’t believe matey boy when he said he had a new clutch although he’s got the receipt i reckon he’s replaced either in another transit but it definitely wasn’t this one because pretty shacked

Boys pretty shacked but the gearbox came out all right however the state of the gearbox oil i um is not ideal uh we’re probably gonna have to reuse this as i forgot to pick any up drain it again and then yeah so hopefully i can get the gearbox clutch sorted out tonight so hopefully by the weekend we should be be able to drive this thing yeah we’re on bolds but

We’ll just roll it around the block see how see how she runs give it a few gear changes boys frankie four fingers is back in the game

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This is How I'm fixing the Cheapest Camper Van In The UK (UNBELIEVABLE RUST 😤) (Van Life) By Van Life in Motion