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This is real world MPG 2022 Toyota Tundra Winter Road Trip

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In this video, I bring the 2022 Toyota Tundra as far as I can battling the wind, rain and snow with the new pickup. If you are curious about the non-hybrid Toyota Tundra MPG, then this is the video for you.

Hey it’s tim pickup truck plus i should be talking good morning uh slept great last night got a long road trip today got a beautiful kind of oklahoma sunset or sunrise excuse me i’m still a little tired give me a little break here but i wanted to uh do something real fast so this was yesterday’s field economy number 18.2 um that’s what i got on the trip odometer

So we will see how accurate that is today a long drive back i got some snow storms to deal with things could get a little dicey so i’m gonna fill up fill up the tank with some gas get some snacks flip my tummy and hit the road because it could be a long day a couple notes um yesterday’s video i did and the first time i’ve got i bought the truck no dealer markup uh

1400 pounds of payload that’s what it says in a sticker a couple things i forgot sorry i was really really tired yesterday let’s go and fill it up and go to the click and i’m gonna run inside get some food and stuff and i’m gonna drive it to far as i can to go empty and then do the same thing so we can see a real well-rolled test i have um oh 750 miles 800 miles

To go today so i should be able to get a full tank test of this all right just a quick update from the road i’m bought half tank so you can see 17.4 mile per gallon because uh kind of middle nowhere and the wind is howling i’m heading north the storm is in front of me the snow storms in front of me and the wind is just howling out here in the wind out here in

The country and it’s kind of moving me around a little bit this is oklahoma i think still that’s some pretty red rocks over there not much uh where i’m at to look at so but yeah i mean it’s it’s howling i’ve gone through a couple small towns where the fuel economy where i mean the map hour is the speed limit is a bit different i’ve done all the way from 35 to

25 to now i’m doing what 70 50 70. i’ve done 80. yeah there’s oklahoma it’s uh like i said this this is not ideal conditions at all and boy i’m getting blown around quite a bit so we’ll keep driving and we’ll see um frankly we’ll see if i can make it home tonight because it’s still up in the air uh the start the storms are going through and i’ll talk some more

About fuel economy and some thoughts i’ve had driving different vehicles like this with different uh small displacement turbo charged engines and how i’ve always struggled getting epa numbers out of those as well so yeah there you go some tumbleweeds it’s uh it’s a little nervy out here today and i’m hoping to get into kansas in another hour so i’m hoping and have

Some lunch fuel up and see if i can’t make it through kansas before i get to the storm and i got to figure out where it’s blowing and well whether it’s going to be an adventurous drive home or not all right here’s the conversation i just stopped for lunch and i’m just checking my weather map i just battled a bunch of wind going through that corridor but here’s

A situation so i am going oh i’m going right over here to scott’s bluff that’s where i’m driving through so i’m right here driving through so let me uh let me do the future cast here and so you see that storm is going right through my area that’s the past this little like scrooge here a little bit but yeah so i could that little window right there i could

Make it through that little window and i’d be fine once i get past that time period but right about there see that little window right there yeah that i could go through there oh my truck told me my driver’s side door’s unlocked interesting um so yeah so that’s that situation there it is between me and home is a bunch of dark blue and snow so either i’m gonna

Drive through the snow and skirt the storm a little bit just get the outskirts of it or uh maybe miss it all so luck look in my favor please please all right i wanted to do an update while i’m driving down the road because i am just getting hammered by this wind and i don’t know if you can hear it it’s hauling through the cabin the cabin’s pretty quiet i think

But it’s just so much damn wind it’s just so i mean i can hear it hitting the door quite a bit it’s moving me on the road but here and there a big wind gust you know it’s kind of moving me around um it’s just these conditions are just terrible and i’m driving into the snowstorm which means i got high pressure cells and low pressure cells wind moving around i got

Humidity in the air because the snow i got colder temperatures it’s 46 degrees think about that it’s dropped 45 degrees in a day when i was down in houston getting here i’m in the middle of kansas flat kansas right right in the middle of state uh i got driving 72 miles an hour i’m sitting at about i don’t know 1800 rpm so it’s cruising just fine but i’m sucking

Down the fuel the uh current average on the screen is 16.8 mile per gallon which frankly you know that’s probably what’s going to be i mean it’s that’s the number with this that’s going on think about this this is physics i am driving a brick into a windstorm what’s going to happen here i know what’s gonna happen myself um and i do wanna speak on something before

I go fill up that’s my next stop whenever i find um a place to fill up because uh i’m getting down to a quarter tank and out here in this area it gets you a little nervous you get down to quarter tank you definitely want to make sure you have gas for longer distances i never run down to empty especially out here in kansas i actually don’t really know where i’m

At i’m just on k23 heading northbound i got 33 miles to stay on this until i make another turn that’s all i know so i’m going to stop get that let’s get some gas fill up do the math um i do want to point out something if you watched last year’s video on the f50 power boost you’re going to see some certain numbers of fuel economy driving home and that’s a lot

Of it’s just because i’m driving west into the wind and all the situations happening um there’s also some conversations about break-in i don’t know i didn’t experience much difference there when i had my bar boost for a while the economy was about the same to the entire ownership process um but it’s just you know from my standpoint it is this small displacement

Turbocharged engine i know they pollute less than the v8 engines do which is great for everybody everybody wants clean air but i’ve always had a struggle getting epa numbers out of them and i think it’s really because where i live i got 4000 feet of evolation i always have wind i always have challenging conditions and i always have high speeds and so those are

All factors that really impact fuel economy so yeah i’m i’m i’m guessing my number will be accurate um we’ll see what it turns out with that but i’m not going to bash on toyota here because like i said i board my f50 had the same problem same not a problem but similar situation it’s just the smallest place of turbos i just can’t seem to get the same consistent

Fuel economy now when i do drive v8s i tend to get the epa number on v8s it could just be me it could just be my weird luck but that’s that’s kind of what i how i view it you know it’s the whole story that you have you can have economical driving or you can have boost in the same situation i think it’s playing here where i’m going to use a lot of boost because

I’m trying to keep my butt on the road not down in the pit because it’s i said it is it is quite the conditions today so that like i said i’m gonna shut up now good talking good mumbling let’s get on down to the gas station i hope it’s somewhere down the road all right made into town not taking any chances because yeah that’s kind of my my map shows nothing uh

Let’s see 16.5 mop gallons the average uh i’m gonna go ahead and fill up pull over and do the math and we’ll talk about that and we’ll talk about a couple more things too okay two dollars nine almost three dollars a gallon 87 octane filling up in cold kansas i don’t know where i’m at quick shop let’s fill it up i always go to click like you guys would it’ll be

A minute okay there’s a click by the way it’d be nice to be capless caps are kind of full all right we got 21.402 gallons let’s uh i’ll go in there and fish figure out the math okay just ran inside got supplies right hit the road again i wanted to figure out the fuel economy numbers for you guys on my computer on my calculator on the phone and what the screen

Says the screen says 16.5 if you remember and then i had to pull up my video from this morning i didn’t apparently find the triple domino i found the computer update all the time anyways so i put my video this morning this morning i had 18.2 mile per gallon 422 miles in the odometer and right now i have 776 miles per odometer which is difference of 354 miles so

354 divided by 21.402 is 16.54 mile per gallon and this thing says 16.5 mile per gallon i’ve never had the computer be so damn close to what the phone is quickly on the phone so i mean spot on accurate there good job toyota um i want to talk about a couple things more before i hit the road all right hold on interrupt this video because there it is the snow is

Starting to fly uh yeah it’s gonna get dicey and dice here so i’m in between the storms you see those great clouds as you saw in the video earlier i look like i’m in between two storm fronts again it’s getting blown out of place i-70 coming up here one note i want to put out there is i am using lane departure it’s assist nice when i uh film to turn it on but also

I’ve been noticing the wind it really helps me keep on the road a little better so hopefully this is it hopefully the storm doesn’t get worse and hopefully i make it home to be determined because honestly i’m not like baiting you guys at all i’m kind of curious myself i’ll get home this is uh i was smooth sailing darn it i wanted a little whiskey in my recliner

Tonight first of all seek comfort it was a big question on the channel and if you guys know i make uh quite a bit of deal about seat comfort for a certain brand general motors that makes some terrible seats these i’m pretty comfortable i don’t i’ve been driving for what it’s 2 30 afternoon i left um oklahoma city around seven 7 30. i’ve been driving all day

And i almost got 700 miles on it the truck had 21 to start with so over 750 miles and i feel pretty good so no problems there lumbar works pretty good his seat works pretty good he’s doing well i haven’t tested he’s steering wheel out but i’m probably going to because more north i get the colder it’s getting and the sun going down it’s going to be freezing um but

That’s not to say that it’s all been roses uh the driving comfort’s great the power’s great i’ll talk a lot more about that down the road on different videos i’ve had a couple issues one’s a quality issue that uh is a great story i’ll have for you guys next week after it gets resolved and i have an issue over here ish that i want to dig more into before i uh say

Anything about this system but i definitely um definitely have some problems with that it’s really really kind of pissing me off but i’m gonna have more of that for you guys in the future well i’ll put some teaser out there sorry tease this wasn’t going to do but yeah this uh this quality issue is really interesting you guys want to know about that one um so that’s

What i got for you i am going to probably not film anymore i think i’m going to get home tonight because the way storm’s going and it’s only 2 30 and i still have i don’t know 300 some miles to go so i feel like i’m pretty solid doing that so i’ll go ahead and upload this video when i get home or tomorrow and get invention out you guys hands as fast as possible i

Got a bunch of ideas coming hit subscribe stick around there’s a lot of cool content coming also check this video out over here website down below as always thanks for watching i’ll see you down the road

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This is real world MPG! 2022 Toyota Tundra Winter Road Trip By Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk