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This is the NEW GM built Honda Prologue electric SUV

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This is the NEW GM built Honda Prologue electric SUV

Honda’s electric vehicle push has gone extremely badly um yeah they rank second last in the world for the percentage of their cars that will be evs in 2029 second worst in the world ah that’s pretty concerning but but they want to change i think and they’ve just shown off their new electric vehicle it’s the american general motors based version and i think it’s

Pretty impressive hello my friends welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking my name is sam evans and i’m coming to you from melbourne australia now if any of you want to you can join our facebook group we regularly post updates in there to private group jump on facebook i’ll put a link in the description below and join in with us and i do sometimes interact

Actually i interact there on a pretty pretty much a daily basis and you can get in touch with me that way honda’s electrification push has gone pretty badly and yeah like i said they rank second worst in the world only because toyota are so so bad toyota as a percentage of all cars sold in 2029 only 14 will be evs it’s not a lot better for honda but thankfully

Those failures might possibly be distant memory well hopefully they just released a sketch an image a concept for their new electric prologue apparently it’ll launch in 2024. i’ve got to say i do like the look of it although the bonnet does look very long for electric car build as an adventure ready suv capable of satisfying everyday driving and weekend getaways

The prologue was designed to the honda design studio in los angeles in collaboration with the design team in japan the company didn’t say much about the model but the teaser sketch suggests the crossover will have a streamlined front fascia with a fully enclosed front grille that is flanked by slender headlights and it does look very honda to me the shape of those

Headlights to me does look similar to some of the honda’s existing cars overall despite the fact that i’m not a fan of the proportions with that long bonnet i think it looks really good what else can we see there’s a sculpted hood plastic body cladding a rakish windscreen that vaguely recalls the cadillac lyric the crossover also sports a prominent shoulder line

A sloping roof and quite an expansive glass house now honda has been fairly tight-lipped on specifics they said that they’re focusing on aerodynamics fine shooting the body with a simple surface direction and fewer lines to improve range and reduce cabin noise both of those two things i like the latter is important as electric vehicles are so quiet that it makes

Wind and road noise sound quite a bit more pronounced now honda have declined to mention specifications but we know right honda and gm have previously revealed the crossover will be based on gm’s ultim platform using well gm’s ultim batteries gms ultim batteries use 70 less cobalt than the previous batteries that they use but they are ncma batteries nickel cobalt

Manganese aluminium not lithium-ion phosphate batteries which is in my opinion the better choice but anyway we’ll see what happens there now apparently there’s going to be lots of general motors baked into the car it will offer onstar as well as gm’s hands-free advanced drivers assist technology which is a not so subtle reference to supercruise the connection

Doesn’t end there as the prologue its acura counterpart will be built by general motors to be honest it sounds like south sudanese honda is turning into general honda motors it’s quite interesting to see what’s happening here to honda in the us i mean the funny thing is that um it does seem like realistically to be fair as though gm are sort of taking over honda

To some degree i mean here in australia honda has just died their sales went from being up there in the top five now their sales have gone to almost nothing i mean the company will be probably dead in australia within the next year besides teasing this new electric prologue suv honda said they’ll begin production and sales of electric vehicles based on their own

E-architecture in 2026. so it’s going to take them another four years to make their own electric cars one year later they said they will partner to build a new series of affordable electric cars based on a new vehicle architecture co-developed with general motors thanks to a flood of new electric vehicles honda expects to sell nearly 500 000 evs in north america

By 2030. be interesting to see if they can pull that off in related news honda is working with dealers to prepare them for the ev era that’s one of the big problems with evs dealers they don’t like them why well dealers make believe it or not most of their profits not from the sale of the vehicle but from after sales services whether that be adding things to the

Vehicle whether that be servicing whether that be selling you parts in the future yeah not a lot of parts to sell you in the future not a lot to make on servicing on electric cars either however as part of this effort honda has developed a tiered approach with dealers based on potential ev sales in their local markets they have developed guidelines for the number

And type of ev charging stations that dealers will be required to have installed based on their expected ev sales volume through 2030. now i’m not even sure exactly what that means but it sounds like honda dealers have to install ev charges at dealerships sounds pretty easy to me or interestingly though car scoop says that honda has created a new dealership design

With a modular and flexible space reflecting changes in the way customers shop for and purchase vehicles as well as lower inventory dealers will need to support sales in the future as you can see in the renderings honda dealerships are envisioned to be bright airy and welcoming thanks to large windows and a prominent display area which invites customers to check

Out featured vehicles now what i’m getting from this press release is that honda is likely going to start selling electric vehicles online i could be wrong but that’s what i think they’re going to do thank you for watching let me know in the description below in the comment section below what do you think of this new honda even what do you think of what honda

Is doing right now when it comes to electrification very interesting they’ve made some um i think probably some good choices some not so good choices but lately all this partnership stuff with gm to me makes it look like gm is basically building hondas for them and i’m not sure why that’s an advantage for gm maybe it is maybe it isn’t i’m just one person let me

Know in the comment section below what you think have a wonderful day bye so you

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This is the NEW GM built Honda Prologue electric SUV By The Electric Viking