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This Weeks UK CAR NEWS Roundup | 2nd October 2022 #carnews

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So here is this week’s roundup of the latest uk car news for 2nd October 2022, bringing you my highlights of this weeks car news from the UK from all the main motoring news websites.

It’s this week’s uk car news roundup and we’re starting things off with the rac website majority of drivers believe changing the mot to every two years is a dangerously bad idea drivers have serious concerns about the government’s plans to change the compulsory mot from every year to every two years to reduce the cost of living with many believing it will lead

To a rise in a number of unsafe vehicles on the road more than half the 1435 drivers surveyed by the roc felt changing the mot to every two years was a bad idea just over a fifth said they thought was a good idea while the same proportion were unsure i think it’s a bad idea by the way those survey numbers 1400 people it’s negligible really you can’t really take

Any kind of firm opinion from a survey that only gets responses from 1400 people but um i personally think it’s a bad idea a very bad idea i know some on here will disagree with me as they have on this subject in the past citroen reveals new retro logo for the electric era it looks like that i really like that actually i think that’s a big improvement on the old

One albeit not dramatically different we’re auto car now by the way citroen ollie concept is a radical vision of a 23 000 pound family ev sustainable electric cars previewed by fun and exciting concept weighing a thousand kilos now look at this thing this is one of the most bananas looking cars i’ve ever seen it’s got a completely flat windscreen bonkers doors

I think we can call that interior minimalist i must admit i just sat sort of slack jawed looking at these pictures when i first saw them i mean the thing looks absolutely bonkers obviously it is only a concept but when you look at the citron anime that came out people would look at that and think oh that’s never going into production and sure enough you can

Buy one the ollie is a new concept car illustrating the brand’s renewed commitment to affordability and sustainability herald in the ray of newton technologies earmarked for upcoming cars headlines are a hypothetical price tag for about 22 and a half grand and a weight of around a ton plus a 248 mile range from a relatively small 40 kilowatt hour battery and a

Single electric motor however it’s the concept’s design and construction that brought the biggest implications for production-bound cars the front and rear bumpers are identical which saves them a load of money in terms of tooling and environmental impact and of course you only need to have one sort of spare part on your shelf on the whole the car is made from 50

Recycled material and is a hundred percent recyclable so everything that makes up that car can be recycled range boost in aero was a key part of the brief but the vertical windscreen is a defining design cue it was mainly about challenging convention but also yielded benefits included significantly reduced material and labor requirements you would think that would

Be absolutely devastating for the aerodynamism of the car but obviously it’s not obviously it still works the roof and bonnet are made from cardboard compound rather than steel that might sound suspect but created basf’s use of the honeycomb pattern has resulted in something strong enough for you to stand on a coating provides additional strength while helping to

Keep out the rain and uv rays 20 inch aluminum and steel wheels are cheaper to produce than the equivalent alloy wheels and weigh only six kilos more they’re shot in experimental goodyear eagle go tires that were supposedly last 62 000 miles which means less waste what’s more the wheel arches can be removed with household tools allowing for quick damage repairs

So the efficiency of it is almost double the efficiency of any ev currently on the market which helps it get 249 miles of range from just a 40 kilowatt hour battery pack and from what i can see there’s no sort of suggestion of a naught 62 time in here but you’d imagine it’s not going to be quick the entertainment system is a bring your own device approach which

Means that you’ll have something like a cassette player that you stick your phone into and that will power the system that’s exactly what a concept car should be it should be something groundbreaking and daring that gives them ideas to then implement on new production cars and there are plenty of people around that love their old v8 and they’ve got their classic

Car and they’ve got something or something a bit special bit of a performance car that they’d like to have there’ll be a little two-car household certainly coming up in the next few years where they have one hopefully fairly cheap ev and one car that they love as maybe a weekend car or something i think there are some really good ideas buried in all that madness

There and i like that right final bit of news from citroen is there’s a new electric c3 coming with a rugged reinvention and they’ve basically said that there’s not one idea on the citroen ollie that they’re not considering for the new c3 that could be very interesting uh julie acquires 7.6 stake in aston martin julie obviously owns levc owns pole star owns volvo

Uh smart lincoln co lotus the list goes on we know aston martin have been struggling there’s been some newsies around that in in recent weeks and they’ve acquired a 7.6 stake in the company the chinese giant taking stake in british firms transformative 654 million pound funding round vauxhall astra gse launches electrified performance brand first entry into new

Sporting sub brand is 222 brake horsepower plug-in hybrid with firmed up chassis it’s gonna have a 1.6 liter turbocharged petrol engine and 12.4 kilowatt hour battery but its total output is to be boosted from 178 horsepower and then from the standard astra plug-in hybrid to 222 brake horsepower fox was yet to announce any performance figures but the mechanically

Identical peugeot 308 225 plug-in hybrid has a naught 62 time of 7.7 seconds and 146 mile per hour top speed and the electric only range of 30 27 miles it’s very good looking car that new astra i went to a drive day yesterday and they had two astros there and i was really hoping to drive one of them but one of them conked out it started making some strange noises so

They took that one off and and the other one was just far too popular all day but um it’s a very very good looking car hopefully that failure of one yesterday was a bit of a one-off no seat belt affected in 30 of uk road deaths in 2021 so i’m 1558 people lost their lives in crashes last year up from 1460 in pre-pandemic 2019. department for transport said that 34

Of men killed in car accidents weren’t wearing a seatbelt compared to 20 of women stats also showed that people aged between 17 and 29 were the most likely to lose their life when not wearing a seat belt making up 40 of the overall figure put your seat belts on folks simple as so this one we’re on the coventry telegraph drivers back paper mile tax instead of fuel

Gt and ved survey says the system would see you pay for every mile you drive in the uk nearly half of people support replacing fuel duty and vehicle excise duty with pay as you drive scheme and new survey suggested the poll of more than 3 000 uk adults for pressure group campaign for better transport 3 000 adults it’s just not enough to form any kind of opinion

With it indicated that 49 of people are in favor of charging drivers based on how they use vehicles majority of respondents 60 said they believe vehicle taxation needs reforming a pay as you drive scheme also known as road pricing would charge drivers based on their mileage um obviously we need to wait and see what comes of this and and what a paper mile scheme

Might possibly look like should it ever come to fruition but one thing you can be sure of is um they won’t bring in a new taxation system to make the general public better off that just doesn’t happen folks so be careful what you wish for right now over on auto express and we’re looking at uk speed camera tolerances met police has lowered speed limit enforcement

Threshold met police has lowered its speed enforcement threshold and speed and fines in london have gone up uh basically they’re taking the tolerance on speed cameras from 10 plus three miles an hour that’s been reduced by one mile an hour so it’s now going to be 10 plus 2 miles an hour will be the tolerance and the margin so if you’re going 24 in a 20 or 35 in

A 30 you’re going to get a ticket so the new pole star 3 is set to be revealed on the 12th of october at an exclusive event in denmark i’ll have to check the post but i don’t think i’ve had an invite for that one yet as you mentioned last week the post r3s just get a bit of shade under 80 grand 380 miles of range and room for five adults and a bit of luggage it

Does seem quite appealing but 80 grand is a lot of money isn’t it citroen balingo 2tv fugernet revives classic 2cv van style check this out i like this thing i think this is cool i like that a lot actually it looks like it’s going to have the 1.2 petrol engine that you’re getting loads of citroens and peugeots and what have you um and the there’ll be an electric

Version which will be based on the e berlingo you’ve got to think that’s going to be at the paris motor show which is coming up very very soon um i’m not going to that by the way i did mention i might be going to that i’m not i haven’t got any money so and then finally this week bond in motion no time to die exhibition at the national motor museum in bewley it’s

To finish next month beauty is just up the road for me it’s a great day out if you’ve never been before they’ve got this james bond exhibition on at the moment and it ends next month so if you want to go you need to get there before the 15th of november it must be boring listen to me asking for subscribers every week and i understand that but without subscribers

I can’t do it okay and without people coming back and watching i can’t do it we’re getting to the point now the views are getting pretty rough on these news videos to be fair and if it doesn’t pick up fairly shortly i think think i’ll stop doing them because they do take a lot of time people think i’ll just sit and go onto other people’s websites and read things

Off which i do however it takes a lot of research and it takes a hell of a lot of editing please support please share on social media please subscribe and thank you once again to all those people that bought me a coffee in the last week and to all those monthly coffee subscribers thanks for watching this one please go and watch this one now because i think you’ll

Like that maybe not but go and watch it anyway thanks again see you soon bye

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This Week's UK CAR NEWS Roundup | 2nd October 2022 #carnews By DefinitelyNotAGuru