This New Jeep Gladiator Is Proof That You Dont Need To Break The Bank To Buy A Great 4×4 Truck

Trucks are getting more and more expensive by the year, but there are still some affordable options — especially if you’re willing to spec a manual transmission. While the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is definitely a pricey truck, something like the Sport model proves you don’t have to break the bank to get a good off-road capable rig.

Folks i’m here to tell you and andre that what you’re looking at here this jeep gladiator which is just a step above the base model which comes with a six-speed manual transmission is a bargain and it is a hell of a good little truck yeah dude but you know it’s no rubicon i mean it doesn’t have lockers it has kind of a small wheel package it’s kind of simple

Dude why is it so cool well first of all if you think about the fact that about 95 of the people who buy a jeep do not leave standard wheels and tires on their vehicle true almost everybody swaps them out if you get a base model you swap them out you got yourself a less expensive vehicle with the wheels you want and on top of that yes okay doesn’t have the

Lockers but as it sits this is actually a really good off-road truck think about it this way guys this one comes in what about 38 about 39 sticker okay 39 sticker base model for one of these okay the absolute entry-level sport you know around 34 000 that’s a manual transmission that’s no frills right so let’s say between the two of them 35 000 will get you a

Base model truck with a couple little goodies fair enough okay think about how many trucks out there quad cab right crew okay okay crew cab give you four wheel drive system the manual transmission for that price how many well actually maybe one more toyota has a manual right yeah tacoma has a six-speed manual transmission this offers a six-speed machine yes um

It would be hard to buy a tacoma for 34 or 35 right right see that’s what i’m kind of getting at this is a bit of a bargain and then on top of that not to mention the fact that you can remove this top which is really great for people who have hair or who enjoy without hair i like i really do like taking the top off of a vehicle and you get the soft top this one

Does have the optional hard top but you get more come here this truck as it sits can tow a little around four thousand pounds wait what i know it’s not great okay but you can tow more if you get the manual transmission with the beefier rear end which you can get in higher models so like toyota almost all their models do have a manual option but i wanted to show

You something else for those of you wondering this interior is more comfortable than the toyotas you cannot debate me on that one i won’t so let me get in actually yeah go ahead actually the back seat let me test it out once again you know what i love about the gladiator in general is headroom exactly exactly my point and without the top it’s infinite headroom

Actually exactly but but right now look my knees um i’m just over 62. i have plenty of knee space i have probably about four fingers of headroom left so that’s pretty impressive and then in the front it’s a similar story except dude the front seat the driver’s seat yeah and tommy and i and you’ve heard us probably talk about this um it doesn’t quite go back

Enough for long legs you know yeah but i have stubbier legs and i’m almost as tall i’m pretty much as tall as tommy so i represent a chunk of americans who actually can get in here comfortably if i shall show you i want to see this all right oh there’s a sticker dude there is the sticker and we’ll show it in a sec that’s right now here’s the best part that’s

Part of all and why i’m so excited see guys full disclosure i’ve been looking at buying a jeep almost identical to this one even the same color except for the entry level model i was seriously looking at it then i found out that i had to buy a car for my daughter anyway eventually i might get one why right there now this is an ison 6-speed manual transmission

And there’s some magazines out there that don’t like this transmission power to the um to this v6 i completely disagree with them look the throws are actually nice and crisp hear that nice i love it i like it a little bit better than the toyotas nathan is making this point that this truck is affordable so yeah so this is the sticker price thirty nine thousand

Eight hundred twenty dollars so almost 40 grand now that sounds like a lot but remember what you get for the price by the way we couldn’t do this video without our friends at johnson auto plaza right they helped us uh procure this truck just for this video they did yeah and this is a unique truck because there’s not many manuals out there this is your typical

3.6 liter penistar v6 and other than the jeep wrangler this is the only application that actually is hooked up to a manual transmission as an option yeah there is no other fca vehicle that has a manual transmission hooked up to their pedestar and as it sits as it’s like 285 horsepower 260 pound-feet of torque why couldn’t they give it a little bit more towing

Capacity four thousand pounds i understand you can go up to 4 500 pounds if you get this as a rubicon and some other higher end versions which by the way white is the least expensive color because it cost zero dollars almost every jeep gladiator that’s out there has white as a free color so you don’t have to pay extra like an orange or something right right

Right right or the reds or the greens or the blues and all that stuff so that’s important to keep in mind so this is almost your discount vehicle but it does have some niceties now payload and let’s talk about that real quick oh i want to see this do you want to hold the hold the sticker yeah i want to see what the payload is i’m going to say oh between 1100

And 1200 pounds i’m gonna be right dude you hit it on the nose 1192 pounds am i good or what uh which is actually better than that diesel we test drove because that was like under 1 000 pounds part of the reason why is because the diesel’s you know such a heavy vehicle it loses a lot of its payload capacity just because of the engine alone yeah but it’s still not

Great i mean if you look at i mean the toyota trd pro had less payload but if you look at like a ford ranger ford rangers have a lot of payload built in so do a lot of vehicles that have automatic transmissions so i started doing some research and i discovered that for some reason manual trucks just don’t have the payload that automatic trucks do them they’re

Pretty much just two manual trucks out there so in my mind that’s okay everybody’s used to us uh reviewing rubicon and right this is a more simple bumper right it does not have a provision for a winch obviously you can change that right well that’s that’s kind of the whole point right you can put a different blank slate that you can modify and the thing is

Jeep is one of the most modified uh i’m talking about all jeeps are some of the most modified vehicles in the world when people buy them they have in their head what they want which is usually more than what they’ve purchased and in my case actually i really don’t want a winch i don’t i don’t want any of that stuff i would probably have a high lift jack or

Something like that that i can use as a winch in an emergency there are plenty of things about this vehicle that as it sits is completely fine with me the best part is the driving experience many people ask us can i buy a sport and turn it into a rubicon in my garage kind of it’s it’s it’s not as easy as it sounds right no no no this is installing lockers

Bigger axles disconnecting sway bar that’s a whole deal that jeep knows how to do and they do it actually more efficiently for cost right so this truck is not really to build up your own rubicon right it’s more of a kind of a daily truck that goes off-road well that’s exactly it look guys we go to fins and things all the time in moab utah and i guarantee you

That this would have no problem going through that trail not a single problem even with these street tires the bottom line is that this truck has good traction pretty good weight distribution really off-road its biggest issue as it sits is the fact that its breakover angle is not great that’s the super long wheelbase playing against you but for a guy like me

Who does mostly commuting and occasional off-roading and camping and occasional light towing perfect and i love the price i want to show you something else actually before we actually hit the road okay super low crawl ratio okay i’m in first gear i’m just gonna ease off i’m not touching the accelerator and away we go now the reason i know about this is that oh

A little while ago we had a jeep wrangler rubicon with a manual transmission that we took up our cliffhanger trail and i was actually the guy who was doing it and it was awesome i put it in first gear locked everything up and let it climb up the hill all on its own i didn’t touch anything it just climbed it’s much better riding than a wrangler i got to tell you

And transitions from one gear to the other i like how it clicks through okay it’s not as awesome as like something from honda mazda or audi i already used to have the best manual transmissions but it’s actually pretty damn good and i much prefer it over the toyota it has to rev high in order to really give you decent performance that i’ve noticed but otherwise

That’s how you rub it big deal that’s the whole point of a manual right you get to get it up to red line and really push it so we’ll do a little bit of that right here okay you can hear the engine note no problem very smooth very easy guys thank you so much for joining me i i know this is self-indulgent but i really truly am thinking about buying one of these

For myself in the near future so stay tuned for that and for a lot more on our various tfl channels i’ll see you next time

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This New Jeep Gladiator Is Proof That You Don't Need To Break The Bank To Buy A Great 4×4 Truck! By TFLnow