This is the All New 2020 AUDI RS Q8 l Key Facts & Design

High-performance, variability, everyday usability – the Audi RS Q8 is at the top of its class in the Q product line. The high-performance SUV coupĂ© by Audi Sport stands for outstanding driving performance and variance with regard to design and driver experience.

High-performance variability everyday usability the audi rs q8 is at the top of its class in the queue product line the high performance suv coupe a by audi sport stands for outstanding driving performance and variants with regard to design and driver experience the first time in the 25-year history of audi rs models we are putting a large suv coupe a with

The genes of a true high-performance sports car on the road as a unique selling point the rs q8 is a hundred ninety seven point three inches in length and carries a visually encircling rs sil edge in manhattan gray as standard rs specific stripes in the body color give the large suv coupe a a greater width 0.4 inches at the front and 0.2 inches at the rear

Therefore has the space necessary for a more generous track width the rs roof edge spoiler provides a striker finish to the coupe a style sloping roofline characteristics rear light stripe and the rs specific rear apron including typical rs oval-shaped tailpipes add a sporty touch for pure performance standard led headlights illuminate the road with dark

Tinted iced matrix led headlights available as an option here the three-dimensional signature of the daytime running lights has a digital character similar to the rare lights as standard the rs q8 comes with a set of 22 inch alloy wheels although larger 5 spoke 23 inch rims can be spec to an optional extra the suvs body is available in a choice of nine paint

Finishes while the cars exterior trim can be spect in either aluminum or carbon fiber inside the qa features a pair of heated cooled and massaging sports seats a rs branded alcantara sports steering wheel aluminum pedals a range of rs specific displays for the suv’s digital gauge cluster and 10.1 inch infotainment system the audi rs q8 is powered by

The same 48 volt mile hybrid drivetrain as the recently launched aldi rs7 sportback which comprises a twin turbo four-litre v8 petrol engine and a belt-driven start or alternator the system produces a combined output of 600 horsepower at 800 newton meters of torque crankcase is made of cast aluminium and weighs just 86.2 pounds in an attempt to maximize fuel

Economy the rs 8m hev powertrain is fitted with a cylinder deactivation on demand an energy recovery system the former system deactivates one of the engines cylinder banks under low load driving conditions like the standard hourly q8 power is fed to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic gearbox re claims the rs q8 can cover 0 to 62 miles per hour

In 3.8 seconds and here an electronically limited top speed of 155 miles per hour the rs qa also come to the host of chassis upgrades such as adaptive dampeners optional carbon ceramic brakes and an optional electromechanical active anti-roll bar it’s also a rear-wheel steering system which turn up to five degrees in the opposite direction the front

Wheels at low speeds for greater agility and up to 1.5 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels our high speeds for improved stability the adaptive cruise assist relieves the drive on longer journeys by assisting them with longitude and latitude guidance it incorporates the function of adaptive cruise control traffic jam assistance and active

Lane assistance our esports suv offensive continues with the new audi rs q 8 which will challenge the range rover sport svr at the 100,000 euro price point

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This is the All New 2020 AUDI RS Q8 l Key Facts & Design By Motor.TV