8 Speed Racing took the 2018 718 Cayman for a complete joyride and review through the Angeles National Forest with a 2018 Porsche GT3. FULL REVIEW of a this amazing mid engine sports car. We were blown away from the stability and power this little beast of a car provides.

Remember when you were a kid and you had your poster on your wall of that supercar you always dreamed of having well dreams are becoming reality that supercar was either a porsche a lamborghini even a ferrari i remember then you get older you go to school things happen you have to pay for things you get married you have kids but that dream is still somewhere

Deep down inside and then you get an opportunity because something catches your eye well this 2018 porsche cayman is a million dreams and many years all into one this amazing little 2.5 liter 4 cylinder turbo engine with 300 horsepower will move you from 0 to 60 in just about 4 seconds this 2018 porsche cayman is a million dreams into one over 100 years

Of racing history and technology has been compacted into this vehicle this porsche cayman is all you’ll ever need foreign what’s up everybody i’m geno g and this is eight speed racing man talk about a sports car so you’re probably wondering why is it so dirty well to be honest with you we just got done tearing up the angels crest highway in the

Angels national forest with a porsche gt3 and the first thing that i need to point out is that this 2018 cayman with a 2.5 turbo 4 liter 300 horsepower and 280 pounds feet of torque uh gino uh that’s that’s not correct it’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder turbo 300 horsepower engine can keep up with a 500 horsepower gt3 and what i mean by that is that this little

Beast of a car that porsche has made has completely surprised the hell out of me but the second you drop it down into a lower gear oh my god this little thing moves so if you saw my previous video of the alfa romeo this is a direct competition for the alfa romeo 4c now the 4c has nothing inside compared to the luxury that porsche provides with the beautiful

Steering wheel and the luxurious leather seats the navigation the bose sound system but at the same time porsche supports you with a pdk transmission that is by far the best transmission out there today in sports cars all you need to do is push the sport button click a couple shifts down and let it run so after taking this amazing car in the canyons you have

To wonder you have to wonder why everyone doesn’t own this car now ever since they put the 718 badge on this car it became cheaper than the boxster but truth be told i think that this car is better than the boxster and i’ve driven the boxster s with 350 horsepower and it really does feel completely different the stance on this car feels more like a gt3 type

Vehicle you really can’t go wrong when we were driving in the canyons and going through the corners the gt3 and the cayman are very similar besides the 200 horsepower i think a lot of people are surprised that this little four-cylinder turbo engine can push out that much bhp and you really feel the pound speed of torque but where it comes down to the 0 to 60 is

Questionable in the beginning when you romp on the throttle for your 0 to 60 time because it’s a turbo there’s a small little lag that the inline 6 and the gt3 doesn’t have there is a tiny little lag in the beginning when you push on the throttle but believe me the second you get past that first one and a half seconds it is here to the moon with the throttle

And once again i’m just super impressed and every time i get my hands on a different model it really does shock me that porsha can do this so well i can’t believe that this is a base four-cylinder turbo model and it really does throw me back in the seat i mean listen to this i mean it hurts your ears that’s how loud it is the other thing i want to point out

With all the bells and whistles that porsche provides for you in this amazing car for around 68 000 this car with options it doesn’t have many you have your upgraded sound system you have your nice leather memory seating right but let’s just say you didn’t want to drive it in sport mode all the time well let’s see okay it becomes a grand tour this little

Car you can take wherever you want to with the front in the back and especially the trunk space is more than a lot of other little sports cars what’s funny is this car competes with the c7 corvette i don’t want to put it in the realm of the c8 because the c8 is a different beast but you can really tell that this car just provides a different experience and

That’s porsche racing experience that they provide in each one of their models whether you’re driving the macan a cayenne a taikan a panamera or a little cayman like this the second you get in you have a smile on your face you can’t wait to you don’t want to turn it off you want to keep driving and driving and driving and that’s exactly what we did today for

All of you that are interested in possibly buying your first porsche i’m sure you fell in love with the different models of the 911 and maybe can’t afford a brave new one i really have to say that i was never a porsche fan but after driving this car if i wanted to start my little collection with porsche and maybe couldn’t afford the 100 000 90 000 car i have

No problems with picking this exact model it does everything you think it’s going to do and better not to mention the 21 mile per gallon on the city and 28 mile per gallon on the highway do i need to say more porsche really does a great job on making you feel their heritage when you get inside the car and every time i review a porsche i just am blown away

Today was an important day for for me to see what this car can really do the 718 badge i can’t wait to try the other models as the 718 cayman s or the 718 gt4 or the gts i mean come on listen to that driving at porsche is a privilege but it doesn’t mean you need to spend 100 grand to own one i really do think that the porsche cayman is up there at the top

Of the list when it comes to handling when it comes to power when it comes to luxury when it comes to sound you know as an italian i gravitate towards the alfa romeo 4c because why not that’s the bloodline that i might have but in respect to german motoring the perfect precise motoring that they provide is honestly i i think it’s above the rest now being able

To put it in sport mode in the city do you really need it absolutely not the car is just fine in the very very basic mode that it is sure we can take off the traction control and this car will be sideways and porsche still has an ability to make the rear-wheel drive car stick to the road without any problems the other feature that i love is the wing if you

Want added stability to your driving experience here’s the button push it and the wing pops up there it goes now the cool part is knowing that porsche provides such a stability in every driving experience you really really can’t go wrong so let’s see what this bad boy can do do i need to say more what are you waiting for go buy a porsche cayman you don’t

Even need to spend your money for the more expensive ones i mean this car really does shock you at every turn and then the best part is you look good doing it you can say hey i own a porsche which one caiman someone might laugh at you until you get in and start the car if you enjoyed this just like i did what a day it was if you’re looking for an amazing

Price on a car that feels like a couple hundred thousand dollars then the porsche cayman is the car for you and remember you don’t even need to buy the bigger engine because this four cylinder is just enough guys i’m geno this is eight speed racing tune in next time if you like what you see go ahead and like and subscribe and keep this channel running i look

Forward to the next video because that is what we’re doing we are doing it and doing it well i keep running around you

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